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Chapter 2997: Old Debts

“Young Patriarch, are you planning to make a move on him personally” Feng Chentais expression changed.

“Young Patriarchs status is too esteemed to deal with someone like that! The patriarch passed down an order to forbid you from making a move.

We will deal with both the beast and the young man.”

However, Feng Nana wasnt willing to back down.

“I have to personally avenge Feng Xue!” Seeing as Feng Chengtai was planning to dissuade her, she snapped, “Uncle Chengtai, I know your concerns.

You can relax.

That brat is a mere early-Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable, and I can crush him easily! Are you doubting my talent and combat abilities Do you think that I will lose to a weakling like him”

Feng Chengtai and the others stared at each other for some time before finally nodding their heads.


As their young patriarch, Feng Nanas talent was unparalleled.

She possessed the Heavenly Phoenix Bloodline, and she was stronger than others with the same cultivation realm as her! Even though she was at the late-Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, she could defeat peak late-Seventh Esteem Dao Venerables!

When they flew towards the headquarters of the Holy Dragon Race, Huang Xiaolong was standing before a massive city.

The city was shaped like a dragon, and it rested on a mountain range spanning countless miles.

The mountain range stood tall, and it was like a massive wall that supported the heavens.

The city gates were at the bottom of the mountain, and one couldnt see the peak of the city no matter how hard they scrutinized the mountain range.

It was covered by dense layers of clouds, and the city housed the disciples of the Holy Dragon Race.

It was called the Holy Dragon City for obvious reasons, and it was one of the largest cities in the Holy Dragon World.

Entering the city, Huang Xiaolong led the Tortoise Ancestor towards the headquarters of the Holy Dragon Race.

As he made his way towards the Holy Dragon Race, the young patriarch of the Holy Dragon Race was speaking to a group of old ancestors in the main hall.

The topic of discussion was the Blood Dragon Stele, and the discussion was getting heated.

“We might have obtained the Blood Dragon Stele, but we failed to enter the space of the stele even after so many years!”

“Yeah! Its been so long, and we only managed to refine the blood dragon qi produced by the stele… Of course, we managed to gain quite a bit from the blood dragon qi, and from the looks of it, there should be countless treasures left behind by the God of Creation stored in the space within! There might be genesis pills located within! There might even be a ton of other treasures! The Huang Long Heart and Huang Long Twin Blades might even be in there!” Ao Linhai, an old ancestor of the Holy Dragon Race, sighed.

“Theres one person in the Holy Dragon World capable of opening the Blood Dragon Stele…” Ao He, the young patriarch of the Holy Dragon Race, muttered.

Everyone stared at him in surprise, and a thought flashed through an old ancestors mind.

“Young patriarch, do you mean that Huang Xiaolong will be able to open the stele!”

“Thats right.

No matter how hard we tried, we failed to open it.

It seems as though the Huang Long Bloodline is the key to opening the stele, and as the Son of Creation, Huang Xiaolong has to possess the Huang Long Bloodline!”

As the old ancestors stared at each other, a helpless look formed in their eyes.

“Young Patriarch, are you planning to ask Huang Xiaolong to open the Blood Dragon Stele” Ao Linhai grumbled, “Huang Xiaolong might not be willing to do so!”

A light flashed through Ao Hes eyes as he thought of something.


He will definitely agree as long as the price is right.

I refuse to believe that he wouldnt be willing to help us if we offered him a hundred Holy Dragon Pills!”

“A hundred Holy Dragon Pills!” Ao Xin and the others gasped in shock.

The Holy Dragon Pill was a genesis-level pill, and the members of the Holy Dragon Race could only refine a furnace full of it after exhausting countless resources.

Moreover, they needed five furnaces-full if they wanted to obtain a hundred of them!

“Young Patriarch, even if we are willing to give it to him, we dont have a hundred Holy Dragon Pills!” Ao Linhai frowned.

“Right now, we only have sixty pills in our treasury!”

Ao He glanced at them, and he chuckled.

“Well give him half of it upfront.

As for the rest, we can work out the details later! All we need is for Huang Xiaolong to open the stele!”

When Ao He completed his discussion about the Blood Dragon Stele, Huang Xiaolong had already arrived at the entrance of the headquarters of the Holy Dragon Race.

“Is there something we can help you with” One of the disciples stopped Huang Xiaolong before he could enter.

After casually throwing them a glance, Huang Xiaolong saw that they were all Half-Step Dao Venerables about to enter the Dao Venerable Realm.

The foundations of the Holy Dragon Race was indeed deeper than what the outside world believed it to be.

“Im here to request an audience with the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

Also, I need to meet the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor while Im at it.”

He needed to look for the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor to obtain the Blood Dragon Stele, and he wanted to find the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor to get his hands on Huang Shuai.

He could settle the grudge he had with the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor while he was at it.

The disciples standing before him stared at him in stunned silence as they hadnt expected him to look for their ancestors right off the bat.

“The old ancestors havent been accepting guests for a very long time.

Please leave,” the disciple snorted and gestured for Huang Xiaolong to leave.

“What if I insist on seeing them” Huang Xiaolong remained emotionless as he released a trace of cosmos energy when he spoke.

The sound wave smashed directly into the six of them, and the entire city trembled.

The old ancestors in the main hall of the Holy Dragon Race heard Huang Xiaolongs voice, and their expressions changed.

“Whats going on!” Ao Xin frowned.

Was there someone stupid enough to cause trouble at the headquarters of the Holy Dragon Race

“Since we have nothing else to do, lets go take a look.” Ao He sighed.

With a single step, he left the main hall.

When the old ancestors noticed that he had already left, they hastily followed behind him.

By the time Ao He arrived at the entrance, he saw the disciples guarding the entrance slumped on the walls.

They stared at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of shock and fear.

Ao Hes face sank as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“How dare you cause trouble here Do you think the Holy Dragon Race is somewhere you can do as you wish! How dare you harm the disciples of the Holy Dragon Race outside our headquarters!”

“If I planned on harming them, they wouldnt be alive.” Indeed, Huang Xiaolong had only used his cosmos energy to beat them back.

If he had actually made a move against them, Ao He would be seeing six dead bodies and a cloud of golden mist.

Of course, his words only served to anger Ao He further.

A chilly light flashed in his eyes as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

However, Ao Xin spoke up all of a sudden.

“Are you the young man from the Soaring Dragon Terrace”

Ao He and the others were stunned.

They stared at Huang Xiaolong with a surprised expression, but the look on their faces soon hardened when they saw the Tortoise Ancestor standing beside him.

With their statuses in the Holy Dragon World, they had long since learned about the matter at the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

They didnt expect the young man to arrive at their doorsteps with the fearsome beast in tow.

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong didnt plan on hiding anything.

“Is something the matter” Ao He looked at Huang Xiaolong cautiously as he asked.

Those disciples guarding the gates spoke before Huang Xiaolong could, “Young Patriarch, old ancestors, he said that hes here to meet with our Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor and the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor!”

“What!” Ao He and the others were taken aback.

“Why are you looking for our ancestors Is there something you wish to obtain from them” Ao He became even more confused.

“Im here to retrieve the Blood Dragon Stele from your Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

As for the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor… Im here to settle some old debts with him after he hands over Huang Shuai.”

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