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Chapter 2842: Youre Finally Back!

Despite the traffic at the city gates, there were merely a handful of people.

The entire Dragon City exuded thick despondence, like a candle in the wind, or an old man who had lost all vigor and vitality.

There were no people guarding the Dragon Citys city gates, and not even a single guard could be seen!

The Dragon City didnt look like a city.

It looked more like a dilapidated square that anyone could enter and leave at any given time.

After Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng entered the city on the Qilin Chariot, they saw that the city was just as lifeless on the inside.

There were no guards patrolling the streets at all.

From one end of the streets to the other end, there were only a few shops.

Even so, there were no customers patronizing these shops.

These buildings were covered with thick layers of dust.

Clearly, it had been a long time since anyone had entered inside to buy things that shop owners and staff couldnt be bothered to clean the facade.

Knowing Long Jianfei was anxious to return, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin to increase their speed.

The Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilin sped through the empty streets like a gust of wind, leaving only afterimages of intertwined fiery red and icy blue streaks of lights.

“Whats that!”

“It looked like a chariot!”

“A chariot So fast! Its at least a saint-grade artifact, is there a True Saint Realm lord passing by our Dragon City”

“Impossible, right How could a True Saint big shot dare to come to our Dragon City nowadays!”

As the Qilin Chariot sped away, it alerted several forces leaders within the Dragon City.

Then again, these peoples strength wasnt high, a number of them were only half-True Saints, and the majority of them were Venerables, Sovereigns, and even Emperor Realm.

There wasnt a True Saint amongst these people.

Therefore, these people were unable to judge the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins strength, except for it might be a True Saint Realm beast.

With the Immemorial Ice and Fire Qilins high-speed flight, it didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng to reach the Long Familys main residence in the Dragon City.

At the main entrance of the Long Familys main residence, there was a stone lion statue on the left side.

However, the stone lion statue on the right was missing.

However, there were two guards guarding at the entrance, looking crestfallen as they sat slumped on the ground, with the most common blades hanging on their waists, occasionally yawning without any spirit.

As they saw a chariot suddenly descending in front of them, the two Venerable Realm guards jumped to their feet.

They seemed flustered and nervous as they looked at the chariot warily.

Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng alighted from the Qilin Chariot.

“L-Lords, you, what purpose do you-you have for coming here” the guards asked nervously.

One could only wonder if these guards nervousness was due to their sudden visit or other reasons

Neither Huang Xiaolong nor Duan Feng spoke.

It was Long Jianfei who was looking sadly at the old, mottled gates, and he asked, “Is this the Long Familys main residence”

The facade of the Long Familys main residence was simply too broken down.

The signs of age and damage were glaring to the eyes, and this appearance differed too much from the memories in Long Jianfeis mind.

He even doubted if this was still the Long Familys main residence.

“Yes, this… is the Long Familys main residence,” the two guards stammered as they replied.

“Dragon Emperor Continents clan of the dragon emperor, Long Familys main residence!” Long Jianfei asked again.

He was afraid there was a mistake, and he couldnt help asking again.

Clan of the dragon emperor The two guards were stunned.

They had not expected this question.

In the time of their ancestors, at the peak of the Long Familys glory, they were indeed hailed as the clan of the dragon emperor.

However, no one had called the Long Family by this title for a very long time.

“Several hundred million years ago, our Long Family was indeed titled clan of the dragon emperor, and this is the main residence,” one of the guards hesitated before replying.

Hearing that, Long Jianfei turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then he walked towards the gates with Long Jianfei and Duan Feng.

Seeing this, the two Long Familys guards exchanged startled looks and hurried after the three of them, intending to stop Huang Xiaolongs group from going further.

But to their astonishment, they were blocked some distance away by an invisible energy.

No matter what they did, they couldnt get close to the three people.

This discovery shocked the two guards, and a thought flashed through their heads, True Saint experts!

“Lords, you all” one of the Long Familys guards spoke hurriedly, wanting to ask, but he saw Long Jianfei lightly push his palm forward, and the main entrance gates opened.

Both Long Familys guards were stunned once again.

Although their Long Familys main residence gates had once been bombarded, damaging the array formations on it, it wasnt something a True Saint could easily push open.

Could these three be high-level True Saint experts!

While the two guards were dazed, Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng had already entered the Long Familys main residence.

“What should we do!” one of them muttered anxiously, flustered and at a loss.

“Quickly, hurry up and report the matter to the chief steward!”

The other guard hurriedly took out a communication symbol and reported the matter up.

After stepping into the Long Familys main residence, Huang Xiaolongs eyes swept over the decorative rocks, water sources, and rows of terrace, revealing the residences once glorious era.

However, many of these buildings had shown signs of crumbling, and some places where some decorative items and little mountains were placed were now empty.

Clearly, these items were removed.

Long Jianfeis face sank.

Just as Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng walked further in, suddenly, a group of people came at them from the front.

It was a large group of people, more than a thousand people.

This group of people seemed infuriated and nervous as if they were about to face off against a formidable enemy.

Clearly, the Long Familys experts had gathered in a haste and rushed over after being informed by the guards.

However, when the few people leading the group saw Long Jianfei, the surging anger and tension in the air vanished in an instant.

They stared at Long Jianfei with surprise and doubt, and as the seconds ticked away, a glimmer of light emerged in their eyes, and their eyes soon became misty with tears.

“You, you, you are Dragon Emperor Young Lord!”

The old man at the head of the group suddenly hurried towards Long Jianfei like an arrow, asking in disbelief as his body trembled with excitement.

He had recognized Long Jianfei, but he couldnt believe his eyes.

Their Dragon Emperor Young Lord had been missing for many years.

Someone who was declared dead by the Dragon Fish Creed had suddenly appeared in front of them, and it naturally caught them off guard.

“Yes, youre Uncle Feng, arent you” Long Jianfei too was slightly agitated when he saw the old man whose face was full of wrinkles and a head full of white hair.

The rest of the angry experts were stunned on the spot, and they looked astonished.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief as they stared at Long Jianfei.

Dragon Emperor Young Lord!

Their Long Family once had a young master who was hailed as the Dragon Emperor Young Lord.

Could it be…

“Dragon Emperor Young Lord, its you, its really you! Youre finally back!” The old man called Uncle Feng suddenly fell to his knees in front of Long Jianfei and wailed sorrowfully, or perhaps it was excitement.

“Dragon Emperor Young Lord, its Dragon Emperor Young Lord, its really him!” Other experts who had seen Long Jianfei in the past also shouted excitedly, and fell to their knees, crying, “Youve finally come back!”

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