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Chapter 280: Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch

When the green-robed old man, Fan Encheng, saw Lifei, his face tightened as panic set it.

He could handle Jie Dong and Liu Chong both at the same time, adding another Lifei however, he would lose for sure.

Taking desperate action, Fan Encheng made a sneak attack, punching out both fists, aiming at Jie Dong and Liu Chong.

Fists pierced the air, the force multiplied like waves hitting the sand.

Alerted, Jie Dong and Liu Chong whirled around and hastened to jump back in order to avoid Fan Encheng’s attack.

Once Jie Dong and Liu Chong moved away, a path opened up.

Seeing this, Fen Encheng seized the opportunity, sprinting past the two them at lightning speed.

In an instant, Fan Encheng was a hundred meters out of reach.

Jie Dong and Liu Chong were anxious to not let Fan Encheng escape, not bothering to greet Lifei, both flew forward to block Fan Encheng.

But just as they wanted to move, they saw a figure had blocked Fan Encheng’s path; that person punched and a blast exploded, sending Fan Encheng crashing to the ground.

That person was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

On this Fan Encheng was a section of an ancient God Tribe expert’s map, of course Huang Xiaolong would not allow him to flee.

Huang Xiaolong joining the fray startled Jie Dong, Liu Chong, as well as Fan Encheng himself, looking warily at this unfamiliar person.

After blocking Fan Encheng from running away, Huang Xiaolong did not make another move, nor said a word.

All noise ceased awkwardly in the valley.

Roughly a minute later, Jie Dong broke the silence, “Second Junior Apprentice- Sister, this brother is Where is Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother, isn’t he with you” Jie Dong asked looking at Lifei.

Liu Chong too looked inquisitively at Lifei while she chose to be silent, eyes seeking Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Jie Dong and Liu Chong, admitting frankly, “Your Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother was already killed by me; as for who am I, you will come to know later.”

Three peopleㅡJie Dong, Liu Chong, and Fan Encheng were dumbfounded at Huang Xiaolong disparaging confession.

Jie Dong and Liu Chong paled slightly.

“Second Junior Apprentice-Sister, is what he said true!” Jie Dong roared at Lifei: “He killed Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother!”

Anger rose speedily in Liu Chong’s face.

Lifei looked at both Jie Dong and Liu Chong, affirming and nodding: “Yes.”

Jie Dong’s face warped with anger and shock.

“Lifei, you actually dared to betray Ghost Shadow Sect, colluding with outsiders to harm own sect disciples!” Jie Dong glared at Lifei with chilling eyes that seemed to look at a dead person.

This young man had killed their Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother Zhou Cheng, but Lifei came here with him, this was unforgivable!! Liu Chong too glowered at Lifei, killing intent growing thicker by the second.

Fan Encheng at the side has been keeping quiet, most of all, he did not expect things would turn out this way; Lifei betraying Ghost Shadow Sect, conspiring with this black haired-young man in front of him to kill her Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother.

Fan Encheng was secretly overjoyed, if things progressed in this manner, when these four people start fighting, he could sneak away quietly.

“Lifei, if you admit your mistakes and repent now, aid me and Third Junior-Apprentice Brother to kill this person and capture Fan Encheng as atonement, I will plead Master to have mercy on you.

Master dotes on you the most, he definitely will forgive you and overlook the death punishment.” Jie Dong spoke again.

Liu Chong was stunned at first, but he quickly understood Jie Dong’s underlying meaning, thus tried to convince Lifei, “That’s right Second Senior-Apprentice Sister, you can be forgiven if you turn back now.”

Huang Xiaolong watched in silence, but he was inwardly shaking his head at these two people.

However, the whistling sound of the wind heading in their direction broke the tension.

Everyone turned around to look, the person coming at them had amazing speed, leaving a trail of flames behind him.

Seeing this person’s arrival, Jie Dong and Liu Chong revealed a happy expression, whereas Fan Encheng and Lifei paled a little.

“It’s Qin Yang!” Lifei shifted beside Huang Xiaolong with a sway, hurrying to inform Huang Xiaolong the person’s identity.

