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Chapter 2886: Using it to Kill a Pig!

Anyone who heard Xuanyuan Potians laughter could feel the anger in his heart.

His killing intent was barely hidden when he spoke, and it was clear that he wanted to tear Huang Xiaolong into pieces.

Indeed, with ten high-order Saint Fates and the status as the young patriarch of the Xuanyuan Creed, Xuanyuan Potian was one of the top geniuses in the Divine Tuo Holy World! How could a Primal Ancestor speak to him in such a condescending tone! He even had the guts to speak about his father, the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable! It was no wonder killing intent was born in his heart.

Xuanyuan Potian stopped his laughter abruptly and glared at Huang Xiaolong as frosty light flashed through his eyes.

“Brat, even if a high-level Dao Venerable appears to protect you today, Ill kill you! Anyone who dares to stop me will be declaring war with my Xuanyuan Creed!”

“Those who stand in my way will die!”

Xuanyuan Potians voice boomed through the skies, and the expression on the faces of the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World changed.

It went without saying that his threats were aimed at them.

No one other than the three of them had the authority to stop him.

He was blatantly threatening the three of them!

Of course, Yang Jia and the others were overjoyed when they heard what he said.

If they could, they would do a little dance to celebrate Huang Xiaolongs death! According to them, there was no way Huang Xiaolong could live if Xuanyuan Potian made a move!

Yang Jia sneered in his heart.

He was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would agree to serve the Lightning Tiger Prince and get the Xuanyuan Creeds protection.

As one of the strongest superpowers in the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Xuanyuan Creed wasnt one to be trifled with.

If Huang Xiaolong really chose to stand with them, no one would dare to move against him! Luckily for him, Huang Xiaolong had to run his mouth off to offend Xuanyuan Potian.

However, Yong Luosheng maintained a smile on his face.

Even though Xuanyuan Potian had declared that Huang Xiaolong would die, he really wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong personally.

He didnt wish for someone to do it for him!

Ignoring the fact that his junior brothers were killed, he had to return the humiliation after Huang Xiaolong had sent him flying! Otherwise, he would become a laughing stock in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

“Your Highness, my junior brothers died in the hands of this b*stard.

I wish to avenge them with my own hands.

You do not need to dirty your hands when dealing with trash like him… After all, your reputation shouldnt be sullied by such a dirty loser.” Yong Luosheng hesitated for a moment before speaking to Xuanyuan Potian.

Xuanyuan Potian turned slightly and stared at Yong Luosheng in silence.

Everyone looked at the two of them as they awaited Xuanyuan Potians response.

A smile suddenly appeared on the Lightning Tiger Princes face, and he chuckled in amusement, “Youre right.

As the young patriarch of the Xuanyuan Creed, people might laugh at me for fighting such a weakling.

Alright, you shall be allowed to harvest his life.

As for the blue lotus nectar, all of it shall belong to my Xuanyuan Creed!”

“I want the Qilin Chariot too!”

“Oh right, the Immemorial Sword will belong to my Xuanyuan Creed too.”

Xuanyuan Potians voice was firm, and he was extremely domineering.

No matter how unfair they felt it was, no one dared to question him.

Yang Jia and the others could only lower their heads slowly in acknowledgment.

One had to know that all of them were lying if they said they werent tempted by the two thousand drops of blue lotus Nectar, Qilin Chariot, and the Immemorial Sword.

However, no one dared to go against Xuanyuan Potian.

“Alright… I shall take his life! Everything else shall belong to Your Highness!” Yong Luosheng hesitated for a moment before replying.

Xuanyuan Potian roared with laughter in response.

Huang Xiaolong chose not to interrupt them as he looked at the two of them like they were fools.

A cold sneer formed on his face when he heard them splitting up the loot before they had even started fighting.

When he revealed his stash of blue lotus nectar, he wasnt afraid that anyone would dare to move against him.

