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Chapter 2907: Broken!

Outside the immortal cave, a look of joy appeared on the faces of the Dao Venerables present.

“Were finally going to shatter the barrier!” Di Bai laughed.

It had been so long since they had started attacking the barrier! Their hard work had finally paid off!

Qiao Sheng roared with laughter, “Daoist Friend Di Bai, your creed will definitely grow stronger with the treasures you obtain in the treasury! Ill have to congratulate you in advance!”

Di Bai chuckled.

“Same to you! Congratulations on the increase in the Qiao Familys strength!”

In the four years, they had taken to shatter the barrier, their relationship had taken a step forward.

“Lets do our best for the last few days! As soon as we destroy the restriction here, well be able to enter!” Di Bai yelled in encouragement to the members of the Boundary Emperor Creed behind him.

“As soon as we destroy this barrier, all of you will be rewarded!”

As though they were injected with chicken blood, everyone started attacking the barrier with increased speed.

Four days passed in the blink of an eye, and those inside the immortal cave were burning with anxiety.

“What do we do now!” Long Jianfei turned to Duan Feng and asked.

“No matter what, we cannot allow them to disturb His Highness!”

“But…” Qiao Jin swallowed a mouthful of saliva in dread.

“Theres no buts…” Duan Feng growled and stared at everyone dead in the eyes.

With the weight of a mountain pressing on their chests, everyone nodded solemnly.


The earth trembled as the sound of a barrier shattering rang through the skies.

Qiao Sheng and everyone else poured into the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave, and a yelp soon escaped his lips.


“Whats wrong” Di Bai stared at Qiao Sheng in shock.

“From what I know, the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave should be filled with absolute poison qi.

Why is there nothing here” Qiao Sheng frowned.

“Absolute poison qi” Di Bai chuckled, “Theres no way something like that would disappear on its own.

It seems like Brother Qiao Shengs intel is wrong…”

Qiao Sheng nodded slowly, and he continued to fly towards the core of the immortal cave.

As they headed forward, traces of black qi emerged from the depths of the immortal cave.

“Thats the absolute poison qi! Everyone, be careful!” Qiao Baiping yelled.

Since they had made their preparations beforehand, treasures that could ward away poison appeared in the hands of those from the Qiao Family.

Di Bai was stunned, but they quickly brought out their cosmos artifact to defend themselves.

The cosmos artifact of the Boundary Emperor Creed was a silver umbrella, and the moment it opened, silver light appeared to protect their members.

When the absolute poison qi drifted over, it was stopped by the curtain of silver light.

“The Silver Light Umbrella of the Boundary Emperor Creed is really something else! It wards off all evil!” Qiao Sheng exclaimed in shock.

Di Bai laughed, “Its pretty good when it comes to defense.

Its offensive capabilities cant compare to Brother Qiao Shengs Ice Devouring Lightning Hammer!”

With his gaze piercing through the void, Di Bai growled, “It seems like someone is controlling the poison formation in the immortal cave.”

Before Huang Xiaolong had entered seclusion, he had passed over the control of the grand formation to those under him.

He had told them to use the absolute poison qi to deter anyone from coming further if they made it into the cave.

With Qiao Jin and the others, they would be able to hold Qiao Sheng back for some time.

Indeed, Di Bai and the others found it hard to advance as soon as the power of absolute poison appeared.

However, they only managed to slow them down.

At best, they would be able to delay the inevitable for half a month!

Half a month later, Di Bai and the others would definitely be able to arrive at the treasury!

“I wonder if half a month is enough for His Highness to complete his advancement…” Long Jianfei wondered out loud.

Duan Feng shook his head.

“His Highness barely crossed his tribulation… Im afraid…” In order to refine the energy contained in the tribulation, one had to use quite some time!

Right now, they could only hope that Huang Xiaolong would be able to refine the remainder of the energy in half a month!

Very quickly, ten days passed.

With the help of Qiao Sheng, they quickly located Qiao Jin and the others.

When they discovered the traces of Qiao Jin and the others, the expression on Qiao Shengs face sank.

“Dao Friend Qiao Sheng, they seem to be doyens of your Qiao Family…” Di Bais mockery couldnt be hidden when he discovered Qiao Jin and the others.

“Isnt that guy called Qiao Jin”

Qiao Dongping hastily explained, “Theres no way they would betray the Qiao Family!”

“Impossible” A Dao Venerable beside Di Bai sneered, “How do you explain the fact that we were attacked by the absolute poison qi the moment we stepped into this place”

Qiao Dongping fell silent in an instant.

“Dao Friend Qiao Sheng, do you need our help to capture these traitors” Di Bai snorted.

“Theres no need for you to make a move.

My Qiao Family will deal with them.” Qiao Sheng growled.

Five days later…

Qiao Sheng and the others finally arrived at the entrance of the treasury.

“Qiao Jin, Ill give you one last chance to explain yourself after taking into account all the contributions you have made to our family!” Qiao Shengs gaze landed on Qiao Jin and those controlling the formation.

Instead of replying, Long Jianfei approached them.

“Ancestor Qiao Sheng, Patriarch Di Bai, I am Long Jianfei of the Dragon Fish Creed.

I am currently serving our young lord, Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Those who just came yelled in shock.

As one of the creeds in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, they had heard of the battle in Emperor Yu Sacred Land.

Even Qiao Sheng had heard of Huang Xiaolongs great name.

With his expression sinking, Qiao Sheng looked at Qiao Jin and the others.

“Are you…”

“Thats right.

They have already submitted to His Highness.” Duan Feng explained in their place.

With an ugly expression, Qiao Sheng looked at the members of the Qiao Family beside him.

The expressions on the faces of Di Bai and the others turned complicated.

Qiao Sheng snapped as he suppressed the anger in his heart.

“Wheres your young lord right now We wish to meet with him.”

“Our young lord isnt available right now.”

Di Bais heart shook as golden light flashed in his eyes.

He stared at the entrance of the treasury and realized something,

So thats whats going on!

“Unavailable Of course, he wont be able to meet with us when hes in secluded cultivation.” Di Bai sneered.

The faces of Duan Feng and the others changed instantly.

A frosty light flashed in Qiao Shengs eyes when he realized what was going on.

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