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Chapter 3048: Destroyed

The moment the Golden Fox Army arrived, they fell into formation immediately and formed a large-scale defensive formation, surrounding Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and Old Monster Flame.

The Golden Fox Armys selection was extremely strict.

To enter the Golden Fox Army, one needed to at least have True Saint Realm cultivation with higher upper talent.

It was an army of several million True Saints, with Primal Ancestor Realm captains, and Dao Venerable Realm commanders, and high-level Dao Venerable senior commanders.

This magnitude of power could easily raze a creed the size of Nine Vision Creed to the ground.

Yet Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed.

Liu Yu stepped out from the formation, and his gaze stopped on Huang Xiaolong as he spoke with a clear-cut voice, “Following the order of Lord Golden Fox Dao Venerable, were to escort you immediately to the Golden Fox Creed headquarters to confess your crimes, and youre not allowed to make the tiniest damage to the Nine Vision Creed!”

The Nine Vision Creed Patriarch Li Shen and the others were overjoyed hearing that.

Huang Xiaolongs lips curved up in a faint smile.

“If I dont go”

Liu Yu frowned, and there were tiny ribbons of lightning sizzling in the air around him, “I advise you to listen to our Lords order and follow us obediently.

Although your subordinate and beast mount are powerful, defying the Lords order is unwise.

The Lord had said that if you defy his order, the Leiyu Creed will be annihilated because of you!”

He glanced at Old Monster Flame, and Lei Yu underneath Huang Xiaolong.

He had already heard of Old Monster Flames strength, and admittedly, he was a little apprehensive and preferred not to use force if possible.

Lei Yu raised his head and roared majestically at Liu Yus threat.

He looked at Liu Yu with big eyes and asked, “Jin Hongyuan that brat really said that”

Lei Yu was referring to the matter of annihilating Leiyu Creed.

He had saved Jin Hongyuan in the past and guided him in his cultivation.

Therefore, he can be considered as half a master to Jin Hongyuan.

Liu Yu was startled and looked at Lei Yu as if he was looking at someone below him.

“Thats right, in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, regardless of identity, no one can challenge the Golden Fox Dao Venerables authority.

Anyone who breaks that rule only has one ending!”

Lei Yu laughed as he said, “Good! Very good! Ive got it!”

Originally, he still had some attachment in his heart towards Jin Hongyuan, but it was no longer the case.

Now, he felt relaxed, free of fetters.

Liu Yu looked strangely at Lei Yu.

Very good Ive got it

He was even more baffled by Lei Yus subsequent expression.

“Punk, did you hear that The Lord has ordered you to get to the Golden Fox Creed headquarters right now to confess your crimes.

Are you going to defy the Lords order” A Nine Vision expert behind Li Sen sneered coldly.

This Nine Vision Creed expert was the Nine Vision Creeds grand hall master, the third strongest expert of Nine Vision Creed.

Just as his words finished, Lei Yu raised a leg and stomped down, directly squashing the person down into the deep ground.

Muffled rumbles came from underground.

All Nine Vision Creeds experts and the several million experts of Golden Fox Army were stupefied.

Liu Yus face was ugly to the extreme, and he unsheathed the long sword in his hand, pointing it angrily at Lei Yu.

“Youve got some guts to defy the Lords order.”

Lei Yu responded by sweeping his leg at Liu Yu, sending Liu Yu crashing through walls after walls, and burying him under thick rubbles amongst the ruins.

“Got guts” Lei Yu sneered, “So what if I defied order.

Who the f*ck is Jin Hongyuan!”

The Nine Vision Creeds experts were flabbergasted, seeing Liu Yu being swept off so effortlessly, and even more dumbfounded were the several million Golden Fox Armys experts.

All of them stared at the rubbles burying Liu Yu in disbelief.

Liu Yu commanded several million experts of the Golden Fox Army, guarded a direction of the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, and he was one of the strongest experts under Golden Fox Dao Venerable.

