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Chapter 2868: Even the Sword Spirit Is Summoned

The purple-dressed young woman was Misty Rain Creeds inner disciple, named Tan Meiqin.

Tan Meiqin was the Misty Rain Creeds Yu Yues main maid, and she was here under the order of Young Lady Yu Yue.

Originally, her purpose was to save Huang Xiaolong, but just as she arrived, she witnessed the astounding sight of Huang Xiaolong sending away Zhou Hongs ink sword qi pillar with a flick of his fingers.

Tan Meiqin was completely stupefied.

She had originally thought that it was because of Zhou Hongs carelessness that this young man had managed to force Zhou Hong back the first time, but this time around, it was clear that Zhou Hong wasnt careless.

Zhou Hong had even displayed his ink sword qi!

Tan Meiqin was dazed, and so were the present experts!

The various forces experts, who had rushed over at the very end after hearing about the battle, couldnt remember where they were for a moment after seeing Zhou Hong fall.

Their eyeballs protruded in shock, and their focus was on Huang Xiaolong.

“Zhou Hong used his ink sword qi, but he was actually defeated! He was sent flying by a finger flick!”

“Who is he! Which creeds disciple is he!!”

“Maybe hes some creeds young patriarch!”

This degree of combat power and talent were usually seen on a creeds young patriarch!

There was a little apprehension in the voice of Ten Swords Creeds disciple, surnamed Chen, when he looked at Huang Xiaolong now.

Although Zhou Hong was suppressing his cultivation realm at early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, Huang Xiaolong had still defeated him—even after he had employed his ink sword qi.

This was enough to shock the younger generation of Dragon Fish Creed.

While everyone was still immersed in soul-gripping shock, Zhou Hong once again shot into the sky from under the rubbles.

His body flickered into a blur and reappeared before everyone again.

However, the Ten Swords Creeds disciple brocade robe on his body was dirty, ripped and torn all over.

His earlier noble and elegant aura had gone with the wind.

Zhou Hongs eyes were crimson like blood, and he was enraged like a severely wounded beast.

His gaze locked onto Huang Xiaolong, full of ferocious bloodthirst that sent chills down ones spine.

His killing intent was thicker than before.

There had never been a time he wanted to kill someone so much.

“I dont care who you are, but youll die today!” Zhou Hong spat through gritted teeth, “No one would be able to save you today.

Whoever will dare to save you today will become my enemy, and also the Ten Swords Creeds enemy!” His voice sounded like a roar from the depths of hell, making more than a few experts shiver after hearing it.

Zhou Hong was warning those around that none of them should try to stop him from killing Huang Xiaolong today.

Huang Xiaolong had sent him flying not once but twice, that too, in front of so many people.

If he didnt kill Huang Xiaolong, then how was he going to vent the burning anger rampaging in his chest

The humiliation he had suffered wont wash away as long as Huang Xiaolong lived!

The aura of Zhou Hongs strength was fully released, and the momentum of a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor sent tremors through the world.

It suppressed the sun and the moon, and space fissures appeared in high air, shredded by the swirling rays of ink sword qi

When Zhou Hong had killed the half-step Dao Venerable expert, how strong was his ink sword qi after fully releasing it!

Experts watching from all around were astounded as they retreated further away in a hurry.

Even Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor experts exercised caution in this situation, retreating into a safe zone, afraid to be innocently injured by Zhou Hongs ink sword qi.

It was an open secret now that even half-step Dao Venerable had died by Zhou Hongs ink sword qi, and this was no joke at all.

When Zhou Hong had suppressed his cultivation, the ink sword qis power was weakened because of that, but now, Zhou Hongs momentum was at his peak, and his ink sword qi could easily cut a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors grand dao physique.

“So strong.

This is Zhou Hongs real strength! He is too powerful!” a peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert exclaimed in shock.

He had a feeling that Zhou Hongs ink sword qi could split him into two halves with ease, and probably, even his dao soul.

“As expected of the Ten Swords Creeds most outstanding disciple! Zhou Hong is still a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

Once he breaks through to Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, how strong would he be At that time, hes likely to enter the Dao Rankings List!”

