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Chapter 2781: Scare

The experts from the various sacred lands, and Aunt Qing were all shocked when they felt the pressure of a Primal Ancestor coming from Huang Xiaolong.

The Primal Ancestors could condense grand dao energy because they had a grand dao physique, dao soul, and the dao heart! There was no way a True Saint could possess grand dao energy! No matter how talented a True Saint was, they would never be able to congeal grand dao energy!

That was because a True Saint could never possess a grand dao physique, dao soul, or dao heart!

Too bad for them, the man standing before them, Huang Xiaolong, possessed all of those attributes!

Yi Xiaotangs eyes widened in surprise.

As the daughter of the Blue Heaven Creeds master, she had seen tons of geniuses from various ancient powers and sacred lands.

This was the first time a True Saint wielded the power of a Primal Ancestor in front of her!

“This… This has to be an illusion…” The formation expert, Bao Qisheng, yelled in surprise.

Everyone snapped back to attention when they heard his yells.

“Hahaha! Its just a false alarm! It felt so real! Who would have thought that it was nothing more than an illusion” One of the Primal Ancestors in the crowd heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hahaha! I must be going crazy! How can I believe that a True Saint can wield the power of a Primal Ancestor”

“Youre not the only one! We nearly believed it too! His formation is pretty formidable.” Another Primal Ancestor sighed.

“He wouldnt dare to act all high and mighty if he wasnt confident in his art of formations.

In the formation world of a god of formation, everything is real! He can control anything he wants!” A sacred lands patriarch among them sighed.

“I felt like their powers were exaggerated, but now that I have witnessed it for myself, it seems like everything is real.”

When Yi Xiaotang heard what the others said, she gasped in surprise, “Fake”

Aunt Qing nodded slowly.

“Ive never seen anyone in the True Saint Realm using grand dao energy in my years of cultivation.

It has to be fake.

Even someone at the level of your father had never seen anything like it.

Theres no way his power is real.”

As a frown formed on her face, Yi Xiaotang felt that something was off.

Her gaze flashed towards Huang Xiaolong and question marks appeared in her head.

The grand dao energy he was emitting was definitely real!

Ignoring the fact that Huang Xiaolong wasnt even backed by a formations master, even if he was, there was no way he could scam his way into wielding grand dao energy!

Whatever the case, no one knew how to explain the fact that Huang Xiaolong was using grand dao energy.

There was a special rule that stated that everything in the world had to follow the grand dao law.

True Saints would wield holy energy, while Primal Ancestors would be able to use grand dao energy.

The most perverse geniuses in the True Saint Realm might be able to burst forth with extraordinary power and challenge those in the low-level Primal Ancestor Realm, but there was no way they would be able to use grand dao energy!

As for experts at the True Saint Realm who could challenge Primal Ancestors, not a single person like that had appeared in the Blue Heaven Creed.

She had never heard of anyone who could do anything like that.

She felt that even the strongest True Saint in the entirety of the Divine Tuo Holy World would be unable to utilize grand dao energy.

With her eyes fixed on Huang Xiaolong, Yi Xiaotang continued to ponder over the grand dao energy fluctuating around Huang Xiaolong.

Before more questions could appear in her mind, the thousand phantoms behind him waved their arms simultaneously.

Just a single palm scattered the attacks of Chen Sen, Mo Fei, Xu Zheng, and the other experts of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land.

The horrifying attacks that were sent towards Huang Xiaolong scattered in an instant.


Everyones expression changed.

Yi Xiaotang jumped in fright, and Aunt Qing didnt dare to believe her eyes.

The number of True Saints who would dare to take on the attacks of the hundreds of experts could be counted on one hand, but the man standing in the skies before them blasted their attacks away with a wave of his arm!

“What type of grand dao art is this!” Yi Xiaotang gasped in shock.

“I have no idea! Looking at his strength, it should be the Limitless Grand Dao Art!” Aunt Qing revealed a shocked expression and replied.

The techniques created by Primal Ancestors and Dao Venerables were considered grand dao arts.

Because of their understanding of the grand dao laws, the techniques created by them would differ in levels.

The Limitless Grand Dao Art was one of the strongest grand dao arts in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Ordinarily, only Dao Venerables would be able to create grand dao arts of this level.

“His strength is too terrifying!” Yi Xiaotang exclaimed.

“Do you think the aura around him is real”

“Even someone, unleashing the Limitless Grand Dao Art wouldnt possess such a terrifying aura! They wouldnt be able to withstand the attacks of so many Primal Ancestors either!” Aunt Qing shook her head.

“Huang Xiaolong is definitely using the strength of the formation world.

Otherwise, he will never be able to use such power… Whatever the case, hes pretty strong.”

While they were speaking, Huang Xiaolong had already made his way over to Chen Sen and the others.

A look of terror could be seen on their faces when Huang Xiaolong approached.

“Patriarch, we should leave this place immediately!”

“As long as we leave the uninhabited land, he wouldnt be able to borrow the power of his formation! He would be nothing more than an ant before us!”

Mo Feis voice rang in Chen Sens mind all of a sudden.

According to him, Huang Xiaolongs formation world would cover the land he was in.

But as long as they left the area, he wouldnt be able to exhibit such strength.

After receiving Mo Feis reminder, Chen Sen nodded his head and roared, “Everyone from the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land, listen to me! We shall leave the uninhabited land immediately!”


Despite their initial confusion, most of them guessed Chen Sens intentions.

With a shake of their bodies, the experts from the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land tried to escape.

“Are you finally trying to escape now” Huang Xiaolong sneered as he appeared before Chen Sen and Mo Fei.

A punch flew towards their faces.

With a massive explosion, they were sent flying into the ground.

“Patriarch!” The experts of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land screamed when they saw Chen Sens fate.

In the short span that they turned around to scream, Huang Xiaolongs body had already flashed through the battlefield several times.

Everytime he appeared, he would send someone into the ground with a single palm strike.



“Bang!” As loud blasts resounded through the air, the ground trembled unceasingly.

“Kill him!” The experts of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land roared as someone took the lead, “Join hands and deploy the Nine Revolutions Killing Formation!”

It was too bad he was sent smashing into the ground when the words left his lips.

As the heavens shook, golden blood rained down on the lands as miserable shrieks pierced through the air.

A low-level Primal Ancestor was smashed into bits by Huang Xiaolong, and several mid-level ones died too.

With a cold gaze in his eyes, Huang Xiaolongs arms didnt stop moving.

As the spectators all around saw the fate of those from the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land, the blood drained from their faces as they retreated subconsciously.

The faces of Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing turned pale as fear gripped their hearts.

It wasnt their first time seeing such a bloody scene, and they had witnessed worse.

However, this was the first time they were seeing a True Saint massacring Primal Ancestors.

When Yi Xiaotang looked at the frosty light flashing through Huang Xiaolongs eyes, she felt that he was more terrifying than the god of death himself.

It didnt take too long for the screaming to stop.

After all, there were only so many people.

Huang Xiaolong was the only one left standing in the skies, and over four hundred experts of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land were either sent into the ground or smashed into bits.

The golden rain formed from their blood filled the skies.

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