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Chapter 2990: Who Dares to Kill Disciples of My Heavenly Phoenix Race!

When Ao Dong from the Coiled Dragon Race appeared, the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range burst into a flurry of activity.

The guards around the platform hastily went over to welcome them.

The first thing Ao Dong did was to look at the first formation on the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

When he saw Huang Xiaolong sitting in the middle of the platform, his expression sank.

He turned to the disciple in charge of the formations and growled, “Whats going on with the first formation!” He turned to look at the second formation, and he saw a black tortoise sitting in there.

Slightly taken aback, he frowned and asked, “Whats going on with the second formation”

When the guard saw that the second young master was getting impatient, he couldnt help but panic.

Wasnt it a good thing for someone to pay to enter the first formation The Coiled Dragon Race gained a hundred and eighty million holy bills a single day.

How was that a bad thing!

“Second Young Master, that man came this morning, and he threw out a hundred billion holy bills to reserve both formations.

The tortoise in the second formation is his mount!” the guard disciple explained.

“What! A hundred billion!” The experts from the Coiled Dragon Race and the Heavenly Phoenix Race yelled in shock when they heard the amount.

As the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race, he knew that he wouldnt be able to bring out such a large amount in a short amount of time.

Turning to look at Huang Xiaolong, a look of hesitation flashed through his eyes.

He knew that Huang Xiaolongs identity wasnt ordinary if he could throw out a hundred billion just to reserve a spot for him and his mount in the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

However, he had already promised Feng Xue that he would arrange for her to enter the first formation.

If he backed out now, he would definitely incur the wrath of Feng Xue.

As a core disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, Feng Xues position wasnt low in her faction.

Her master was a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable, and she was also the sworn sister of the leader of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, Feng Nana.

Feng Nana was the most talented disciple in the Heavenly Phoenix Race, and she was considered one of the strongest geniuses in the younger generation of the Divine Tuo Holy World.

She was also the daughter of the current patriarch of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, and she was in line to take his place when she matured in the future.

The man sitting in the first formation looked extremely foreign, and no one could recognize where he came from.

After all, he recognized all the core disciples of the larger factions in the Holy Dragon World.

Feng Xue didnt speak at all, and she stared at Ao Dong coldly.

“Go there and get him out of the first formation,” Ao Dong gritted his teeth and instructed the disciple in charge of the platform.

“Lady Feng Xue is planning to meditate in the first formation, and after shes done, you can arrange for him to enter again.”

The disciple was stunned for a second, but he agreed.

“Yes, Second Young Master.” He turned to Feng Xue and bowed, “Should we report this to the patriarch”

Ao Dongs expression sank, “Lady Feng Xue is an esteemed guest of the Coiled Dragon Race! Even if my father learns about this, he will agree with me! All you have to do now is to get both of them out!”

“The person inside barely started his meditation.

If we interrupt him, he will definitely suffer a backlash!”

In the past, there were some people who had suffered backlashes when their cultivation was disturbed.

The consequences were pretty serious when that had happened.

“Do you mean to say that Young Lady Feng Xue has to wait for two years or whatever for him to complete his cultivation before she is allowed into the formation!” Ao Dong growled.

“If you speak another word, Ill strip you of your position right here and now!” A chilly light flashed in Ao Dongs eyes.

“The number of disciples waiting to take over your position is more than you can count!”

Not willing to risk his position, the disciple bowed respectfully before flying towards the first formation.

When he approached the formation, he waved his arm, and countless dao runes appeared in the skies.

They shot towards both formations, and they seemed to activate the power of the restrictions surrounding the two of them.

As a layer of light enveloped Huang Xiaolong and the Tortoise Ancestor, the disciple attempted to wake them up.

Countless runes shot towards the two figures covered in light, but the instant they touched the two unrivaled monsters in the formation, the runes were sent bouncing back.

The backlash was intense, and the disciple was sent flying countless miles away.

Golden blood sprayed out from his mouth non-stop, and he suffered heavy injuries.

“What!” Ao Dong and the other experts were shocked at the outcome.

The two of them should be the ones injured when their cultivation was forcefully stopped by an outside force, but the person injured was the disciple of the Coiled Dragon Race!

Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes and stared at the disciples of both factions.

He might have been cultivating, but his dao souls covered the entire mountain range, and he was aware of everything that transpired.

“While Im still feeling generous, you should kneel before me and beg for forgiveness.

Get the f*ck out of my sights, and I might consider sparing your lives.

Otherwise, all of you can remain here for the rest of eternity,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

His voice covered the entire mountain range, and the experts around them stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Ao Dong burst into laughter when he heard Huang Xiaolongs threat.

“Who do you think you are Do you think you call the shots here!”

Killing intent emerged from Ao Dongs body.

As the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race, no one had dared to threaten him like that!

“That brat has no idea who Ao Dong is! How dare he threaten to kill the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race Hahaha! Hes asking to die!” One of the disciples of the Golden Light Dragon Country, who had previously mocked Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Theres no way out for him this time! Does he think hes the young master of the Holy Dragon Race Or does he think hes the young master of the Radiant Winged Dragon Race”

Feng Xues expression was chilly as usual, and she seemed to be detached from the conflict between the two parties.

However, the disciples around her were unable to endure the insult they received from Huang Xiaolong.

“Do you know who youre talking to! Thats the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race!” a female disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Race snapped.

“If you get the f*ck out here now and run as far away as you can before giving up all one hundred billion holy bills, Young Master Ao might consider letting you live! Otherwise…”

Before she could speak, Huang Xiaolong casually grabbed the space before him, and the female disciple exploded into a billion pieces.

She couldnt even scream before she was killed, and it didnt matter how strong she was.

“Annoying little fly…” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Everyone felt a bomb exploding in their mind when they saw how he killed a disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Race without batting an eyelid.

Feng Xue, who was acting all high and mighty, turned to Huang Xiaolong and killing intent burst out from her eyes.

“How dare you! How dare you kill a disciple of my Heavenly Phoenix Race!”

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