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Chapter 302: Have You Heard of Heavenly Treasures

Keeping the Eminent Holiness Halberd in his body, Huang Xiaolong walked to the fourth grassy hut.

Inside the fourth grass hut, paintings of beautiful women were hung on the walls and there was nothing else apart from these paintings.

Huang Xiaolong looked around and counted a total of sixteen paintings of beauties.

Sixteen beauties, all different, unique, gentle, uninhibited, sweet and pure, alluring.

And all sixteen beauties were naked.

Looking at the glamorous curves, proud peaks and luscious grassland below, even with Huang Xiaolong’s strong will, he couldn’t stop his heartbeat from quickening.

It took Huang Xiaolong a while to suppress the rising desires in his heart, his eyes focused on the red thread that was wrapped around all sixteen beauties’ naked bodies.

The loops and turns of the red thread on the beauties’ paintings were different, Huang Xiaolong believed that this showed the energy flow of a cultivation technique.

Huang Xiaolong turned towards the first painting, noticing a line of words on the left bottom corner, written in minuscule ancient text.

“Seven Desires Magic Art.”

Seven Desires Magic Art Didn’t the Eminent Holiness cultivate in the Eminent Holiness Technique Huang Xiaolong was surprised to find this Seven Desires Magic Art, in his view, this Seven Desires Magic Art must have been a cultivation technique practiced by some evil lord during the ancient times and coincidentally, it fell into Eminent Holiness’ hand.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste time being polite, and without hesitation, he moved the all the paintings into the Asura Ring.

When he came to the fifth grass hut, it was actually empty, whereas in the sixth grass hut, there was a scepter placed within.

At the head of the scepter was the carving of a celestial beast’s head, eyes scarlet red, emanating the esteemed momentum of an ancient celestial beast.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong picked up the scepter.

Holding it in his hands, a warmth spread in his palm.

Turning the scepter up and down and around as he tried to figure out the scepter’s origin, he came to a nil.

Although he could not figure out the origins of the scepter, Huang Xiaolong keenly felt that it was by no means simple, like the Asura Ring and the Blades of Asura.

The scepter also went into the Asura Ring.

Coming out from the sixth grass hut, Huang Xiaolong swept clean all the herbs and elixirs in the space, moving everything into the Asura Ring.

After emptying everything the eyes could see, Huang Xiaolong spread his spiritual sense out to every corner of the space, attempting to see if he could find the Eminent Holiness Technique that divine grade spirit pellet little Daoist man mentioned.

He didn’t need this Eminent Holiness Technique, but he could give it to his family to cultivate.

However, despite carefully searching every inch, Huang Xiaolong was sorely disappointed, he didn’t find any clues about where the cultivation technique could be, if it truly existed.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong left the space, leaving the cold spring using the Godly Mt.


In the last few months, with the spiritual energy fish and azure cold wind absorbed by Huang Xiaolong, the frigid coldness at the bottom of the rift had greatly reduced compared to when he first arrived.

At this rate, all the cold air would completely disperse from the rift within a year’s time.

In that moment, Huang Xiaolong no longer dallied, recalling the Godly Mt.

Xumi back to his body, he flew up, heading straight to the rift edge.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong used more than ten hours to reach the rift bottom from above, but now, on his way back, his speed had doubled.

At amazing speed, Huang Xiaolong got closer to the edge of the rift. 

At the same time, on the edge of the rift, two figures sat in a meditative pose.

They were none other than the very same people who were attracted over by the dragon’s roar and stayed to guard the possibility of a treasure being born, the master and disciple, Fenggong and Dai Li.

But several months passed and the so-called treasure they had been looking forward too did not appear.

Fenggong stared down at the bottomless rift, these months of waiting had worn his patience thin.

Was his judgment wrong If there was a treasure being born, it would have materialized long ago.

“Master, maybe we can try going down again” Dai Li asked.

Fenggong nodded in agreement and stood up, resolved to go down the rift again.

He was unwilling to simply leave like this.

But, just as he prepared to leap off the edge, a sound of piercing wind came from below, startling the two people.

In the next moment, they saw a silhouette flying up from the rift at rapid speed.

When they realized it was a human, both Fenggong and Dai Li were stunned.

In the months they have been here, they did not see anyone entering the rift.

Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion was this person went down the rift before they arrived! This person actually managed to withstand the azure cold wind, staying there for several months! Could it be that this person wasn’t afraid of the extreme cold wind at the bottom of the rift!

While both of them were immersed in doubt and shock, Huang Xiaolong’s body shot past the rift edge, landing softly on the ground with a turn.

Feeling the warm sunlight on his skin, Huang Xiaolong breathed in deeply: ‘So refreshing!’

After about seven to eight months, he finally returned to the surface.

It felt like a full lifetime passed.

Then Huang Xiaolong looked over at Fenggong and Dai Li.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong looking at them, the master and disciple both recovered from their shock and Fenggong was secretly relieved when he saw the young man’s cultivation was only at mid-Xiantian Tenth Order.

“Master, the treasure at the bottom of the rift, perhaps this person might know…” Dai Li inched closer to Fenggong, whispering in his ear.

Fenggong nodded, he has the very same thought.

“Young man, I have some questions for you, if you answer them truthfully, I can let you go.

However, one false word and this rift will be your burial place!” Fenggong pointed at the rift behind him, declaring in a condescending tone.

He was a peak late-Xiantian expert, half a step into the Saint realm, a status that was indescribably close to an actual Saint realm expert, killing a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order warrior was quite easy.

Since he descended to the rift bottom, Huang Xiaolong found the Eminent Holiness cultivation cave, swallowed the fiery-red fruit, refined the spiritual energy fish, the divine grade spirit pellets and his strength increased monumentally, thus he was in a good mood.

Hearing Fenggong’s words didn’t anger him in the slightest, secretly smiling in his heart, he looked at Fenggong, “What do you want to know”

“How long did you stay below” Fenggong questioned.

Huang Xiaolong pondered, did a quick calculation of the time and answered, “Roughly seven months.”

Seven months! Fenggong and his disciple exchanged a glance, both were inwardly astonished.

Counting the time they’ve spent here, it was close to four months, yet the black-haired young man in front of them was actually here three months ahead of them, descending down to the rift bottom

“You have a treasure that could block the extreme cold element!” Fenggong’s eyes were burning with greed as they stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong exposed a faint smile watching these two people’s expressions: “Correct.”

Fenggong’s silhouette flickered the instant he heard the answer.

Both hands formed into claws, he arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong in a flash, clutching Huang Xiaolong’s shoulders, his eyes sharp like the tip of swords as he demanded: “Speak, what is it! Hand it over! Otherwise…!”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, ‘allowing’ the man’s claws to clutch his shoulders.

A dazzling light glimmered from his palm as a small golden mountain appeared in the center of his palm.

Abundant Buddhism energy immediately surged out like tidal waves, exuding a mesmerizing golden halo.

It was none other than Godly Mt.


Fenggong was awed, fire danced feverishly in his eyes: “This is…!”

Although he failed to recognize the magical item, he could tell the little golden mountain was extraordinary.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Have you heard of Heavenly Treasures”

“Heavenly Treasures!” Fenggong and Dai Li exclaimed aloud at the same time.

“You meant to say that this is a Heavenly Treasure!” Fenggong fixed a deadly stare on the Godly Mt.

Xumi in Huang Xiaolong’s palm, his breath getting heavier.

Of course he had heard of Heavenly Treasures, every Heavenly Treasure contained mysterious power and force.

Fenggong’s hands were trembling, one hand moved, reaching out towards the Godly Mt.

Xumi in Huang Xiaolong’s palm.




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