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Chapter 2787: Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin!

There wasnt a single expert weaker than a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor who wanted to capture the chariot!

Some of them were in the early-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, and their strength ranged all the way up to the peak of the late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong wasnt shocked by their presence.

He was stunned when he saw the Qilin Chariot, though!

“Is this the Immemorial Qilin!” Huang Xiaolongs pupils constricted as he muttered to himself.

Since the creation of the Huang Long World, a group of creatures with exceptionally strong bloodlines were born along with the world.

The Immemorial Qilin was part of that group, and it was the ancestor of all the qilins in the multitude of worlds.

One of them was icy blue, and the other was blazing red.

They were a pair of extremely rarely seen Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin!

One of them was male, and the other was female.

They were born at the same time, and they had absolute control over fire and ice.

The two of them had formed their third horn on their foreheads since time immemorial, and the tiny little horn protruding from the space between their eyebrows separated their appearances from other qilins.

Of course, the color of their horns was the same as their bodies.

With their cultivation realm already at the peak of the late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, they were ready to enter the Dao Venerable Realm as long as they were given enough time.

Of course, the chariot they were pulling along was no ordinary chariot.

Several super grand dao formations were carved on it, and grand dao energy swirled around the chariot when it thundered through the skies.

There was no doubt the Qilin Chariot was the Immemorial Dao Venerables vehicle of choice.

In the past, the Immemorial Dao Venerable had managed to run into the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins, and he had subdued them after using a lot of effort.

After collecting an insane amount of precious treasures, he had managed to craft the chariot.

The chariot itself was a Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact, but it was something created with the grand dao energy of a Dao Venerable.

With the addition of the two Immemorial Qilins, one could only imagine the speed at which it moved.

As Huang Xiaolong observed the formations around the chariot, the ice attributed Immemorial Qilin raised its head to the skies and released a piercing shriek.

Turning around, they opened their mouths to release two beams of light.

It was clear that the pursuit of the various Primal Ancestors had angered the two qilins.

With no time to react, the Primal Ancestors in hot pursuit were either turned into ice sculptures or burned to ash.

There was a peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert among them who was turned to dust by the fire beam.

His dao soul escaped in a hurry.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned when he realized the strength the Immemorial Qilins possessed.

He might have already expected for them to possess an extreme affinity for the fire and ice attribute, but witnessing it for himself was an entirely different story.

Even peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors failed to hold out for a second when faced with their attacks.

Of course, there were experts trailing further behind, who managed to escape by the skins of their teeth.

They were shocked when they saw how their companions were killed, and the blood drained from their faces as they trembled in fear.

They were initially confident of taking down the Qilin Chariot, seeing as there were so many of them around.

However, it seemed as though the strength of the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin had exceeded their expectations.

The previous strike should be comparable to a First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm expert…

The only way for the physical bodies of so many peak-level Primal Ancestors to be destroyed was if a Dao Venerable moved against them personally!

Luckily for them, the two qilins didnt bother attacking the remaining six as they continued to take their leave.

Sucking in a cold breath of air, the six survivors felt the back of their clothes drenched in cold sweat.

They stared at each other and wondered if they should continue their pursuit.

After all, the scene where the fire and ice beams had destroyed the bodies of their companions was still fresh in their minds.

“Look at that!” someone screamed all of a sudden.

As they turned around to look, they saw a late-Ninth Heaven True Saint flying towards the Qilin Chariot.

A lone soldier blocked the path of the formidable beasts.

“How did someone like him enter the Immemorial Immortal Cave” someone asked.

“Does he have a type of treasure that allows him to avoid all restrictions Whatever the case, hes tired of living if he thinks that he can stop the Qilin Chariot…” Another expert sneered.

“The Immemorial Fire Qilins flame is not to be trifled with… Hehehe, His holy soul will probably be burnt to nothingness as soon as it makes its move.” A snicker came from the side.

Amidst their laughter, the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin opened their mouths to send out beams of energy towards Huang Xiaolong.

Turning serious, Huang Xiaolong punched out with both fists, unwilling to take the unnecessary risk of injury.

Golden rays of light emerged from his fists, and they quickly turned into golden dragons that swarmed towards the fire and ice beams.


A heaven-shattering explosion rang through the skies, and it reverberated through the lands.

Terrifying waves of energy swept through their surroundings, and the six survivors failed to keep their footing as they were thrown about by the turbulent waves.

When they finally managed to stabilize themselves, they saw the True Saint Realm expert standing his ground, completely unharmed.

Their eyes widened in shock, and they couldnt believe what they were seeing.

“How… How is this possible!”

Even peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors couldnt take on the attack of a single Immemorial Qilin! However, a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint managed to do exactly that! No… He managed to take on the attacks of both qilins without suffering so much as a scratch!

A trace of uncertainty flashed in Huang Xiaolongs heart when he looked at the two qilins.

If they were ordinary qilins at the peak of the late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, he would definitely be able to subdue them.

However, these were Immemorial Qilins! They were existences comparable to First Esteem Dao Venerables!

Even with all his might, he had only managed to hold off their attack.

Moreover, he could see that they hadnt gone all out.

Of course, giving up without trying was something Huang Xiaolong was reluctant to do.

After all, whether it was the qilins or the chariot, they would be extremely useful to him.

The only problem was the way to subdue them…

A flash of insight seemed to solve his problems as he quickly recalled that the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins were the same as Skylet.

They were born along with the creations of the heavens and earth, and the two of them might get convinced to join him as long as he revealed his Huang Long Bloodline!

Without thinking further, Huang Xiaolong activated the bloodline of the God of Creation, and he used the aura to envelop the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins.


The two beasts who were about to rampage felt the presence of the Huang Long Bloodline and the bloodlust in them dissipated instantly.

They stared at Huang Xiaolong with a look of reverence and they slowly trod over to him.

Lowering their heads, they kneeled to show their subservience.

The scene stunned the six Primal Ancestor Realm survivors and a thought flashed through their minds.

What the f*ck!

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