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Chapter 2817: Nether Spirit Art!

The Saint Devil Prince led those behind him to surround Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, long time no see!” The Saint Devil Prince snickered as he greeted Huang Xiaolongcourteously.

In the years that had passed, he wanted nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong limb from limb after all the humiliation he had felt.

The days that passed felt like years as he waited for the day he could take his revenge!

Now, the man he hated with all the fiber of his being stood right before him.

“It hasnt been too long.” Huang Xiaolong stared at Xu Jian with an expressionless face and continued, “Are you dying to meet me or something”

“Of course! Thats right! Ive never wanted to see someone more in my entire life!” Xu Jian roared in anger.

Over two hundred experts spread out and covered every single direction Huang Xiaolong could possibly escape to.

“Huang Xiaolong, hand the treasury over! The Immemorial Sword, Immemorial Treasury, and the Scarlet Dragon Grand Dao Spiritual Vein belong to me now!”

When he thought about how he had barely missed the spiritual vein, he felt the blood in his body boiling.

He didnt bother suppressing the killing intent in him, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong, the man who had humiliated him and had taken everything away!

“Scarlet Dragon Grand Dao Spiritual Vein” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Thats a shame.

I refined it several years ago! In fact, I refined every single spiritual vein and grand dao pill I could find! Its not possible for me to give them to you.”

The Saint Devil Prince burst out laughing when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“You refined the Scarlet Dragon Grand Dao Spiritual Vein in several dozen years! You even managed to refine all the spiritual vein and grand dao pills in there Do you really think youre a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor or something”

Everyone burst out laughing in response.

It was evident that no one believed his words.

“Seems like youre not planning to hand them over!” Xu Jian sneered.

“Its okay.

I have a ton of ways to make you spill the location of the Immemorial Treasury.

Our Blue Heaven Creed has a special art called the Nether Spirit Art.

Youll tell me everything I want to know the moment I use it on you!”

The Nether Spirit Art was something that belonged to the Blue Heaven Creed, and it was a pretty powerful grand dao art.

Huang Xiaolong had learned about it in the past, and he knew that it was another way to search someones soul.

It was similar to the time he searched the souls of those in the lower world.

Of course, as a grand dao art, it was several million times stronger than the techniques used in the lower worlds, and even Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors wouldnt be able to resist against it.

When one was the victim of the Nether Spirit Art, they would experience a living hell.

After speaking, a mysterious light flashed through Xu Jians eyes.

The light seemed to originate from somewhere outside the world they were in.

It didnt seem to hail from the Divine Tuo Holy World.

When the light emerged from his eyes, the world around Xu Jian turned into a desolate land that resembled hell, separated from the actual world they were in.

Before he could react, the light shot straight into Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Even with three dao souls, Huang Xiaolongs mind trembled slightly from the powerful beam of energy.

Of course, that was the furthest Xu Jian got.

Huang Xiaolongs mind soon returned to normal.


Where is the treasury.

Hand over the Immemorial Sword!” Xu Jian smiled when he saw that Huang Xiaolong was struck by the beam of light.

He nearly jumped in joy if not for the fact that there were over two hundred subordinates looking at them.

He waited for Huang Xiaolongs reply with glee.

A voice soon filled the skies.

“The Immemorial Treasury is hidden in your fathers pants.

If youre capable, go remove his pants and look for them!”

Xu Jian was stunned when he heard the reply.

So where the experts of the Saint Devil Sacred Land.


“How are you fine after taking on the Nether Spirit Art!” Xu Jian roared in anger.

Huang Xiaolong merely chuckled without replying to the question.

With another ray of light shooting out from Xu Jians eyes, the skies changed color as the space around Huang Xiaolong changed once again.

It seemed like he was trapped in a world created specially by the Saint Devil Prince.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Xu Jian like he was a clown in a circus and completely ignored whatever he was doing.

Even though the Nether Spirit Art was effective against Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors, he was someone with three dao souls! Every single one of the three ranked in the top five, and he had the Huang Long Bloodline in him!

A smirk formed on Xu Jians face, but when he noticed Huang Xiaolongs gaze, the rage in his heart reached the extreme when he saw the look of mockery on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Explosions happened all around Huang Xiaolong as rays of light surrounded him.

This time, the light seemed to originate from the depths of a bottomless abyss.

But they couldnt do a thing to him.

Huang Xiaolong stood his ground and stared at Xu Jian.

When Xu Jian had first announced the Nether Spirit Art, Huang Xiaolong had wanted to try it out for himself.

He wanted to feel the strength of the secret art, and he was in no hurry to make his move.

“Your Highness, there seems to be a type of grand dao treasure on him.

Otherwise, he wont be able to resist your secret art.

Let this subordinate take him down for you to question.

Your Highness shouldnt lower your reputation to deal with garbage like him!” One of the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors behind Xu Jian stepped forward all of a sudden and spoke.

With a trace of unease on his face, Xu Jian agreed.


Initially, he wanted Huang Xiaolong to feel a pain worse than death.

He wanted Huang Xiaolong to feel the pain he had felt when he was defeated in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, but he didnt think that the other party would be so resistant to the Nether Spirit Art!

It seemed as though Huang Xiaolong was really using some sort of grand dao artifact to protect himself.

A light flashed through the Saint Devil Princes eyes all of a sudden.

Even if the artifact Huang Xiaolong used wasnt a cosmos artifact, it was close.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to resist the Nether Spirit Art.

By the time the thoughts were done running through his mind, the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor had arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

Before he could make a move, a crisp voice rang through the air, “Hold it right there!”

Xu Jians expression changed the moment he saw the two figures approaching him.

Without hesitation, his palm turned into a claw, and he swiped at Huang Xiaolong.

It was too bad a golden ray of light appeared to block him.

“Saint Devil Prince, did you not hear what I said”

The two newcomers appeared before those present instantly, and Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing stared at Xu Jian.

“Hehe, Senior Sister Xiaotang, youre here! What did you say earlier” Xu Jian didnt dare to act out of line in front of either of the ladies.

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