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Chapter 2939: Forcing Huang Xiaolong Out

In order to use the Sun Moon Furnace for cultivation, Huang Xiaolong had to first refine the item.

The Sun Moon Furnace belonged to Zeng Lei, but now that Zeng Lei had submitted to him, Huang Xiaolong wiped away his soul bran on it in an instant.

He spent the next few days refining the pill furnace.

Soon after, he entered the inner space of the Sun Moon Furnace.

Sitting down cross legged, he started to cultivate.

At the same time, he got Zeng Lei and the others to instill their cosmos energy from the outside world onto the Sun and Moon Grand Array to assist him.

The Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch, Bi Cheng, and the others, laid down the Supreme Grand Dao Array to assist Huang Shuai in his breakthrough.

The Sun and Moon Grand Array was basically the same thing.

That was the power of the Sun Moon Furnace! It used to be the strongest grand dao artifact of the Sun and Moon Creed, and it possessed extraordinary abilities!

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the Sun Moon Furnace and retrieved the thirty strands of beginning qi.

He planned to refine all of them at the same time!

If any Dao Venerable was present, they would be frightened to death.

The beginning qi was something even high-level Dao Venerables had to be careful when dealing with! Now, Huang Xiaolong planned to refine all thirty strands at once!

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Art and began to refine all thirty strands of beginning qi.

As they hovered above his head, beginning qi streamed down from the void.

They transformed into the great grand dao laws and cosmos energy as they entered Huang Xiaolongs body.

The beginning qi was born with the world.

It contained pure dao energy, grand dao laws and cosmos energy.

A light ray shot out from within his inner body.

As he continued to comprehend the laws, Huang Xiaolong remained firmly in his position.

He continued to cultivate using the stability provided by his Dao Body of Heaven and Earth.

When the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth has been cultivated to its peak, it would be able to contain an entire world!

The world it contained wouldnt be an ordinary one.

In fact, it would be comparable to the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Even though his current Dao Body of Heaven and Earth was still weak, it wasnt something the beginning qi could overwhelm.

Even if the beginning qi was several times stronger, it wouldnt be able to shake Huang Xiaolong up in the sightest.

When he refined the strands of beginning qi, Zeng Lei and the others sent their cosmos energy into the furnace and they neutered his body through the grand array.

His entire body was like a golden sun that emitted rays of brilliant golden light.

The light rays illuminated every corner of the pill furnace.

With the help of their cosmos energy, his refinement of the beginning qi sped up.

The dao runes in the Sun and Moon Furnace Grand Array began to spin around as the sun and moon alternated.

The moonlight was heavy while the sunlight tempered hios body continuously.

While he was refining the thirty strands of beginning qi, everyone in the outside world was searching for him frantically.

Capture him for a giant reward!

Everyone was tempted by the reward offered by Huang Shuai.


In the Dragon Fish Creed.

Huang Shuai walked casually with countless young masters of difference factions by his side.

Only people of a certain status had the qualifications to follow him around.

“Huang Xiaolong hasnt been found yet” Huang Shuai turned to Liu Xinxin behind him and asked.

After a year of recovery, her injuries had recovered completely.

Of course, that was only on the surface.

“Not yet.” Liu Xinxin shook her head.

Hatred burned in her eyes when she heard his name.

Although she had gone through a year of recovery, her inextinguishable dao heart was still in pieces.

Huang Shuai frowned.

As the Creation Ceremony approached, he grew more and more frustrated.

No matter how much he meditated, he couldnt shake off the feeling of uneasiness growing in his heart.

He came to a realisation that Huang Xiaolong was the source of his frustration!

Lin Zhuoyi said, “Your Highness, you dont have to worry, Huang Xiaolong wont be able to hide for long.

I heard that many high-level Dao Venerables have been moving about to capture the brat.

He will soon kneel before Your Highness.”

Everyone nodded one after another.

Huang Shuai shook his head, “The Divine Tuo Holy World is boundless.

If Huang Xiaolong goes into hiding, we wont be able to find him easily.

Liu Xinxin spoke abruptly as her beautiful eyes flickered with anger, “Your Highness, even though Long Jianfei and Duan Fei are Huang Xiaolongs servants, he seems to pay a lot of attention to them! We should capture the both of them and torture them day and night in order to force him to show himself!”

“Oh.” Huang Shuais eyes lit up.

Lin Zhuoyi muttered, “That seems about right.

His Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins can be captured as Your Highness mount!”

Liu Xinxin laughed, “Thats right.

The only down side is that the qilins are in the Primal Ancestor Realm.”

Huang Shuai waved excitedly, “Thats fine by me.

They should be the Immemorial Dao Venerables mount back then.

The two beasts have cultivated for many years and they should be able to enter the Dao Venerable Realm soon.

I will ask Bi Cheng to assist them in breaking through!”

Everyone responded and congratulated him as they should.

“I heard that Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and the two qilins are staying in the Boundary Emperor Creed.

Not even Zeng Lei can deal with them.” Someone in the crowd spoke.

Huang Shuai sneered, “Its just the Boundary Emperor Creed.

Zeng Lei cant deal with them, we we most definitely can.

If the Boundary Emperor isnt tactful, capture him too!”

“Kill some disciples of the Boundary Emperor Creed while were at it!”

He would use this incident to solidify his position before the ceremony! He wanted to let everyone in the Divine Tuo Holy World know that no one could defy the will of the Son of Creation!

Very soon, under Huang Shuais command, experts from all over gathered and formed a great army.

The army was vast and mighty and it went straight towards the Boundary Emperor Creed.

Time flew by quickly.

In a blink of an eye, eleven months had passed.

In the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolongs body emitted rays of golden light.

If that was the Huang Xiaolong of the past, he would never have been able to refine all thirty strands of beginning qi in such a short amount of time! With the help of Zeng Lei and the others, he completed it successfully!

On the other hand, his strength had increased continuously.

He reached the late-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!

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