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Chapter 2768: Nine Revolutions Sacred Land

After learning they could participate in the auction four days later by paying a certain amount of fees, Huang Xiaolong let go of his worry.

The next thing he needed to do was to prepare enough Tuoshen coins.

Most auction houses priced items based on Tuoshen coins, and Tuoshen coin was the general currency used throughout the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Although there were many treasures inside the three sacred lands treasuries Huang Xiaolong had collected, there werent many Tuoshen coins, thus Huang Xiaolongs group went around inquiring about the exchange of Tuoshen coins, and headed there.

The exchange was located in the central area of the underground black market.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolongs group reached the exchange, but Huang Xiaolong hadnt expected the exchanges crowded situation.

Various sacred lands experts were actually causing a bottleneck at the exchange lobby.

“This, so many people!” Cangqiong Old Man was genuinely taken aback.

There were more people than one would see at an auction.

With the sea of people packed inside a considerably small lobby, there were probably twenty thousand people there…

Chen Qi explained, “Young Lord, and Alliance Chief might not know, but at normal times, there are many people who come to the exchange to trade or exchange Tuoshen coins, and with the auction around the corner, its certainly more crowded than normal.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“This is the first time the few of you have come to the Saint Devil Citys exchange, right” A young man from one of the sacred lands beside Huang Xiaolongs group interjected sarcastically.

“Your group is also here to change Tuoshen coins because of the auction! The Saint Devil Citys is the only exchange that exchanges Tuoshen Holy coins and each transaction is set at minimum one million Tuoshen Holy coins.

Have you brought enough spiritual veins and spiritual pills”

The Divine Tuo Holy Worlds Tuoshen coins were divided into several forms, the lowest value was the Tuoshen Copper coins, then Tuoshen Silver coins, Tuoshen Gold coins, Tuoshen Spirit coins, Tuoshen Holy coins, and the highest was the Tuoshen Dao coins!

However, the majority of auction houses conducted their transactions in Tuoshen Holy coins.

Of course, the bigger exchanges only kept and traded in holy coins.

Listening to the young mans unwarranted sarcasm and his gaze that obviously said he was looking at several hillbillies, Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly, “Whether we have enough spiritual veins and holy pills is not your business.

Did you bring enough spiritual veins and spiritual pills” Huang Xiaolong even reciprocated the young manshillbilly gaze.

It seemed like the young man had not expected Huang Xiaolong totalk back to him, and use that kind of look to look at him, which made him feel insulted and outraged.

Huang Xiaolong stopped wasting time with the young man, and walked away with Cangqiong Old Man, Duan Feng, and Chen Qi.

“Send people to check who are those hillbillies!” The young man stared coldly at Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure, “Find out which sacred land he belongs to!”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The subordinate behind the young man respectfully complied.

After leaving, Chen Qi informed Huang Xiaolong, “Young Lord, that young man is the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands young lord, called Chen Hong.

I have seen him once at an auction.”

“Oh, Nine Revolutions Sacred Land” Huang Xiaolong showed interest.

Chen Qi elaborated, “Though Nine Revolutions Sacred Land isnt one of the top ten sacred lands, its overall strength isnt too far behind, and it is sufficient to rank within the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top thirty forces.

Chen Hong is highly talented, and even though his reputation cannot compare to the Saint Devil Prince, he is famous.

The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands patriarch is a peak late-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and threw the matter out of his mind.

Merely one of the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top thirty sacred lands.

Having incorporated the Spirit Devil Alliance, the Cangqiong Alliances current strength was enough to annihilate Nine Revolutions Sacred Land without much effort.”

At this time, Huang Xiaolongs brows furrowed as he browsed the Tuoshen Holy coins exchange rate list through the counter.

“Young Lord, I have this Saint Dao Banks VIP card, let me look for it,” Duan Feng said, seeing this.

The Saint Dao Bank was one of the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds big banks, and they had a branch in each of the major heavenly caves.

As a disciple of Divination Creed, Duan Feng had once gotten a VIP card from the Divine Creeds Saint Dao Bank branch.

But that was long ago and Duan Feng had just thought of it now.

Duan Feng looked through his spatial ring and moments later, he took out a golden purple VIP card.

This golden purple card had the imprint of a person with grand dao law energy rippling within.

This was the Saint Dao Banks VIP card.

Every bank and every commercial chambers VIP card had their own unique method of imprinting certain grand dao law in order to prevent forgery.

With Duan Fengs VIP card, the subsequent process was smoother.

With the card in hand, Duan Feng found a staff-disciple at the lobby.

The disciple respectfully led Huang Xiaolongs group into a private room.

The private room was lavishly decorated, and Huang Xiaolongs group was served with spirit tea, as well as one-on-one service, forming a drastic difference with the crowded, noisy environment outside, and it was like two different worlds.

After the four of them were seated, a supervisor immediately came to serve them, asking respectfully what transaction they wanted to perform.

Huang Xiaolong took out a spatial ring and gave it to the supervisor, letting the supervisor appraise the value within, and change everything into Tuoshen Holy coins.

The supervisor was quite blase about it, but when he peeked into the spatial ring, his heart nearly jumped out in fright.

Apart from mountains of holy spiritual stones, there were a dozen holy spiritual veins and several hundred pieces of precious items.

In general, exchanging one hundred million was considered a huge amount for Saint Dao Bank, yet just the holy spiritual stones inside the spatial ring Huang Xiaolong had given, along with a dozen holy spiritual veins, and precious items, the value was beyond one billion!

A moment later, the supervisors shock receded, and he courteously had Huang Xiaolong wait for a moment while he went out and had the banks four appraisers to determine the value of Huang Xiaolongs items.

With Huang Xiaolongs consent, these items were valued at a little over 1.212 billion Tuoshen Holy coins.

While Huang Xiaolongs group was exchanging Tuoshen Holy coins, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Young Lord Chen Hong was listening to his subordinates investigation report.

“Young Lord, Ive got the results.

That youngster is called Huang Xiaolong, and he is the direct disciple of Cangqiong Old Man from the small Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Cangqiong Sacred Land has been established for several hundred years, and Cangqiong Old Man is a peak early Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor.” The subordinate hesitated slightly before continuing, “But in recent months, there is a rumor going around, saying Cangqiong Sacred Land has swallowed Tang Dragon, Freezing Desert, Chufan, and Ice Blue Sacred lands, but I dont know if it is true.”

“Oh,” Chen Hong was a little surprised, “Cangqiong Sacred Land has their own experts or other forces backing them”

Although Tang Dragon Sacred Land, and Freezing Desert Sacred Land were small sacred lands, he had heard of them.

“Thats hard to say.” The subordinate shook his head, “It remains to be verified at the moment.” He then persuaded Chen Hong, “Young Lord, why dont we forget about it”

Chen Hong sneered, “Forget about it Even if this Cangqiong Sacred Land really swallowed the other four sacred lands, there would only be a dozen or so Primal Ancestors.

How strong could a several hundred years old sacred land be Coincidentally, our Nine Revolutions Sacred Land is planning to expand towards Tang Dragon Sacred Land!” A cruel glint flickered across his eyes as he went on, “A small sacred lands disciple actually dared to mock me!”

“Pay attention to his whereabouts.

They should be here for the auction, and they would definitely leave the city after the auction ends.

Report to me immediately once they step out of the city!”

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