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Chapter 3075: Heading to the Origin Heavenly Cave

In summary, amongst Huang Xiaolongs absolute powers, three of his absolute powers, his power of nirvana, absolute poison, and absolute frost had reached perfection level.

Counting his peak major completion absolute lightning power, and major completion absolute blaze power, Huang Xiaolong could say confidently that he could teach the Origin Holy World Master like a grandson.

Even without exerting the power of Huang Long Bloodline, or three small worlds cosmos energy, he was capable of defeating the World Master merely based on his own physical power.

Three or four World Masters would be far from enough to be his opponents if he exerted the power of Huang Long Bloodline, his three small worlds cosmos energy, Huang Long Armor, and Huang Long Twin Blades.

Not to mention, he also wielded minor completion power of darkness, and minor completion power of radiance.

The only disappointment was that there was still no progress in his absolute wood power.

He had started comprehending the power of darkness and power of wood at about the same time, and now his absolute power of darkness had reached the minor completion stage, while he was still hovering outside the threshold of absolute wood power.

From the beginning until now, he had spent no less than a thousand years comprehending the absolute power of wood power.

I wonder whats the progress of Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, Jin Hongyuan, Absolute Dao Lord, and others in collecting what I requested Huang Xiaolong wondered inwardly.

Before going into seclusion, Huang Xiaolong had exhorted Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, Jin Hongyuan, Absolute Dao Lord, and others to help him find the whereabouts of Liquid of Life, Dazzling Golden Stone, Green Wind Wings, and Profound Concentration Earth.

All these were genesis-level items.

The vitality in the Liquid of Life also contained the power of wood, and it was a great treasure to assist the comprehension power of wood.

The Dazzling Golden Stone was excellent in aiding the comprehension of absolute metal power, Green Wind Wings for the power of absolute wind, and Profound Concentration Earth corresponded to the power of earth.

Currently, Huang Xiaolong had comprehended seven elements, if he could comprehend these other four elements, it would add up to eleven out of the thirteen absolute powers, leaving only the power of time, and power of space.

Time and space had always been harder to comprehend than other elements.

Thus Huang Xiaolong planned to first grasp the easier elements before coming in contact with the power of time and space.

There was a legend that said, when a cultivator could comprehend all thirteen elements, one would be able to transcend the world, and touch the border of Creation Realm to become an overlord of the universe!

Huang Xiaolong contacted Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, Jin Hongyuan, Absolute Dao Lord, the Golden Fox Mystical Pavilion Branch Master Mou Baicheng, as well as the Wild Maples Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces Su Hong, and he received a prompt reply from all of them.

Unfortunately, none of them had any good news for Huang Xiaolong.

Although the five of them had used every available resource they could think of to find these items Huang Xiaolong wanted, they had come up with naught.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently contacted the World Manors Xiao He, and Mystical Pavilions Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang.

Xiao He and Special Envoy Hailans replies brought joy to Huang Xiaolong.

Xiao He was the Prince of Origin Xiao Yunchengs younger cousin.

Even though he was not as talented as Xiao Yuncheng, he was by no means average.

He was already a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert, and thus had a high status in the World Manor.

Moreover, his father was the World Masters right-hand man, which made it convenient to get information.

According to Xiao Hes message, there were Green Wind Wings and Profound Concentration Earth inside the World Masters treasury.

And Special Envoy Hailans message mentioned that inside the Origin Mystical Branch, there was not only Liquid of Life, but also Dazzling Golden Stone, peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, and also genesis lightning water!

The Mystical Pavilion had also many branches throughout the Origin Holy World, and amongst these many branches, the Origin Mystical Pavilion Branch at Origin Heavenly Cave was the strongest branch, only second to the main Mystical Pavilion.

The Origin Mystical Pavilion branch master also held the highest authority among all branch masters.

“Great!” Huang Xiaolong laughed loudly, overtaken by joy.

