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Chapter 2804: Blue Heaven Dao Venerable

Regardless of whether it was Huang Xiaolongs eight high-order Saint Fates or the Immemorial Treasury, things were already out of Yi Xiaotangs control.

The Blue Heaven Dao Venerable had to personally arrive to meet the brat they called Huang Xiaolong.

By nodding her head slowly, Yi Xiaotang gnashed her teeth and growled, “When my father arrives, hell be able to snatch the Immemorial Treasury away from that brat! If Huang Xiaolong refuses to join the Blue Heaven Creed, well kill him!”

Aunt Qing opened her mouth to say something, but she eventually swallowed her words.

Ignoring Aunt Qing, Yi Xiaotang turned around to look at the half-dead Xu Jian and sneered, “What a useless piece of trash!”

As the number one genius in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, he was beaten to the brink of death by a Ninth Heaven True Saint! If he wasnt a useless fool, what else would he be…

Of course, there was one thing Yi Xiaotang seemed to have conveniently forgotten when she scoffed at Xu Jians strength.

If not for her cosmos artifact, she would have died by Huang Xiaolongs final strike.

If they had to compare absolute power, she might be an even greater loser than Xu Jian!

No longer hanging around, Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing shot towards the Saint Devil Sacred Land.

The most important thing they had to do was to save the Saint Devil Prince.

As the disciple of Yan San, they couldnt watch him turn into a cripple before their very eyes.

Several days later…

The Saint Devil Heavenly Cave trembled when they heard the rumors that went about.

“What! Xu Jian of the Saint Devil Sacred land discovered the Immemorial Immortal Cave and that brat called Huang Xiaolong snatched it away from him The Saint Devil Prince was even injured by the kid with the Immemorial Grand Formation!”

“Several thousand Primal Ancestors who entered the Immemorial Immortal Cave have disappeared! No one knows where they are now! From what Ive heard, even Fu Daosheng, the strongest expert of the Talisman Heavenly Cave, is said to be trapped in the Immemorial Immortal Cave by Huang Xiaolong!”

“Moreover, someone said that Huang Xiaolong had eight high-order Saint Fates! Every single one of them could be said to be of the highest level! Venerable Aunt Qing of the Blue Heaven Creed and Princess Yi Xiaotang were present when he revealed it!”

“There are tons of treasures in the Immemorial Treasury! The Immemorial Sword and Immemorial Qilins were sighted by the ladies!”

Every single piece of news could cause the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave to tremble, but the combination of all of them shook even the regions around them.

Surprise, envy, jealousy, and even suspicion formed in the minds of many.

When the experts in the surrounding regions obtained the news, they rushed towards the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave with the quickest speed possible.

Regardless of whichever treasure it was, or Huang Xiaolongs eight high-order Saint Fates, the news itself attracted countless experts.

As for Yi Xiaotang, she reported to her father the moment she returned.

Along with Yan San, the master of Xu Jian, she told the both of them everything that had happened in the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

The Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, Yi Beihang, and Grand Hall Master Yan San didnt dare to believe what they just heard.

“Immemorial Sword! Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin! Eight high-order Saint Fates!” Yi Beihangs eyes widened in shock.

“Are you sure Huang Xiaolong has eight high-order Saint Fates!”

He refused to believe that a tiny region like the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave could nurture someone with eight high-order Saint Fates! Not to mention the fact that Huang Xiaolong came from a weak little sacred land he had barely even heard of.

Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing nodded their heads with a solemn expression.

“Big rother, Huang Xiaolong really has eight high-order Saint Fates! I even verified it with our Blue Heaven Clairvoyance!” Aunt Qing said.

As it turned out, Aunt Qing and Yi Beihang were siblings who shared a different surnames.

However, Yan San sneered at the side, “Even so, one cant say that he has outstanding talent.

His holy soul might not even rank in the top ten! Even after learning that Xu Jian was my disciple, he dared to move against him! He deserves to die! Since my disciple discovered the Immemorial Immortal Cave, it belongs to our Blue Heaven Creed! How dare a random ant snatch it from under our eyes! Hes committing a crime that warrants the death of his entire faction!”

“Venerable, we cant allow Huang Xiaolong to live!”

After Yan San spoke his piece, another expert who was listening at the side spoke up, “Brother Yan San is correct.

We cannot allow him to live just because of his eight high-order Saint Fates.

Our Blue Heaven Creed controls several hundred regions.

No one can go against us.

How dare a disciple of a tiny sacred land harm our disciple”

Yi Beihang stared at the person who spoke and asked, “Eminent Elder Wang Jin, what do you think”

Yi Beihang might have been the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, but Wang Jin was the strongest expert in the creed.

He was an early-Second Esteem Dao Venerable, and Yi Beihang had to consult him before making a decision.

“He has to hand over the treasury.

However, if Huang Xiaolong really is someone with unparalleled talent, I wish to take him in as my disciple.”

Yan San frowned when he heard what Wang Jin said.

“Huang Xiaolong harmed a core disciple of our creed! Accepting him as a disciple doesnt seem appropriate…”

“What do you mean by that” Wang Jin glanced at Yan San from the corner of his eye and snapped, “If Huang Xiaolong is really talented, our Blue Heaven Creed will benefit greatly if he joins us!”

He was naturally aware of what Yan San wanted to do.

However, Yi Xiaotang, who was sitting at the side quietly, spoke up all of a sudden, “Father, you cant be serious! Huang Xiaolong almost killed me, your precious daughter with a single sword strike when I was escaping! You cant let him off without allowing me to punish him!”

Yi Beihang chuckled softly when he heard her, “Arent you hopping about just fine Stop it.

When Huang Xiaolong joins us, Ill make him offer his sincere apologies to you.”

Yi Xiaotang pouted her lips and turned her face away from her father.

“Oh right,” Aunt Qing interrupted all of a sudden.

“I cant shake the feeling that Huang Xiaolong is guarding a huge secret.

He managed to refine the sword in a single day and control the Immemorial Grand Formation.

If he hides in the Immemorial Immortal Cave and enters some secluded region, it wont be easy to find him!”

The four Dao Venerables looked at each other before breaking out into laughter.

Yan San was the first to speak, “Even a half-step Dao Venerable wont be able to fully control the Immemorial Immortal Cave! With his strength, he wouldnt be able to move it by an inch no matter how hard he tries! Only Dao Venerables possess the ability to drive it through the air.”

“The most he will be able to do is move away one or two dao artifacts.” Yi Beihang laughed.

Every single grand dao artifact was protected by the creators restrictions.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to gain control over them, it wouldnt be easy.

If the Dao Venerables in the hall really wanted to rush over, all they would take were two short days.

Of course, they didnt dally around as Yi Beihang and Wang Jin decided to make the journey.

Two days later, they arrived at the spot Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing pointed out.

“We should be here…” Yi Beihang frowned.

No matter how he looked around, he couldnt find the slightest trace of the Immemorial Immortal Cave!

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