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Chapter 3018: Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

In the depths of the Bright Lightning Abyss, the lightning qi reached a shocking level of purity.

If Huang Xiaolong refined the genesis lighting water there, his ability to control absolute lighting would benefit greatly!

Before entering seclusion, Huang Xiaolong ordered for the others to look for Chen Xi.

He only allowed the Demon Buddha and Lei Yu to remain behind.

Even the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables in the Sun Moon Furnace, the Tortoise Ancestor, and the lightning beasts he captured along the way were sent out.

During his adventure towards the depths of the Bright Lightning Abyss, Huang Xiaolong managed to capture a lot of high-level Dao Venerable Realm lightning beasts.

Of them, more than one hundred were in the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!

If he counted every lightning beast in the high-level Dao Venerable Realm, there would be more than seven hundred of them!

The number of high-level Dao Venerables Huang Xiaolong commanded had already reached a staggering number of more than a thousand!

The Demon Buddha and Lei Yu might be around to protect him during his cultivation, but to be safe, Huang Xiaolong activated the grand formation around the mysterious purple peak before he started to refine the genesis lightning water.

Sitting in the skies, Huang Xiaolong circulated the Soaring Dragon Art.

The golden dragon materialized behind him and the genesis lightning water hovered in the air around him before finally surrounding him.

Wrapped in genesis lightning water, flashes of light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body as the power of absolute lightning filled the area around him.

Refining the genesis lightning water, Huang Xiaolong continued to comprehend the power of absolute lightning and before he knew it, more than a hundred years had passed.

During his seclusion, he refined the entire river of genesis lightning water.

He even refined the two genesis lightning spiritual veins!

As a pillar of purple light pierced into the skies, clouds formed from lightning qi drifted around the skies above the mysterious purple peak as lightning bolts swam through the space around it.

White Flame Lightning, Origin Fire, and the Light of Creation appeared once again.

That was the final tribulation Huang Xiaolong would have to face in the Dao Venerable Realm! As soon as he crossed it, he would enter the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!

As soon as the tribulation appeared, the purple clouds started to dissipate.

The lightning qi originating from the depths of the Bright Lightning Abyss started to howl, and a destructive power filled the skies around them.

Even peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables felt their skulls going numb when they noticed the magnitude of the tribulation.

Origin Fire started to gather together as a sea of flames formed in the skies above Huang Xiaolong.

The Light of Creation became stronger and stronger, and everyone felt as though it contained the power to shatter everything in its path.

It didnt take long for the experts in the Bright Lightning Abyss to notice the change.

After all, the lightning qi in the Bright Lightning Abyss was fluctuating wildly with Huang Xiaolongs ascension.

That wasnt the only place that was affected.

The Divine Tuo Holy World, the Demon Buddha Black Region, and every location around the space they were in started to shake.

Terrifying pressure descended from the heavens and wave after wave slammed into the Divine Tuo Holy World, and the Demon Buddha Region.

It was as though it wouldnt stop unless it destroyed everything!

Only after tens of years did the pressure start to dissipate.

In the instant it stopped, the experts in the Divine Tuo Holy World and the Demon Buddha Black Region felt as though their lives were pardoned by the almighty god.

Several dozen years passed once again, and Huang Xiaolong finally emerged from the mysterious purple peak.

When the Demon Buddha and Lei Yu noticed his arrival, they felt their dao souls freezing in place.

As Huang Xiaolong didnt hide his sword intent, the two of them felt as though a sledgehammer slammed into their chest with every step he took.

They retreated again and again, and they felt that even approaching Huang Xiaolong would be an arduous task!

The two of them couldnt believe that Huang Xiaolongs strength would reach such a terrifying level after entering the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!

He might be an early-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, but his strength seemed to have increased by several folds!

The two of them were completely unaware that Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough wasnt as simple as other Eighth Esteem Dao Venerables.

After crossing his tribulation, Huang Xiaolong not only managed to enter the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

He even managed to reach the major completion stage in the powers of absolute lightning.

His power of nirvana that was previously stuck at the major completion stage reached the limits of the major completion stage, and he only needed to progress a tiny bit before entering perfection level!

Moreover, the three worlds he created evolved once again after absorbing the Light of Creation and Origin Fire.

They started to enter the ultimate stage from the perfect stage, and the power they possessed increased to a whole new level!

Of course, his Huang Long Bloodline and Dao Body of Heaven and Earth improved once again.

His Dao Body of Heaven and Earth finally entered perfection level, and it possessed a shocking amount of power.

Huang Xiaolong might not know how strong his body actually was, but he could feel that the bodies of the Demon Buddha and Lei Yu standing before him were incredibly weak compared to his own!

“Your Highness, we managed to locate Chen Xi” A peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm Demon cautiously approached Huang Xiaolong and got to his knees.

“We didnt dare to disturb you previously, and we hope Your Highness can forgive us.”

“Oh” Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised when he heard the news.

He didnt hope for much when he ordered everyone to look for Chen Xi.

To his surprise, they actually managed to find him!


However, he was extremely weak when we found him.

He seems to have suffered from some sort of injury, and hes on the brink of death.

No matter how hard we try to save him, we are unable to deal with his injuries…”

“Its fine.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and laughed.

As long as Chen Xi wasnt dead, Huang Xiaolong was more than confident in his abilities to wield the power of nirvana.

With the power of nirvana at the peak of the major completion stage, Huang Xiaolong was confident he could return Chen Xi to his peak state.

Moreover, he had a ton of genesis level herbs and the Blue Lotus Liquid in his possession.

It was extremely simple for him to keep someone alive.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong managed to meet Chen Xi.

When he appeared before Chen Xi, the latter was shocked.

Prostrating on the ground, he didnt dare to raise his head.

Of course, Chen Xi had no idea who Huang Xiaolong was as no one dared to release information on the Son of Creation without explicit permission.

Even so, when he learned that Ming Fu, the Old Monster Flame, and the other peak experts of the Divine Tuo Holy World were under Huang Xiaolongs command, Chen Xi didnt dare to disrespect Huang Xiaolong in the slightest way.

The only thing he couldnt understand was why Huang Xiaolong was interested in saving someone like himself.

After all, he was a nobody in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Noticing the confusion in Chen Xis mind, Huang Xiaolong explained his relationship with Long Jianfei.

As soon as his explanation was done, a look of relief spread across Chen Xis face.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong used the power of nirvana and several precious herbs to assist Chen Xi in his recovery.

No longer interested in the Bright Lightning Abyss, Huang Xiaolong activated the mysterious purple peak and brought everyone back out of the region.

After they left, Huang Xiaolong sent the demons away and allowed the Demon Buddha and the others to return to the Demon Buddha Black Region.

With Lei Yu, the lightning beasts, and the experts of the Divine Tuo Holy World, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Boundary Emperor Creed.

“Its time for me to head over to the Origin Holy World…” Huang Xiaolong thought in his heart.

Since he made up his mind, he decided to bid farewell to the Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and the others before leaving for the Origin Holy World

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