Qin Yang, Ghost Shadow Sect’s Patriarch! An early-Xiantian Eighth Order expert!

At this point, someone leaped upㅡFan Encheng.

Seeing that even the Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch arrived, fluster and anxiousness all mixed up and he tried to flee again.

But just as he did so, from the distance, a purple halberd twirled across the night sky akin to a shooting star appearing above the valley, targeting Fan Encheng.

Alarmed, Fan Encheng swung out the sword in his hand, creating a curtain of swords to block the purple halberd’s trajectory.

A series of metal clashing sounds reverberated in the air, the large impact pushed Fan Encheng back to the ground once more.

As Fan Encheng tumbled to the ground, a figure floated down gracefullyㅡa tall-built, robust middle-aged man with stubble facial hair and sharp chiseled cheeks, exuding an invisible momentum that whelmed others.

This was none other than Ghost Shadow Sect’s Patriarch, Qin Yang.

Fan Encheng had an ugly expression on his face seeing Qin Yang.

Jie Dong and Liu Chong hurried over to their Master’s side, saluting, “Disciple greets Master!”

Uncertainty flickered across Lifei’s face watching this.

Qin Yang nodded at his two disciples, Jie Dong and Liu Chong, kneeling down in salute, “Stand up.” His eyes became sharp as sabers as he stared at Lifei hiding behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Master, Second Junior Apprentice-Sister has betrayed the sect, colluding with this person in killing Sixth Junior Apprentice Brother!” Jie Dong stepped behind Qin Yang, reporting respectfully.

“She admitted with her own lips earlier.”

A burst of cold light flitted in Qin Yang’s eyes hearing this, glowering sternly at Lifei, “Is what Jie Dong said true!” Although he knew his eldest disciple dared not lie to him, Qin Yang could not believe that his second disciple, Lifei, would betray Ghost Shadow Sect, betray him.

Lifei stood behind Huang Xiaolong, keeping mum.

Watching her demeanor, flames blazed on Qin Yang’s body, dancing wildly as a trace of murder shone in his eyes.

But the fire was cold, frigid, filling the entire valley; Lifei not answering showed that it was acquiescence in silence!

Lifei was the disciple he favored the most, the one with the highest talent, he never imagined it would be the same disciple he had doted on so much the one who betrayed him.

Rage became the fuel to his killing intent.

“Die!” Qin Yang hissed the word, his tone icy.

The instant the word sounded, Qin Yang already attacked with his palm.

Lifei was petrified watching a giant hand imprint shrouded in flames growing bigger in her vision.

However, when the flaming palm was mere meters in front of Lifei, the world lit up in an aureate light from thousands of Buddha statues, rainbow-like prism Buddha luminescence shone over the whole valley, colliding with the flaming palm.


A resounding explosion rang out in the valley.

The flaming palm shattered and dissipated due to the impact.

This result astounded everyone, eyes snapped towards Huang Xiaolongㅡhe was the one who blocked Qin Yang’s attack.

Qin Yang finally turned his attention to Huang Xiaolong, there was surprise in his eyes as if he didn’t expect a young looking man could block his attack.

The move he executed was what made him famous, his renowned skill, Heart of Flame Palmㅡa high-grade Earth rank battle skill.

“This warrior, your strength is not bad,” Qin Yang gave a praise as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, hardly concealed the sharp look in his eyes, “But you killed my sixth disciple, thus this valley shall be your burial place!”

This young man might have blocked his attack, but Qin Yang only used half of his strength in that palm, which made Qin Yang assured that Huang Xiaolong was no match for him.

“Really” Huang Xiaolong cared not for Qin Yang’s words.

Qin Yang ordered Jie Dong and Liu Chong, “The two of you, take care of Fan Encheng, don’t let him escape.

Wait till I deal with this kid and this traitor, I will come and assist you in capturing Fan Encheng!”

“Yes, Master!” Jie Dong and Liu Chong replied respectfully in unison.

Silhouettes flickered into blurred images as both of them lunged at Fan Encheng.

Qin Yang slowly approached Huang Xiaolong and Lifei.


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