As they watched from a far and safe distance, experts discussions could be heard.

The Dao Rankings List was a ranking list in the Divine Tuo Holy World for cultivators below Dao Venerable Realm.

All disciples placed on the Dao Rankings List had the strongest combat power below Dao Venerable Realm.

More importantly, there were only a hundred places on the Dao Rankings List.

Currently at the top of the Dao Rankings List was naturally the Son of Creation, Huang Shuai.

“But earlier, Zhou Hong said that as long as the young man took one sword from him, he would let them go.

However, Zhou Hong has been attacking time and again.

Isnt he breaking his promise Moreover, Zhou Hong also said that hes going to suppress his cultivation realm to early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, but now, hes going all out!” a disciple pointed out the injustice of the situation.

Although Zhou Hongs strength astounded them, there were still many people that disdained Zhou Hong for breaking his promise repeatedly.

But, the moment that disciple spoke out, a ray of ink sword qi shot towards the disciple, and he exploded into blood mist in the next second.

After seeing this, other disciples pointing out the same thing shut up immediately, and a few even fell to their knees, begging for mercy.

Zhou Hong ignored these disciples begging for mercy on their knees, and he fixed a deathly stare on Huang Xiaolong.

With a jerk of his palm, a long ink-colored sword appeared in his hand.

“Its your honor to die under my Ink Sword!”

Zhou Hong no longer held back his strength, as he even summoned his Ink Sword out.

The crowds heart skipped a beat, seeing Zhou Hong summon out the Ink Sword.

The instant the Ink Sword appeared in view, its immediate airspace turned ink black, with indistinguishable ink sword qi flying around.

“This is the Ink Swords sword boundary!” an expert exclaimed.

Huang Xiaolong, too, was slightly surprised after seeing the Ink Swords sword boundary.

The Ink Sword actually could form a sword boundary.

No wonder, it was called the Ten Swords Creeds guardian artifact.

Even the Immemorial Dao Venerables Immemorial Sword, could not form its own sword boundary.

As he noticed that Huang Xiaolong was staring at the Ink Swords sword boundary, Zhou Hong snickered coldly, “What, are you afraid now Its already too late for you to kneel and beg for your life now.”

He was absolutely determined to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled upon hearing that.

“Kneel and beg for mercy Even if you release one sword with the full strength of your mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, you wont be able to make a scratch on my skin.

If you kneel and beg for your life now, I can save you some face, and let you scram.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Misty Rain Creeds Tan Meiqing was just as dumbfounded.

“That kid is too arrogant.

I cant help but feel an admiration for him from the bottom of my heart! Even a half-step Dao Venerable has died at Zhou Hongs hands, and hes saying that Zhou Hongs full-force attack wont even break his skin! Does he think his dao physique is actually a Dao Venerables cosmos artifact!”

“Though his combat power is amazing, dont forget that Zhou Hong is no longer suppressing his cultivation realm.

It would be shocking if he blocks Zhou Hongs sword once again.

He must be dreaming to think he can make Zhou Hong beg for his life on his knees!”

Some experts couldnt stand Huang Xiaolongs arrogance and started mocking him.

Zhou Hong chuckled coldly in anger, “Very good.

Then, I shall test the strength of your dao physique.

Lets see if my full force attack can break your skin!”

As he spoke, an ink-black light flashed over his body, and an ink-black sword, that resembled the Ink Sword, flew out from his body.

Yet, there was a difference between the two swords.

“Its the sword spirit! Zhou Hong called out his sword spirit! Looks like this kid really infuriated Zhou Hong that hes using his sword spirit!”

All eyes were on Zhou Hongs sword spirit, with their nerves stretched taut in tension.

“When the sword spirit appears, heaven and earth trembles, ghosts and evil cry!”

Zhou Hong even summoned his sword spirit… the Misty Rain Creeds Tan Meiqin faltered a little.

The young man definitely wont be able to take on Zhou Hongs attack.

Should I speak up now to save his life

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