Who wouldve thought that there were so many treasures inside the Origin Mystical Pavilion Branch.

Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the others were baffled by Huang Xiaolongs sudden good mood.

“Make preparations.

Well set off to the Origin Heavenly Cave in two days!” Huang Xiaolong ordered Lei Yu and the others.

Everyone was further confused by the order.

“Your Highness wants to go to the World Manor” Lei Yus eyes lit up as he asked.

Huang Xiaolong smiled.

“En, were going to the World Manor.”

Some time had passed since he had first arrived at Origin Holy World, and Huang Xiaolong thought it was about time he took a look around the Origin Holy World and the World Manor.

Needless to say, there were countless heavenly creeds in the Origin Holy World, and the Origin Heavenly Cave stood above the rest in terms of strength and size.

The Golden Fox Heavenly Cave was a top-tier heavenly cave in the Origin Holy World, but compared to the Origin Heavenly Cave, it was akin to comparing a melon to a watermelon.

Inside the Origin Heavenly Cave, there were as many as one hundred and sixty-two creeds!

A hundred and sixty-two creeds was a shocking number in itself.

After all, in the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, there were merely a dozen of creeds within.

Then again, the Origin Heavenly Cave was more than ten times the size of the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, it was at least a hundred thousand times bigger!

In the next couple of days, Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the rest of the fourteen people got busy with strengthening the Leiyu Grand Formation as well as sparring with absolute powers when they were free.

In order to strengthen the Leiyu Creeds grand formation, Huang Xiaolong added a total of thirty-eight pieces of top-level cosmos artifacts.

Not even the World Manors grand formation was this luxurious.

These thirty-eight top-level cosmos artifacts were connected with the Leiyu Creeds dao origin, and even if the death beasts army came attacking, they wont be able to shake the Leiyu Creed like they did before, unless the death beasts armys ten beast kings came personally.

Before the week passed, Huang Xiaolongs group set off to the Origin Heavenly Cave.

This time, Huang Xiaolong only brought Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and twelve other people with him.

The thousand plus high-level Dao Venerables inside the Sun Moon Furnace were all left to protect Leiyu Creed, Ming Fu and the Tortoise Ancestor amongst them.

Although these peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables were strong, they had not comprehended any absolute powers.

Thus, to the current Huang Xiaolong, their roles had diminished significantly.

Huang Xiaolong would only keep those who wielded elements of absolute power by his side in the future.

Fueled by Old Monster Flame and the others energy, the Purple Lightning Peak turned into a streak of purple light and disappeared in the horizon before everyones sight.

“Would His Highness and Master be safe on this trip” Zhou Hong muttered to himself.

“It wont be long before the whole Origin Holy World learns of His Highness name!” Chen Ming said with certainty.

Although Wind Cloud Dao Venerable had voluntarily admitted defeat in his battle against Huang Xiaolong at the Heavens Burial Lands, word of it did not spread.

Therefore, none of the other heavenly caves had heard of it.

Not long after the group left Leiyu Creed, Huang Xiaolong spotted a patrolling army of death beasts, and there were more than a hundred thousand of them.

Although the death beasts army had failed to completely take over the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, in the current situation, one could run into a large group of death beasts at any time, and anywhere in the vast space.

These death beasts exuded dense death qi, but strangely, these death beasts were brimming with vitality from inside.

These death beasts swarmed towards Huang Xiaolongs group the moment they sensed them.

“These death beasts have amazing healing ability, and their anatomy is slightly different to most living creatures.

Like the skull monsters, they are hard to kill,” Lei Yu explained to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu stood on top of the Purple Lightning Peak, looking at the death beasts coming at them, Huang Xiaolong ordered Old Monster Flame the rest to ram over them with the Purple Lightning Peak.

All the death beasts in their path exploded from the impact.

Although death beasts were difficult to kill, they were fragile as silk against the Purple Lightning Peak.

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