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Chapter 2853: Meeting the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch

“Correct,” Long Jianfei responded.

“My master and your Creed Patriarch are old friends.”

“Old friends” The Blue Lotus Creeds leader and the disciples behind him were surprised.

Only Dao Venerable experts could become friends with their Patriarch!

The group of Blue Lotus Creeds disciples looked at Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng in a dilemma.

Their Patriarch was not someone anyone could meet whenever they wanted to, if he brought these three people to the Patriarch, but ended up being punished instead, then he…!

“Whats going on!”

Right at this time, a voice suddenly broke the silence between the two groups.

It was a group consisting of male and female disciples approaching from a distance.

The one who spoke was a young man who seemed to be the leader of the group.

He had a golden vertical pupil on his forehead.

Because of this third pupil, others did not dare to look directly at the young man for too long, suggesting that there was something special about this young mans third eye.

“Senior Brother Li Zhentong!”

The group of disciples blocking Huang Xiaolongs path hurried forward when they saw this person and greeted respectfully.

The team leader explained swiftly, “This person claimed that his master is our Creed Patriarchs old friend, and he wants to pay a visit to the Patriarch,” and pointed at Long Jianfei.

“Oh!” The young man named Li Zhentong swept a curious glance over Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng.

He could see that these three were peak late-Fourth Resurrection, mid-Fifth Resurrection, and mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, respectively.

“You said that my master and your master are old friends Why havent I seen you before, and who is your master” Li Zhentong looked at Long Jianfei suspiciously.

The Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch had five personal disciples, and Li Zhentong was the last disciple he had accepted.

Hence, Li Zhentong had never seen Long Jianfei.

Long Jianfei was slightly surprised that the young man in front of him was one of the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarchs personal disciples.

So were Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng.

“I am Long Jianfei, an inner disciple of Dragon Fish Creed, my master is the Dragon Fish Creed Mission Halls vice hall master, Chen Xi.

Our masters are old friends.

Hence, Ill have to trouble Junior Brother Li Zhentong to inform your master,” Long Jianfei introduced himself briefly.

“Oh, a Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple!” Li Zhentong exclaimed in surprise, and he took another look at Long Jianfei.

“Do you have anything to prove your identity”

“That…” Long Jianfei hesitated.

When he had registered his identity at the Blue Rainbow branch, he had given his identity token to Li Yuan because the verification process required Long Jianfeis identity token to be handed in to the Foreign Affairs Hall.

Now, after being asked to prove his identity, Long Jianfei had nothing to take out.

Detecting Long Jianfeis hesitation and obvious troubled face, a female disciple standing behind Li Zhentong mocked Long Jianfei, “What Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple I think youre just a fake.

As far as I know, the Dragon Fish Creed Mission Hall does not have a vice hall master with the name Chen Xi.”

Another female disciple nodded her head in agreement.

“What Senior Sister Xu Dong said is right.

I think these few people are liars.

The Dragon Fish Creed Mission Hall has two vice hall masters, one is Liu Ke, and the other is Li Hongmeng, and neither of them is called Chen Xi.”

“He might have ill-intention in wanting to see the Creed Patriarch.” The female disciple called Xu Dong strongly suggested, “Senior Brother Li Zhentong, I think we should detain these three people and question them clearly.

In recent years, demons have been very active in the Dragon Fish Creeds territory, and there are even demons that sneak into various creeds under pretense, and slaughter many innocent disciples.

These three might be spies sent by the demons!”

After listening to the female disciple Xu Dongs words, other Blue Lotus Creeds disciples immediately looked at Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng with hostility.

Although they couldnt determine if the three of them were demons, these Blue Lotus Creeds disciples were more than willing to capture Huang Xiaolongs group first before anything else.

Li Zhentong also looked at Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng with renewed scrutiny.

When they thought about it, demons had used various unpredictable methods to sneak into creeds and sacred lands, killing disciples everywhere, causing an undercurrent of panic, and these three people could very well be demon spies.

Just as Li Zhentong was about to use his third eye to check if there was demonic energy within these three peoples bodies, someone suddenly came from the direction of the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters.

“Whats the matter” The person asked.

“Senior Brother Yang Jia!” Li Zhentong went up to greet when he saw who it was.

Other Blue Lotus Creeds disciples also saluted in a hurry.

“Yang Jia!” Long Jianfei called out in delight when he saw the person who came.

This person was the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarchs eldest disciple, Yang Jia.

“You, are you Long Jianfei!” Yang Jia looked at Long Jianfei in disbelief when he saw him.

Didnt the Dragon Fish Creed announce Long Jianfeis death Moreover, Long Jianfei had been missing for many years that Yang Jia blanked for a moment when he saw Long Jianfei standing in front of him.

Someone that he had accepted as dead had suddenly appeared in front of him, and anyone in his shoes would be suspicious.

Long Jianfei nodded, “Its me.

I got sucked into a space crack, and landed in another holy world, I only returned recently.

Sometime back, I went to submit my identity registration at the Blue Rainbow branch.”

Yang Jia nodded his head after hearing that.

“I have some matter, and want to see Lord Lin Rui, can you…” Long Jianfei asked.

“That, actually, my master is entertaining a guest right now,” Yang Jia answered awkwardly, and then added, “Ill bring you all to the outer hall.

Let me go in to notify my master first.”

“These two are” Yang Jia looked at Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng.

“This is His Highness,” Long Jianfei introduced Huang Xiaolong.

“His Highness!” Yang Jia, Li Zhentong, Xu Dong, and the rest of Blue Lotus Creeds disciples were astonished by Long Jianfeis introduction.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly at Yang Jia.

“This here is Junior Brother Duan Feng, a Divination Creeds inner disciple,” Long Jianfei went on to introduce Duan Feng, and added, “Both Brother Duan Feng and I are currently doing things for His Highness.”

“What Divination Creeds inner disciple!”

The others were once again shocked.

Although the Divination Creed was millions and millions of miles away from the Dragon Fish Creed, it was one of the top creeds in the Divine Tuo Holy World, comparable to the Dragon Fish Creed.

How could they not have heard of the Divination Creed.

Even more bewildering thing was that both Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were Huang Xioalongs subordinates!

Who exactly is thisHighness!

Duan Feng took out his Divination Creed inner disciples identity token and showed it to Yang Jia.

Yang Jia, Li Zhentong, and others who still doubted Duan Fengs identity curbed their suspicions as they could tell the identity token was genuine.

Every creeds identity token was forged with methods unique to respective creeds, and others rarely could imitate it without a flaw.

In the end, Yang Jia, and Li Zhentong brought Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng into the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters.

Xu Dong and other Blue Lotus Creed disciples could only follow silently.

After Yang Jia, and Li Zhentong led Huang Xiaolongs group into the headquarters outer waiting hall, Yang Jia had them wait while he informed his master, the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch.

At this time, inside the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters main hall, the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch was entertaining a guest, and this guest was none other than the Dragon Fish Creeds Enforcement Hall Master, Zhu Hui!

Zhu Hui was also the Yu Familys genius Yu Zhous master.

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