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Chapter 3016: What do you Mean by This!

The power of radiance and blaze were something that perfectly countered the power of darkness! When the three-headed lightning beast used the two powers in unison, it managed to suppress the Demon Buddha!

However, a ray of light congealed in the middle of the scattered mist as it stopped the rays of radiance and fire from spreading any further.

The Demon Buddha appeared once again, as the two of them became locked in a bitter battle.

The shockwaves of the battle started to spread, and no matter how strong the mysterious purple peak was, its surroundings weren\'t as sturdy! Under the impact, the earth surrounding the mountain peak crumbled.

As everyone focused their attention onto the Demon Buddha and the three-headed lightning beast, no one discovered that Huang Xiaolong was laying down the Sun and Moon Grand Formation around them.

Of course, the main reason they were unable to discover anything was because Huang Xiaolongs understand of formations reached a whole new level in the past hundreds of years.

Even though he wasnt able to lay down a formation with a single through, he was able to seamlessly hide his formations with the cosmos energy he wielded.

As long as he didnt meet any experts who were proficient with the laws of space, no one would be able to discover what he was doing.

Soon, he completed the formation.

It didnt take long for Mang Nius gaze to turn to Huang Xiaolong.

“Elder Savage, are you sure youll be willing to keep your promise”

A strand of origin qi was worth ten billion dao coins.

One could only imagine how much money the red haired demon was willing to pay!

“Thats right.” The red haired demon nodded slowly.

“However, it wont be as easy as you think!” Previously, he was unable to probe Huang Xiaolongs full strength.

Even so, he could tell that Huang Xiaolong was as strong as those around them.

Even if he was a little weaker, it wouldnt be by much.

Mang Niu chuckled casually in response.

“Hes just an Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Heh.” Retrieving a jet black rope, spatial restrictions could be seen inscribed all over it.

“Black Serpent Rope!” The demons standing around gasped in shock.

“Thats right!” Mang Niu laughed in glee.

“No one can escape from the Black Serpent Rope! It can trap anything under the heavens, not to mention a mere Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable!”

The red haired elder revealed an expression of regret.

If he knew that the other party brought the Black Serpent Rope along, he wouldnt have made the bet.

After all, the Black Serpent Rope was a peak-grade cosmos artifact! It was crafted using the time stone born during the formation of the world! If anyone managed to use the full power of the Black Serpent Rope, they would be able to capture an entire dao convergence!

Swinging the Black Serpent Rope in his hand, Mang Niu aimed it at Huang Xiaolong.

The space around him started to constrict, and the rope managed to coil around Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

“Elder Savage, do you see this” Mang Niu roared with laughter and turned to the red haired demon.

“Cough up the five billion.”

None of them reacted in time as blue light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body to freeze the Black Serpent Rope solid.

With a slight shrug, Huang Xiaolong released himself from the rope.

When the demons saw what happened, they couldnt believe their eyes.

“Perf-… Perfection! Perfection level power of absolute frost!”

As a late-Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable, the human before them not only managed to comprehend the power of absolute blaze to major completion level.

He even managed to reach perfection level in the power of absolute frost!

With the Black Serpent Rope in his hand, Huang Xiaolong quickly scanned through the power of space contained in it.

“This isnt half bad… Its too bad youre too weak.”

When Mang Niu wanted to retrieve his Black Serpent Rope, he realized that his connection with it was broken.

No matter how hard he tried, the Black Serpent Rope refused to return to him.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong in horror.

“Who the f*ck are you!”

Ignoring the man, Huang Xiaolong used his cosmos energy to seal the Black Serpent Rope before throwing it into the Blood Dragon Stele.

The Sun Moon Furnace emerged soon after, and it soared high into the sky.

Light surrounded it like it as suns and moons appeared in the skies above them.

The rays they emitted blinded those present.

“Sun Moon Furnace!” Everyone recognized it in an instant.

Even though they were experts who came from the Outer World, they were more than familiar with the second ranked treasure in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Everyone felt the space around them being disconnected from the rest of the world, and they stared at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of suspicion.

They had no idea what he wanted to do, but from the looks of it, it seemed as though he was planning to deal with all of them at the same time!

Even the three-headed lightning beast and the Demon Buddha stopped fighting as they turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, whats the meaning of this!” An old demon with green hair and a nose resembling an eagles beak chuckled lightly.

“Dont tell me youre planning to move against all of us!” The red haired demon sneered as a sinister look formed in his eyes.

As a loud roar pierced the skies, the three-headed lightning beast appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong as its claw came smashing downwards.

Raising his fist, Huang Xiaolong wrapped them with the power of nirvana and he returned the blow with a punch of his own.


With a single punch, the three-headed lightning beast was sent crashing down into the mysterious purple peak.

The surroundings fell silent instantly, and the looks of mockery on their faces turned into one of fear.

Time seemed to have stopped as they stared at Huang Xiaolong with a look of caution.

Even the Demon Buddha couldnt believe his eyes.

He fought with the three-headed lightning beast for more than half a day, and they were unable to determine the victor of the battle! The three-headed lightning beast couldnt do a thing to him, and he failed to suppress the beast! However, the human before him sent the three-headed lightning beast flying with a single punch!

Wouldnt that mean…

“Power of nirvana at major completion level!” Mang Niu felt his tongue going stiff as he stammered.

First, he showed off the power of absolute blaze.

Then came absolute frost, and finally, he used the power of nirvana!

The faces of everyone present turned solemn in an instant.

“Are you… Are you Huang Xiaolong, the Son of Creation” The Demon Buddha broke the silence.

“Son of Creation!” The faces of everyone changed.

A lot of demons present had been in seclusion for a long time, and when they finally left seclusion, they learned of Huang Xiaolongs legends.

The Demon Buddha Black Region might be located in the Outer World, but it was the closest region to the Divine Tuo Holy World! Ordinary experts in the Demon Buddha Black Region might not know about him, but peak existences like those present definitely knew!

“Thats me.” Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised they managed to guess his identity, and he wasnt planning on hiding it either.

“Your Highness… May I ask if you require anything of us” The Demon Buddhas expression sank as he lowered his gaze slightly.

“All of you can kneel and submit to me.” Huang Xiaolong wasnt planning on wasting any time.

As soon as he spoke, the expressions of everyone present changed.

The three-headed lightning beast released an enraged cry as a pillar of purple light tore through the skies.

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