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Chapter 3088: Myriad Formation Devil

When the banquet ended, and Huang Xiaolong finally left, the entire city erupted into chaos.

“A mysterious young master with the surnameHuang attended the banquet! His subordinates killed Hall Master Xie Li of the Tyrant Beast Creed and Doyen Zhu Jingchen of the Mysterious Sparrow Creed!”

“He has thirteen subordinates and all of them have the ability to use peak-level energies!”

“Princess Feng Yuxuan of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce called the manHis Highness, and she was extremely respectful!”

“He took out ten trillion dao coins in public, and sought to buy out all the Liquid of Life, Dazzling Gold Stone, and Icy Orchid Pills the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce had to offer! He even showed off his peak-grade cosmos artifact-level furnace!”

The news started to spread into the ears of various experts in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

It was nothing for someone to be protected by thirteen guards, but when all of them were peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, who controlled peak-level energies, that was a whole other matter.

The entire Origin Heavenly Cave shook when they heard the news, and Huang Xiaolongs killing of Xie Li and Zhi Jingchen dulled in comparison.

Of course, his actions managed to offend two superpowers in the Origin Heavenly Cave, but why would that bother him

“Ive heard that he even has Pure Soil in his possession! He used it to trade for the Ice Orchid Pills with the Icy Orchid Chamber of Commerce!” Another explosive news shook the entire region.

“Pure Soil! Didnt it only appear during the formation of the world! How did he get his hands on it Dont tell me this is some rumor started by the Tyrant Beast Creed and the Mysterious Sparrow Creed… Are they hoping for some other expert to take revenge for them” There were many people, who remained skeptical.

After all, Pure Soil only existed during the formation of the world!”

“The news should be real… Ive heard that he found the Pure Soil in the Heavens Burial Lands and according to the Icy Prince, they would be able to trade for more if they brought out more treasures.”

In a certain courtyard in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce…

Sun Shanglong and Xu Shuang stared at each other with the experts of the Carefree Creed around them.

“Master, who would have thought that he would possess so many treasures!” A greedy light flashed through Xu Shuangs eyes when he thought of all the treasures Huang Xiaolong revealed.

Sun Shanglong sighed with complicated emotions clouding his heart.


His mind was in a mess since they had left the banquet.

The genesis-level treasure, along with the peak-grade cosmos artifact-level furnace, was enough to shock them to their core.

However, that wasnt all Huang Xiaolong had! He even took out ten trillion dao coins and Pure Soil! He even had thirteen experts who could use peak-level energies following him around!

“Patriarch, is he really from the Leiyu Creed” someone asked.

Xu Shuang sneered in response, “All of us know what type of person Chen Ming is… The Leiyu Creed doesnt even have a single person who can use one absolute power! How can they be from the Leiyu Creed”

Sun Shanglongs expression fell as he muttered under his breath, “Leiyu Creed!” The image of the three headed beast Huang Xiaolong rode on flashed through his mind.

The scene where the beast had called Chen Ming a little brat flashed past his eyes all of a sudden.


“Master, whats wrong” Xu Shuang couldnt help but ask.

Shaking his head violently, Sun Shanglong ignored everything Xu Shuang said.

“No! No! That\'s not possible! Theres no way thats the beast!”

As everyone made their speculations, Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were riding on the Purple Lightning Peak as they made their way to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Feng Yuxuan and her maidservants were also on the purple mountain and they looked at the pretty mountain they were standing on with wide eyes.

They couldnt decide if that was a peak-grade cosmos artifact-level flying ship or if it was something better!

Huang Xiaolong became even more mysterious in her eyes.

She couldnt imagine how the youngster her father showed so much respect to was so damn rich! He could even throw out ten trillion dao coins without blinking his eyes!

Her expression became even more complicated.

As Huang Xiaolong sat on top of the Purple Lightning Peak, he took out ten drops of the Liquid of Life and swallowed them whole.

He tried to comprehend the power of life and power of absolute wood as soon as they entered his mouth.

The surroundings around him became clear all of a sudden, and when they noticed how he used the Liquid of Life, everyone standing around was shocked.

Even experts on the Extermination List wouldn\'t dare to ingest ten drops of Liquid of Life!

After all, it wasnt an ordinary genesis-level herb!


No harm will come to His Highness.” Lei Yu appeared beside Feng Yuxuan before she knew it.

Staring at her with a deep gaze, Lei Yu continued, “Little lass, are you curious about His Highness identity”

Jumping like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, Feng Yuxuan yelped, “No… Im not curious!”

All of a sudden, Lei Yu turned to the void before them, and he snapped, “Whos there!” His voice was loud, and the space around them trembled.

Feng Yuxuan and the others were stunned as well.

When they looked over, all they saw was a patch of empty space.

No one was there and Feng Yuxuan couldnt notice anything off, no matter, how hard she tried.

However, a figure stepped out from the void just as she thought that Lei Yu was mistaken.

His body was blurry, and it was as though he didnt exist in the space before them.

“Hehe, youre pretty strong if you managed to detect my presence.” His laughter sent waves of chill down the hearts of many.

Getting to his feet, a serious expression appeared on Lei Yus face.

The Old Flame Freak and the others glared at him silently.

“Youre the Myriad Formation Devil!” Lei Yu frowned.

The space around them started to tremble, but the sound waves stopped before they reached the man.

“What! Myriad Formation Devil!” Feng Yuxuan turned pale when she heard his name.

She didnt dare to believe that the person, who had come, was the infamous Myriad Formation Devil.

One had to know that he was a monster who stood in the fourth place on the Extermination List!

Any single one of the experts ranked in the top ten, possessed terrifying power.

One couldnt even think of the strength possessed by someone in the top five ranks! For experts like the Myriad Formation Devil, he could walk through the Origin Holy World sideways and no harm would befall him! Even her father wouldnt dare to offend a monster of his level!

The Myriad Formation Devil wasnt just strong.

He was extremely cruel, and the number of people, who had died at his hands was uncountable!

The shadow started to roar with laughter when he saw their terrified faces.

“Hahaha! Who would have thought that someone would still remember me after so many years of hiding!” He glared at Lei Yu as soon as he spoke.

“You shouldnt be a nobody if you can recognize me.

Are you an expert on the Extermination List”

Lei Yu didnt answer the question.

Instead, he asked one of his own.

“Are you here for the Pure Soil”

The only item that could draw out monsters at his level had to be treasures at the level of the Pure Soil..

It seemed as though the events that had transpired in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce had already alerted the Myriad Formation Devil.

Roaring with laughter, the old devil continued, “Ive been searching for the Pure Soil for such a long time! Who would have thought that I would run into someone with it the moment I left seclusion The heavens didnt forsake me! With the Pure Soil, I will be able to increase my strength once again!”

“Brat, I dont care who you are, dont even think of resisting.

Hand it over right now!” Staring at Huang Xiaolong and the Purple Lightning Peak, he continued, “Ill take this mountain while Im at it!”

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