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Chapter 2825: Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor vs.

Four Dao Venerables!

In the past, Huang Xiaolong had entered the Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm in several tens of years from the peak of the late Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm.

His speed was something they couldnt comprehend, but he had managed to push his cultivation realm into the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm in several short years since his reappearance!

This… This… This…

Yi Beihang and the others were shocked down to their bones when they realized Huang Xiaolongs cultivation speed.

No one knew how Huang Xiaolong had managed to raise his cultivation realm so quickly!

If they thought that it was because he had received the Immemorial Dao Venerables inheritance and obtained his immemorial grand dao energy, they were wrong.

He might have entered the Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm if he had absorbed the immemorial grand dao energy, but that didnt explain his advancement to the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

Could it be that he received the inheritance of another Dao Venerable Was the inheritance he received from a high-level Dao Venerable! It is impossible for him to advance so quickly unless he obtained the inheritance of a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

Yi Beihang and the others stared at each other as they hid their guesses in their hearts.

A vice hall master following behind Yi Beihang spoke with an ugly expression.

“Lord Dao Venerable, Huang Xiaolong killed more than sixty disciples of the Enforcement Hall, and he obtained all their dao souls.

Their dao hearts were destroyed by him…”


Everyone screamed in unison.

Even Yu Sheng and those from the Purity Creed yelled in shock.

They were shocked that as a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong had the guts to kill enforcers of the Blue Heaven Creed.

Also, no one understood how someone like him had shattered the protective formation around the Blue Heaven Creed!

“Huang Xiaolong, you worked with the Immemorial Qilins in the past and shattered my disciples grand dao physique! How dare you barge into my Blue Heaven Creed to kill more than sixty enforcers” A chilly light flashed through Yan Sans eyes as he growled in anger, “Do you really think I wouldnt dare to kill you because of your eight high-order Saint Fates”

“Do you think that no one will dare to touch you because of Ancestor Wang Jin!”

Killing intent poured out from Yan Sans body.

“What! Eight high-order Saint Fates” Yu Sheng and those from the Purity Creed stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

The youngster before them actually had eight high-order Saint Fates!

One had to know that even someone hailed as the talent of a generation like Yu Sheng only had seven high-order Saint Fates!

Staring at Yan San with a placid expression, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “I already told you that I wasnt interested in being Wang Jins disciple.

Anyway, your Blue Heaven Creed isnt qualified to accept me as a disciple!”

He wasnt lying.

With his current strength, he could beat every single Dao Venerable into the ground even if they worked together.

There was no point in him accepting the teachings of those who were weaker than himself.

Moreover, only experts at the peak of the Ninth Creation Dao Venerable had the qualifications to take in someone of Huang Xiaolongs status as a disciple.

Ordinary Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable could stand at the side.

How were they qualified to take the son of the God of Creation as their disciple

As soon as the words left his lips, the expressions of those standing against him changed.

It was especially so for Wang Jin.

His expression turned darker than thunderclouds.

As the oldest and strongest Dao Venerable in the Blue Heaven Creed, he was the number one person in the regions controlled by the Blue Heaven Creed! However, a mere Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor publicly admitted that he wasnt qualified to be his teacher!

He couldnt have been more humiliated in his life!

“Great! I, Wang Jin, am not qualified to be the master of a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor!” Chuckling in rage, his beard trembled as his entire body shook.

As the blood rushed up to his face, he turned to Yi Beihang and snapped, “Patriarch, you can deal with him as you please!”

He was planning to accept Huang Xiaolong as his disciple if the youngster had an acceptable bloodline and dao souls in ranking in the top ten ranks.

After being mocked, he was no longer planning to do anything for the kid.

He felt that there was no need to stick his warm face to Huang Xiaolongs cold buttocks for the entire world to make a mockery of him.

As a Second Esteem Dao Venerable, there were no absolutes in the world for him! Even if the other party had eight high-order Saint Fates, another one would appear in due time!

He wanted Huang Xiaolong to see the miserable end he would face without the protection of the strongest Dao Venerable present!

After Yan San heard what Wang Jin said, he couldnt help but feel endless joy blooming in his heart.

As long as Wang Jin didnt interfere, his words were basically of equal weight to Yi Beihang! He could do everything he wanted!

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong with a sinister gaze, he was basically telling Huang Xiaolong that he would suffer a life worse than death.

He couldnt hide the trace of mockery in his eyes.

Angering Wang Jin when he was the only person who could save his life was something only a dumb*ss would do.

Turning to stare at Wang Jin blankly, Yi Beihang nodded slowly.

By turning around, he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Are you going to kill yourself, or are you going to force us to make a move”

He didnt wish to reveal the existence of the immemorial treasury, as the members of the Purity Creed were present.

They could do whatever they wanted to Huang Xiaolong after they imprisoned his dao soul, and there was no need to leak the secret to the whole world.

“You can do it.” Huang Xiaolongs expression remained as casual as ever, and he continued, “Yi Beihang, let me give you a word of advice.

All four of you should come at me together in case you regret your choice.”

An explosion rang out in everyones mind.


He wants all four Dao Venerables to attack him in unison

Or regret your choice

Does he know what he is talking about

Yi Xiaotang, Yu Sheng, and the others felt as though they had heard wrong.

“Say that again” Yi Beihang chuckled.

“You want all four of us to move against you” From the start, Yi Beihang had never intended to dirty his hands by attacking a brat at the Primal Ancestor Realm.

As the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, there was no way he could lower himself to attack a Primal Venerable! Why in the world would all four Dao Venerables attack him together

If word of what happened reached the outside world, they would turn into the laughing stock of the Divine Tuo Holy World!

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong nodded when he looked at the Dao Venerables, who were about to explode from anger.

Seeing the serious look on his face, the anger in their hearts rose a notch.

A look of amusement appeared on Yu Shengs face when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He felt that the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor before him was extremely interesting.

As a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor, he wanted to fight all four Dao Venerables of the Blue Heaven Creed at once! As the young patriarch of a superpower in the Divine Tuo Holy World, he had seen all sorts of geniuses in his time.

Not a single person would dare to challenge four Dao Venerables at once!

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