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Chapter 2775: It Must Be An Illusion

“Our Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands disciple witnessed it with his own eyes!” Chen Sen asked solemnly.

He couldnt believe what he heard was real.

A Ninth Heaven True Saint destroyed forty-plus Primal Ancestors dao physiques

What type of a bad joke is this! Even if His Highness the Saint Devil Prince were a hundred times more talented than he is now, it would be an impossible feat even for him!

“Not really,” Mo Fei shook his head.

“Our own disciples were not at the scene at that time, but they said that there were several thousand experts hiding in the vicinity, and all of them saw what happened.

All of them said the same thing.”

An uncertain light flickered across Chen Sens eyes upon hearing that, “Could that person have arranged an illusion array in that area early on, causing those experts to fall into an illusion”

“My thoughts are exactly the same as Patriarchs, and I think so too,” Mo Fei said as he nodded in agreement.

He added after a brief pause, “However, even though it was possibly an illusion array, I have tried many times to contact the young lord, Cheng Feng, and others to no avail, and this could be related to Huang Xiaolong!”

Chen Sens eyes were cold, “Where is this Huang Xiaolong now Which sacred land does he belong to”

Mo Fei quickly answered, “Huang Xiaolong is Cangqiong Old Mans personal disciple and they come from Cangqiong Sacred Land.

The Cangqiong Sacred Land was founded several hundred years ago, and Cangqiong Old Mans strength is merely at early Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

Apart from him, there were several Primal Ancestor Realm worshiped experts.

In other words, Cangqiong Old Man can be counted as Cangqiong Sacred Lands only one true Primal Ancestor expert!”

Chen Sen was slightly dumbfounded by the information.

“Only one Primal Ancestor Merely a sacred land founded for several hundred years”

He had initially thought that Huang Xiaolong was someone with a great background, whod have thought he was merely a dust particle, even more insignificant than an ant.

“Yes, there is only one Primal Ancestor, Cangqiong Old Man.

The strange thing is that there are rumors flying around that Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, and Chufan Sacred Land sent sixty-eight Primal Ancestors and more than four thousand True Saint experts to attack Cangqiong Sacred Land, but the three sacred lands armies were annihilated by Cangqiong Sacred Land instead!”

Mo Fei went on with a strange expression on his face, “Rumors also pointed that Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifan were captured, and they are currently being detained by Cangqiong Sacred Land.

I wonder if this is true If its true, then Cangqiong Sacred Land is not as simple as it seems on the surface.”

Due to the limited time, and the great distance between Nine Revolutions Sacred Land and Cangqiong Sacred Land, he could only find out so much, and there were many points left to be verified.

Chen Sen was caught off guard for a second, and then laughed, “Its a sacred land that has only been around for several hundred years.

How could they possibly have the ability to annihilate Tang Longs, Han Mos, and Chu Yifans great armies Do you believe in this kind of story”

Mo Fei nodded as he honestly didnt believe this kind of rumor.

“However, Patriarch, what if, I mean, there is one in a million chance that Cangqiong Sacred Land really did defeat the three sacred lands armies!” as an afterthought, Mo Fei asked.

Chen Sens voice sank, “Even if thats true, Huang Xiaolong had the guts to injure my son.

Hes courting death, and so is Cangqiong Sacred Land!”

A startling momentum burst out from his body.

As one of the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top thirty sacred lands, Nine Revolutions Sacred Land had more than five hundred Primal Ancestor Realm experts!

And the number of True Saints of Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands were not less than eighty thousand!

Based on Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands strength, only a force like the Saint Devil Sacred Land could truly deter Chen Sen.

“Gather the branches Primal Ancestors and have them return at double speed!” Chen Sens gaze turned icy as he continued with the order, “Also, use our full manpower to locate Huang Xiaolong!”

“If Huang Xiaolong hides and does not surface, then we will annihilate Cangqiong Sacred Land first, and force him to appear!”


Roughly two weeks later, in the air above a certain sacred land, bright lights glimmered as several figures appeared from the void.

This group was exactly Huang Xiaolongs group of four that had fled from the Saint Devil City.

“That was so dangerous!” As they rushed out from the void, Cangqiong Old Man heaved in relief.

In the last ten days, Qian Haishans group was hot on their heels, and only now had they managed to lose Qian Haishans group of Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors.

Yet Huang Xiaolong didnt appear ruffled at all.

He wasnt afraid of Qian Haishan.

However, he did not want to exchange blows with him at this point.

If he utilized his three dao souls, twelve high-order Saint Fates, inextinguishable dao heart, and Huang Long Bloodlines power to fight Qian Haishan, he could fight Qian Haishan to a draw.

However, the several Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors with Qian Haishan were a problem for him.

“Xiaolong, should we return to Cangqiong Sacred Land now” Cangqiong Old Man turned and asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head after some thought and explained, “I wont return for the time being.

Master, the three of you return first.”

Nine Revolutions Sacred Land was looking for him everywhere, so he decided not to return temporarily.

He wasnt afraid of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land, but he didnt want to turn Cangqiong Sacred Land into a battlefield.

Cangqiong Sacred Land had just been rebuilt not long ago, and Huang Xiaolong did not want to see it being reduced to rubbles a second time.

Hence he planned to stay in this uninhabited sacred land and wait for Nine Revolutions Sacred Land to find him there.

“Youre not going back” Cangqiong Old Man had not expected that.

A moment later, he understood Huang Xiaolongs thoughts and immediately tried to dissuade his disciple, “No, Xiaolong, thats too risky.

Lets go back to Cangqiong Sacred Land together!”

“Thats right, Young Lord! If things come to worse, Ill show my Divination Creeds inner disciple identity token,” Duan Feng also persuaded.

As long as he showed his Divination Creeds inner disciple identity token, Nine Revolutions Sacred Land wouldnt dare to harm Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was adamant, “Its not necessary.”

Although it would deter Nine Revolutions Sacred Land if Duan Feng revealed his Divination Creed inner disciple identity, they would be targeted by the Saint Devil Sacred Land instead.

“Dont worry about me.

Nine Revolutions Sacred Land cant harm me unless a Dao Venerable comes!” Seeing as Cangqiong Old Man, Duan Feng, and the others wanted to start another round of persuasion, Huang Xiaolong stressed, “You all go back first!”

Since Huang Xiaolong was firm about his decision, Cangqiong Old Man and the others could only make their way back to Cangqiong Sacred Land without him.

However, before they left, Huang Xiaolong told them to spread the word about his current location, so that Nine Revolutions Sacred Land would come there to find him.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently sat cross-legged in the air above the uninhabited sacred land as he waited for Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands people to come.


“Huang Xiaolong has appeared, and hes currently hiding somewhere in the Silver Yarn Sacred Lands barren land!”

“Its said Nine Revolutions Sacred Land has got the news, and Patriarch Chen Sen is personally leading more than four hundred of the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Primal Ancestors, and they are hurrying there now!”

“Was the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land Young Lord Chen Hongs body destroyed by Huang Xiaolong Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong is only an early Ninth Heaven True Saint!”

“How could you believe this level of joke Do you think thats possible An early Ninth Heaven True Saint destroying a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors dao physique Not just in the entire Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, but such a freak doesnt exist even in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World, dont you agree It must have been an illusion!”

When the news spread, various sacred lands experts were tempted to move, and many of them still couldnt believe the rumors going around about the battle in front of the Saint Devil City.

All of them were certain that it must have been an illusion.

Even though many people did not believe it, a lot of experts hurried to Huang Xiaolongs location when they heard the news.

They wanted to see if there was something special about this Ninth Heaven True Saint called Huang Xiaolong.

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