He had long since analyzed everyones strength, and he could see that only one of the old experts standing guard beside Feng Yue was a high-level Dao Venerable.

The rest were mid-level Dao Venerables at best, and none of them could pose a threat to him.

As such, the only person he was wary of was the old expert standing beside Feng Yue.

The other six Dao Venerables following behind Xuanyuan Potian were nobodies in his eyes.

The strongest was a Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable, and the others were low-leveled ones.

Xuanyuan Potians status might have been exalted in the Divine Tuo Holy World, but sending a Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable to protect him was extravagant gesture.

One had to know that every single Dao Venerable was a supreme expert in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Those in the mid-level Dao Venerable Realm were even harder to come by.

Even the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable couldnt deploy them as he pleased.

As he slowly made his way towards Huang Xiaolong, Yong Luoshengs sword intent grew stronger and stronger.

“Brat, did you hear that Your life belongs to me now!” A frosty light flashed in Yong Luoshengs eyes, and he snorted, “You should thank your lucky stars! If His Highness had made a move, you would have died a miserable death!”

“His Highness methods are something ants like you will never be able to comprehend!”

With his Dragon Emperor Dao Soul and Myriad Creation Dao Soul flashing above him, nine high-grade Saint Fates surrounded them.

Brilliant light filled the skies in an instant.

The Monarch Yu Sacred Land seemed to freeze as the air became still.

Feng Yue wanted to interject, but the old expert shook his head silently.

He passed a silent transmission to Feng Yue, “Young Lady, lets watch for now.

If he cant take it, it wont be too late for us to make a move to save him.”

Feng Yue was slightly taken aback by her evaluation, but she nodded her head eventually.

Staring at the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Lightning Tiger Prince sneered.

“Damn brat, I, Yong Luosheng, have always been a very fair person.

In case you cry in hell, I shall allow you to summon your Saint Fates.

Otherwise, you wont be able to defend yourself the moment I attack.” A cold voice rang through the skies.

With an expressionless face, Huang Xiaolong replied, “Theres no need for me to summon my Saint Fates to deal with someone like you.”

One of the First Esteem Dao Venerables from the Xuanyuan Creed roared with laughter.

“This brat is really arrogant! How I wish I could pinch him to death right this instant!”

Xu Xiaofeng snorted coldly, “Killing him quickly is too easy on him.

We have to torture him till he begs for death! When that happens, we can parade him around the surrounding sacred lands!”

Xuanyuan Potian chuckled in agreement, “Your idea isnt too bad.”

Feng Yue, Yu Yue, and Yin Yue frowned when they heard what he said.

“You must be tired of living!” In a fit of rage, the sword in Yong Luoshengs hand shot outwards.

Grand dao energy gathered, and a terrifying aura was released from the sword.

With sword qi containing the aura of a dragon, a wave formed and crashed against Huang Xiaolong.

The pure sword qi formed a formidable wave that seemed unstoppable as it smashed apart everything in its way.

“Good sword!” Xuanyuan Potian nodded slightly.

“Seems appropriate for killing a pig!”

He was comparing Huang Xiaolong to a pig, but as the wave got closer and closer to Huang Xiaolong, it started to slow down.

When it arrived ten miles away, it was stopped by a formless pressure.

Yong Luosheng couldnt believe his eyes as he waved the Dragon Sword in his hands once again.

“Break!” A trace of sword qi stronger than those he had sent out previously tore through the void and slammed against the invisible barrier.

The sword qi had reached the pinnacle of sword qis, and it was something he had congealed after a long period of accumulation.

Even though it was only a single strand, it contained several thousand times more destructive power.

A dragon followed closely behind, and it was the sword spirit born from the Dragon Sword after countless years of nurturing!

Like Skylet, it was a spirit born from an artifact! The only difference was that the dragon was several times stronger than Skylet!


As the formless barrier was shattered, the single strand of sword qi shot towards Huang Xiaolong along with the Dragon Swords spirit.

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