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Chapter 2830: Could It Be Real!

When they saw how Huang Xiaolong appeared before them, Yan San and the others snapped back to reality.

Their expressions were grim, and two sickles appeared in Yan Sans hands.

The sickles were crimson red, and they were stained with the blood of a holy devil.

As soon as they appeared, the cries of devils could be heard in the air around them.

The skies turned red as if blood was going to drip from the void.

Yu Shengs expression changed drastically when he saw the sickles.

“Is this… Is this the Blood Demon Sickles!”

“What Blood Demon Sickles!” Fang Jing screamed in fright.

The Blood Demon Sickles was the artifact of the Blood Demon Dao Venerable back then!

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the Blood Demon Dao Venerable used to hold the Blood Demon Sickles and summon clouds and rain.

Countless experts had witnessed the power of the sickles, but when the Blood Demon Dao Venerable was killed, the sickles were nowhere to be seen.

Some said that the Dao Venerables death was faked, and that he was sealed by a certain expert, and others claimed that he had managed to escape to the Thunder Light Continent.

As for the Blood Demon Sickles, it had disappeared along with the Blood Demon Dao Venerable.

No one would have expected it to show up in Yan Sans hands after such a long time!

Yu Sheng was almost certain that Yan San was holding the Blood Demon Sickles.

When the Blood Demon Sickles was summoned, countless holy devils would cry out, and the surroundings would turn blood red.

“Huang Xiaolong, die!” Yan San slashed at Huang Xiaolongs waist, and a bloody aura gushed out from the void.

The void around Yan San seemed to tear apart, and the world whimpered in fear.

It was as though the death god himself was crying.

Yu Sheng, Yi Xiaotang, and the others felt their dao souls trembling.

A wave of discomfort filled the hearts of everyone present as the aura of the Blood Demon Sickles suppressed them.

Yan Sans eyes were bloodshot as he was ready to cut Huang Xiaolong down then and there.

He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could stop the Blood Demon Sickles with his physical body.

After all, the Blood Demon Sickles was a grand dao artifact, and not even a First Esteem Dao Venerable would be able to withstand the strike!

There were countless blood demon curses inscribed on the sickles, and they were ancient curses filled with great power.

Even Dao Venerables would be hard-pressed to get rid of them once they were cut.

There was no way in hell a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor like Huang Xiaolong could defend himself against it.

When that happened, his grand dao physique would be exterminated by the blood demon curse!

A second before the sickle could slice into Huang Xiaolong, the sound of metal scraping against each other rang through the skies as a long sword appeared to stop him.

Yan San was startled and so was everyone else.

“Immemorial Sword!”

Yi Xiaotang screamed.

Everyone looked at the longsword in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

The sword was the Immemorial Sword used by the Immemorial Dao Venerable in the past.

Back in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, Huang Xiaolong had managed to injure Xu Jian and the others due to the weapon he wielded.

Yan San was someone who had been through many battles, and he was able to react quickly.

He screamed with rage and the Blood Demon Sickles started to glow crimson.

It turned into a river of blood that wrapped itself around Huang Xiaolong.

With another wave of the sword, Huang Xiaolong sliced the river of blood apart.

Next, he punched out with his left fist.

“Blue Devil Strike!” Yan San shouted out and counterattacked.

The blood qi started to move as devils filled the air.

These devils could wield cosmos energy, and they had the power of a Dao Venerable.

They were surrounded with grand dao laws, and they could wield the blue heaven grand dao energy.


Yu Sheng and Fang Jing were shocked.

They couldnt help but gasp in fright.

Yan San was only a mid First Esteem Dao Venerable, but with the help of the Blood Demon Sickles that had the power of the Blue Heaven Grand Dao, his combat abilities were even stronger than Yi Beihang!


Yan San and Huang Xiaolongs attacks slammed into each other.

A burst of blue and red light came from Huang Xiaolongs fist.

The devils that had appeared in the air shattered in an instant.

“What!” Yu Sheng, Fang Jing, and the rest were shocked.

Yan Sans strongest strike that had used the power of the Blood Devil Sickles along with the Blue Heaven Grand Dao Energy was destroyed by Huang Xiaolongs punch!

Even though the power of absolute frost and flame possessed terrifying power, everything depended on the user.

Huang Xiaolong was a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and he shouldnt be stronger than a Dao Venerable!

Huang Xiaolongs fist didnt stop there.

It continued to fly towards Yan San, and a dark green light emerged from his left hand.

Yan San was sent flying from the attack.

Dark green flames surrounded his body, and it caused him to wail out in pain.

The faces of Yu Sheng, Yi Xiaotang, and the others changed.

“What power is this!” Yu Sheng looked at the dark green light in amazement.

To be able to instantly shatter a Dao Venerables defenses, making someone like Yan San wail in pain, one could tell how extremely painful this attack was! One had to know that every Dao Venerable possessed extremely strong dao souls! No matter how much pain their physical body was in, they wouldnt cry out so painfully!

To be able to cause Yan San to scream in pain, one could only imagine how strong the strike to his soul was!

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong in fright.

“Could it be… The power of rebirth!” Wang Jin exclaimed.

“Power of rebirth” Yi Xiaotang muttered, “But even if its the power of rebirth, its impossible for Master Yan San to scream out like this!”

The power of rebirth was strong, but it wouldnt cause a Dao Venerable like Yan San to suffer in pain.

Wang Jin was also surprised.

“Could it be… The power of nirvana that is part of the thirteen elements!” He Yugui, who had been silent for quite some time, finally spoke.

“What!” Wang Jins expression changed drastically.

As the oldest Dao Venerable in the Blue Heavens Creed, he understood the power of nirvana.

However, he thought that it was just a myth! There was no way someone could wield such power!

Yu Sheng, Fang Jin, Yi Xiaotang, and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong as terror flashed in their eyes.

How could he possibly possess the power of nirvana! That was even more frightening than the fact that he could wield the power of absolute frost and flame!

Three peak-level powers!

An early Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor actually possessed three peak-level powers!

“Senior Brother, do you think….

Do you think its possible that he actually wields cosmos energy” Fang Jing asked all of a sudden.

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