In the eyes of the Golden Fox Army, their Senior Commander Liu Yu was a great presence only under the Golden Fox Dao Venerable, but now!


“Capture all of them!” Liu Yus deputy reacted and bellowed a furious order.

Immediately, several million from the Golden Fox Army rushed forward like a vengeful golden tsunami, waving the golden blades in their hands.

Several million blade lights formed alarming golden waves of blades, eclipsing the sky.

The sight of so many golden blades jarred the senses, even the many Nine Vision Creeds high-level Dao Venerables felt their souls tremble from the momentum.

“Kill!” Huang Xiaolong suddenly spoke.

The moment Huang Xiaolongs voice sounded, Old Monster Flame, and the twelve Dao Venerables moved.

The sky was dyed with colors of burning ember, and icy blue rays…

Wherever these two colors crossed, the Nine Vision Creeds experts saw the sharp golden light that dominated the sky earlier was incinerated to nothing.

The colors in the sky gradually diminished and disappeared, including the Golden Fox Armys golden light that eclipsed the sky.

A while later, blazing red light, icy blue light, metallic golden light, and ten other colors retreated to the horizon as Old Monster Flame and other twelve Dao Venerables returned to Huang Xiaolongs side as if they had never left at all.

Li Shen was dazed on the spot, so were the remaining Nine Vision Creeds experts.

They were not merely shocked, but they were beyond shocked that there were no words to describe what they felt.

That was the Golden Fox Army of several million people that could easily annihilate the Nine Vision Creed!

There were more than a hundred Dao Venerable experts! And three of them were Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable experts!

Yet they were annihilated with one strike from Old Monster Flame and those people!

One strike!

“Ab, absolute powers!” Li Shen was horrified looking at Old Monster Flames group of thirteen people, and with every syllable he spoke, his face turned a shade paler.

He had just seen many kinds of absolute powers! From Old Monster Flame, and the others, each of them wielded a kind of absolute power!

Each one of them!

In other words, these thirteen people were all experts with absolute powers!

Li Shen mechanically turned his stiff neck, looking at Huang Xiaolong with unprecedented horror as even their Origin Holy World Master did not have subordinates with all thirteen kinds of absolute powers!

Suddenly, Li Shens legs gave out, and he dropped to his knees towards Huang Xiaolong.

No, he was actually prostrating to Huang Xiaolong and quivering as fear had even taken over his dao soul, and inextinguishable dao heart.

Huang Xiaolong glanced indifferently at Li Shen, not saying a word.

He lightly patted Lei Yus back and Lei Yu responded.

His pillar-like leg extended out and grabbed Li Shen between his claws, and he ground Li Shen like sand on the ground.

Soon, Li Shens miserable shrieks echoed through the Nine Vision Creed headquarters.

When Lei Yu finally stopped and opened his claws, Li Shen was nowhere to be seen except for the golden blood flowing between his nails.

Li Shen, the Nine Vision Creeds patriarch, one of the top ten patriarchs of Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, was ground to death by Lei Yu.


Half a day later.

The news rendered everyone in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave appalled.

“The several million-strong Golden Fox Army stationed close to the Nine Vision Creed was completely wiped out, even Senior Commander Liu Yu didnt survive! This! This is like piercing a hole through heavens ah!”

“The Nine Vision Creed Patriarch Li Sen is said to have been grounded to death by that three-headed beast, ground down to a pool of golden blood! All the Nine Vision Creeds experts were paralyzed with fear, and a lot of them chose to submit to Leiyu Creed!”

In the Golden Fox Creed headquarters main hall, Jin Xiaoxiao was in a state of denial after hearing the news.

She wasnt the only one, Jin Hongyuan, and every Golden Fox Creeds present experts looked dazed, very much doubting if they had heard wrong.

“Senior Commander Liu Yus battalion is completely wiped out!” Li Xu repeated hoarsely.

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