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Chapter 291: Life Soul Grass

Huang Xiaolong’s and Yao Fei’s eyes met briefly and then both looked away.

Since this Yao Fei came here, to the Bedlam Lands, then he should stay here forever.

A flash of killing intent flitted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

A short while later, the doors to the auction firm hall closed, signaling the start of the auction.

The auction was presided by an old man with spirited dark pupils and a full crown of white hair, the only high-grade auctioneer in the City of Myriad Gods, named Fang Dong.

Standing on the stage, Fang Dong explained some auction rules and things to note in a candid manner, then swiftly proceeded with the first auction item.

The first auction item wasn’t an elixir of any type nor was it spirit pellets or spirit stones, it was a sharp cutlass named Demon Blood.

The cutlass was short in length, with a dark maroon-black body, as if it was smeared with a layer of black-colored blood.

According to Fang Dong’s introduction, this Blood Demon cutlass was a weapon left behind by a Saint realm warrior called Chen Fei from a thousand years ago.

The cutlass was extremely sharp and it’s most terrifying ability was that it could suck blood! Sucking the enemy’s blood.

The victims that fell under this cutlass, when they died, all the blood in their bodies would be sucked dry, akin to a mummified corpse.

When the warriors present in the auction hall heard that Demon Blood had the terrifying ability to suck the blood of the enemies, their eyes lit up noticeably.

For them, who lived in the Bedlams where killings happened every day, a good weapon was essential for a higher chance of survival.

However, when Fang Dong revealed the bidding price for the cutlass, the majority of the warriors below drew a sharp intake of breath.

Fifty million!

Fifty million gold coins, and it was only the starting price!

Although for some big forces and families the sum of fifty million wasn’t a lot, it still wasn’t like pebbles on the mountains.

Just as Fang Dong’s voice stopped, there were already people bidding: “Sixty million!”

Sixty million!

An increase of ten million in an instant, the warriors turned to look at private room six.

“Sixty-one million!” While everyone was still in shock, another voice rang out.

“Seventy million!” Private room six again.

The price continued to go up and soon it broke one hundred million! Regardless what price others bid, the guest in private room six increased it by ten million each time.

The entire time, Huang Xiaolong sat calmly.

Although the Blood Demon Cutlass seemed like a good weapon, to him, who possessed the Blades of Asura, bidding for Demon Blood was redundant.

In the end, the Demon Blood cutlass was bought by the private room number six for one hundred and ten million.

The second auction item after the Demon Blood cutlass was a jade box containing three stalks of spirit herbsㅡLife Soul Grass, an extremely rare spirit herb.

Every single one of those stalks of Life Soul Grass was above one thousand years old.

The value of a stalk of Life Soul Herb older than one thousand years was immeasurable.

Watching the three stalks of Life Soul Grass of the stage, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes brightened.

If he took these three stalks of Life Soul Grass, his Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate cultivation could definitely have another breakthrough, doubling his spiritual force power, perhaps triple it or even more!

“For these three stalks of Life Soul Grass, the starting price is thirty million each, all three are auctioned together at the starting price of ninety million.” Auctioneer Fang Dong briefly described the many uses of Life Soul Grass, at last stating that all three stalks of Life Soul Grass would be auctioned together.

This time, unlike the previous time, the hall was silent.

No one made any quick bid.

Although the Life Soul Grass was a spirit herb greatly beneficial for the soul, one needed to complement its dosage with a spiritual force cultivation technique to reap any actual benefits.

Otherwise, its effect would barely reach the minimum, moreover, there weren’t many spiritual force cultivation techniques available.

Therefore, not many people had any interest towards Life Soul Grass.

“One hundred million.” After a short silence, someone finally made a bid.

Everyone in the hall turned to look, once again it was private room number six.

“One hundred and ten million.” came a raise from the private room number seven.

“One hundred fifty million.” private room number six.

One hundred fifty million! Private room number six spiked the price forty million higher, scaring everyone in the hall below.

Shocked voices erupted in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong remained taciturn, not showing any impatience to join in.

However, at one hundred fifty million, private room number seven quieted down.

It was clear that the expert within did not feel the three stalks of Life Soul Grass were worth one hundred and fifty million, despite their rarity.

“Anyone else wishes to offer a higher price” A short silence lapsed, auctioneer Fang Dong scanned the crowd and asked.

All Fang Dong received was silence.

“One hundred fifty million, once.” Seeing that no one was responded, Fang Dong declared.

“One hundred fifty million, twice.”

When the people present thought there won’t be anyone bidding, a voice suddenly rang out: “One hundred sixty million.”

Stunned, the people turned over to look at the source.

Huang Xiaolong, who wanted to bid, was also surprised, for that person was Yao Fei!

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly, he didn’t expect that Yao Fei would also be interested in these three stalks of Life Soul Grass.

“One hundred seventy million!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s voice, Yao Fei turned around, two pairs of eyes locked with ill-will.

“One hundred eighty million.” Yao Fei made a bid, his eyes filled with frost glaring opposite him.

“One hundred ninety million.”

“Two hundred million.”

Huang Xiaolong and Yao Fei’s voice sounded in the auction hall tit for tat, each increasing the bid by ten million every time, quickly hiking the price to two hundred million.

By this time, private room six had stopped bidding.

The people in the hall were left dumbstruck as each expert tried to guess Huang Xiaolong and Yao Fei’s identities.

After all, most big forces couldn’t simply chuck out two hundred million just to bid for three stalks of Life Soul Grass.

“Two hundred and ten million!” Hearing Yao Fei increased the bid price to two hundred million, Huang Xiaolong called out, unperturbed.

Strong killing intent flickered across Yao Fei’s eyes, his fingers dug into his palm, but they gradually relaxed.

Surprisingly, Yao Fei did not continue to bid, thus, in the end, Huang Xiaolong got the three stalks of Life Soul Grass for two hundred and ten million gold coins.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Life Soul Grass in the Asura Ring after he paid for them.

His eyes looked at Yao Fei’s without much expression, he could naturally guess what Yao Fei was scheming.

Most likely, Yao Fei planned to kill him after the auction, grabbing the Life Soul Grass at that time was just the same.

After the Life Soul Grass, roughly twenty items were auctioned.

Every item was rare and precious and bidding voices rang out endlessly in the auction hall, but despite that, neither Huang Xiaolong nor Yao Fei bid for anything else.

“Next, our auction item is grade one spirit stones.” After sealing the deal for some spirit wood, Fang Dong introduced the next item.

Grade one spirit stones!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up.

Finally, they have brought up the grade one spirit stones, this was Huang Xiaolong’s main objective in attending this City of Myriad of Gods auction.

“Grade one spirit stones’ value and usage, I believe everyone here already knows and I don’t need to explain; this time, there is a total of fifty-nine pieces of grade one spirit stones, the bidding price starts at five hundred million.” Fang Dong’s voice rang out in the hall.

Five hundred million! Many experts in the auction hall couldn’t help but shudder when the amount was mentioned.

Five hundred million was considered a sky high price in the Bedlam Lands.

“Six hundred million.” At this time, Zhao Chen’s voice came from private room number nine.

Six hundred million! The auction hall fell into immediate silence hearing Zhao Chen’s voice.



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