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Chapter 2749: Another Devil Holy Prince

Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and others standing closest to Chen Birui fainted from the forceful impact of the explosion.

Probably, even if their biological parents stood in front of them, none of them would recognize their parents.

The shockwaves from the explosion of a late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor experts death were quite frightening and comparable to a grenade exploding next to a mortal.

Many Primal Ancestors from the three sacred lands were sent flying by the shockwaves, and the Primal Ancestors that were too slow to dodge suffered ghastly wounds and broken limbs.

Blood-curdling screams cut across the air for a second.

Even high-level Primal Ancestors like Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifan staggered from the burst of shockwaves, as they diminished their usual majestic postures.

Far away, those wanting to pick up a good bargain and spectate a good show like All-Heavens Sacred Land Patriarch Zhu Xu, gasped in shock, “What!”

All of them were stupefied by the abrupt turn of the situation.

Zhu Xus disciple, Ren Yifei, accidentally bit his tongue in shock, nearly chomping it in half.

Ouch! A sharp pain stimulated her nerves that she would remember for her lifetime.

Huang Xiaolong grabbed Chen Biruis dao soul that was going to flee and brought it up in front of him.

As he squeezed the light ball of Chen Biruis dao soul, the dao souls terrified face did not move Huang Xiaolong at all.

“Ive been keeping your dog life until today so that I can clean up the three sacred lands and you together and save me the trouble from taking action twice!”

“I am not interested in spending twice the effort to deal with rubbish like you!” Huang Xiaolongs voice reverberated above the Cangqiong City, clearly and loudly, reaching every corner of the city.

Along with Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifan, he wanted the experts from other sacred lands, who had come to spectate and pick their bargains, and the cowardly Cangqiong Sacred Lands flustered and panicked disciples to hear his words clearly!

He wanted everyone to hear clearly and know that existences like Chen Birui were equivalent to clowns and wastrels in his eyes!

When Huang Xiaolongs voice drummed into everyones ears, they looked dazedly at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief, feeling incredible, shaken, and astounded.

Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifan were just as shaken.

Even they couldnt burst a late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors physique like Chen Birui with one punch

When they couldnt have even cracked Chen Biruis body with a punch, Huang Xiaolong had directly burst him up!

Damn, a mere Ninth Heaven True Saint actually burst Chen Biruis physique with one punch!

Is Huang Xiaolong stronger than us A Ninth Heaven True Saint is stronger than us, Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors!

No! They were jarred to the core, but adamant to deny the truth.

We wont believe it.

Li Fuyang, who was ecstatic moments ago, was knocked into the air, and he crashed into the ground.

When he got up, he ignored the blood flowing out from his orifices and stared fixedly at his masters dao soul in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

He trembled from head to toe, watching this sight blankly.

He was frightened, foolish!

“They arent acting, right” Watching from the far distance, Ren Yifei muttered dumbly.

Patriarch Zhu Xu had to give him a kick in the butt for uttering nonsense.

Acting Even if acting did not go this far, who would really sacrifice their dao physique to put on an act Even if this was acting, it was a real life act, where Huang Xiaolong had exploded Chen Biruis physique with one punch.

While Chen Biruis terrified dao soul was pleading for mercy, Huang Xiaolong directly threw him into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

He planned to suppress all the souls he had collected, for now.

He wanted to refine them one-by-one after breaking into Primal Ancestor Realm.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the remaining five of Cangqiong Sacred Lands worshiped experts.

“Now, its the five of you.

Do you prefer me to take action, or will you come plead for death on your own”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was indifferent and condescending, filled with killing intent and disregard for these people.

Before, these worshiped experts would have definitely blown themselves up in rage to punish Huang Xiaolong, but now, they were retreating fearfully, and the horror in their eyes was so clear.

The five retreated until they entered the midst of the three sacred lands armies, as if this was the only way they could find some sense of security.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, seeing this.

“Do all of you still think that the three sacred lands would be able to save your lives Their endings will be the same as yours.”

Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifans faces turned ugly at those words.

“Punk, enough of your motherf*cking farts here!” One of the Tang Dragon Sacred Lands ancestors anger got the better of him, and he lashed out at Huang Xiaolong.

“I dont believe that a b*stard like you can burst my body up!” With a long spear in his hand, he thrust its spear head at Huang Xiaolongs chest as volatile killing intent surged around him.

This ancestor was one of the more capable generals amongst Tang Longs subordinates.

He was an early-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert, utterly loyal to Tang Long.

If Tang Long ordered him to fart, he definitely wouldnt pee.

Everyone watching was flabbergasted.

No one had expected this subordinate of Tang Longs to take initiative to jump out and curse at Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Xueru and the disciples who had returned from Ice Blue Sacred Land were looking at the Tang Dragon Sacred Lands ancestor with pity.

At Ice Blue Sacred Land, despite being a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert, Zeng Changwang had exploded with one punch from Huang Xiaolong.

They could already see the ending of this ancestor, cursing at Huang Xiaolong.

As expected, Huang Xiaolong punched out, and his fist force shook the Cangqiong Sacred Land.


Huang Xiaolongs fist force landed on the long spear.

In the next second, the ancestors precious and treasured long spear broke into several pieces, and Huang Xiaolongs fist force continued onward, striking the ancestor.

Everyone saw the Tang Dragon Sacred Lands early Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm ancestor exploding just like Chen Birui before their very own eyes.

However, this times explosion was stronger and more terrifying than Chen Biruis.

Terrifying grand dao energy and spiritual energy swept out, rampaging at everything in the four directions.

The three sacred lands experts tried to dodge in a panic.

As these people tried to dodge in panic, Huang Xiaolong pinched the ancestors dao soul between his fingers amidst the hollers and looked at it coldly.

“Since you motherf*cker dont believe it, Ill destroy you.”

Coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong needed to kill a few Fifth Resurrection and Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestors to deter the four sides.

Though everyone was shocked when Huang Xiaolong burst Chen Birui with one punch, many of them were still suspicious.

Now, as they watched that the Tang Dragon Sacred Lands Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestors dao soul was pinched between Huang Xiaolongs fingers, their faces ashened and the fear in their hearts was amplified by several fold.

“This, this is crazy.

Is he another Devil Holy Prince” one of the sacred lands spectating patriarchs exclaimed.

“No! Even the Devil Holy Prince is not such a freak!” another sacred lands patriarch retorted, and his voice quivered slightly.

The Devil Holy Prince was hailed as the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves most talented genius, even so, that person was not such a monster!

When this sentence came out from that sacred lands patriarchs mouth, others sucked in a breath of cold air.

Suddenly, a chill ran down their hearts.

Was Cangqiong Sacred Lands temperature lower than other places

“Master, I know whats their trump card you mentioned earlier.” Ren Yifei climbed up from the ground, panting, as he said to his master, Zhu Xu.

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