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Chapter 2747: Protect Cangqiong City With Our Lives

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong also noticed Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, the other four worshiped experts along with their personal disciples, including Li Fuyang, sneakily approaching the Cangqiong Sacred Lands grand formation core.

Duan Feng also discovered Chen Biruis groups sneaky actions.

“Young Lord, do you want me to take action” Duan Feng asked with sharp eyes.

“Theres no need.

Let them open the grand formation at the right time, so the three armies could be lured inside,” Huang Xiaolong answered calmly.

This suited his intention just right.

He would let Chen Biruis group to open the grand formation and allow the three sacred lands armies in because if he were to deliberately leave a hole for them to enter, Tang Long and the others could get suspicious instead.

He planned to close the grand formation after Tang Long and the rest entered, so they could give the enemies a good beating behind closed doors.

Duan Feng immediately understood Huang Xiaolongs intention and complied respectfully.

“Xiaolong, the three sacred lands armies have arrived!” At this time, Cangqiong Old Man said as he rushed over from the distance, “Theyre already at the sacred lands border!”

Although Mo Zhi, Duan Feng and the others had repeatedly reassured Cangqiong Old Man of Huang Xiaolongs strength, which was comparable to an Eight Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert, Cangqiong Old Man still lacked confidence.

Behind Cangqiong Old Man were Wang Xueru, a group of Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples, and experts, amounting to about fifty to sixty people at a glance.

All of them were True Saint Realm experts.

In the entire Cangqiong Sacred Land, these people were all of Cangqiong Sacred Lands True Saint Realm experts and above.

In the Divine Tuo World, a sacred land with fifty to sixty usable True Saint experts was laughable in many peoples eyes.

Originally, Cangqiong Sacred Land had more True Saint experts.

However, at this point, they had either fled, or joined Chen Biruis camp.

Even though there were several hundred thousand half-True Saint and Sovereign Realm disciples, their combat power was too weak in this matter.

Hence, Cangqiong Old Man did not permit them to join the battle.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the dozens of people, including Wang Xueru.

These True Saints were definitely loyal to Cangqiong Old Man or they wouldnt have stayed behind to guard Cangqiong Sacred Land with their lives.

“I know.” Huang Xiaolong nodded at Cangqiong Old Man, giving him a reassured look, and then said to Wang Xueru and the rest, “After weve annihilated the three sacred lands armies, each of you will receive one hundred holy pills, and the treasures within the three sacred lands treasures.

Each of you can choose one item.”

Wang Xueru and the group of disciples, who had participated in the Convent of Winds and Clouds on the Thunder Fire Sacred Peak, were roaring to battle.

“We thank Senior Brother!”

“Thank you, Young Lord!”

One hundred holy pills, regardless of the grade, was a huge reward.

Not to mention, each of them could choose one item they liked from the three sacred lands treasuries!

Like the Tang Dragon Sacred Land itself, the treasures within its treasury were definitely amazing.

Wang Xueru and these disciples had witnessed Huang Xiaolong burst He Ba and Cheng Changwangs bodies with one punch.

Those scenes had given birth to blind faith and reverence towards Huang Xiaolong in their hearts.

Other True Saints reactions were not as excited as Wang Xueru and those disciples.

However, they respectfully thanked Huang Xiaolong.

Whereas, Cangqiong Old Man smiled wryly after a moment of surprise.

The three sacred lands armies were pressing at them from the border, and everyone in Cangqiong Sacred Land was panicking, but his disciple, Huang Xiaolong, actually wanted to annihilate the three sacred lands armies.

To top it all, he had already started distributing the three sacred lands treasuries.

Right at this time, a glaring light soared to the sky, and then the grand formation barrier that encompassed Cangqiong Sacred Land swayed and disappeared in the next second.

Cangqiong Old Man froze momentarily, and then his expression turned ugly as he asked, “Chen Biruis group did this!”

Obviously, Chen Biruis group had opened a wide path through the grand formation, allowing the armies to enter.

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly, but did nothing to stop it.

He waited patiently for the three sacred lands armies to arrive.

On the other hand, after opening a path through the grand formation, Chen Biruis group was overjoyed.

Chen Birui went out to welcome three sacred lands patriarchs together with their personal disciples, as well as Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples and experts who had joined their group.

The moment an opening appeared through the grand formations barrier, the three sacred lands armies flooded into the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

“Patriarch of Tang Dragon Sacred Land!” Chen Birui enthusiastically greeted Tang Long with a brilliant smile from afar.

“Ive been waiting for you for a long time.”

Tang Long smiled and nodded his head after seeing that it was Chen Birui.

“Ive made Younger Brother Chen wait, but dont worry.

After dealing with Cangqiong Old Man, you will be the new patriarch of Cangqiong Sacred Land!”

This was not only his intention, but also Han Mo and Chu Yifans idea.

Chen Birui smiled brightly, hearing that.

“Thank you, Patriarch Tang Long! Shall I lead you to Cangqiong Sacred Lands treasury!”

“There is no rush.” Tang Long laughed.

“Lets head over to Cangqiong City first!”

With a wave of his hand, he led the three armies straight to the Cangqiong City.

Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, and the others followed behind Tang Long.

“Are Cangqiong Old Man and Huang Xiaolong in Cangqiong City” Tang Long asked.

Chen Birui responded good-naturedly, “Yes, both are in the Cangqiong City.

Cangqiong Old Man said that the Cangqiong Sacred Land is his blood and soul, and he would guard the Cangqiong City with his life.

No matter how much Huang Xiaolong persuaded him to leave, it was useless, and Huang Xiaolong too stayed behind.

In the last few days, Huang Xiaolong and his Primal Ancestor guards have been strengthening the grand formation day in day out.”

“Huang Xiaolong is really so naive as to think that by strengthening the grand formation, they would be able to protect Cangqiong City!” Chen Biruis voice was filled with contempt as he mocked Huang Xiaolongs naivety, foolishness, and ignorance towards his own strength.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong had deliberately released the information that Cangqiong Old Man was going to protect the Cangqiong City, and his group was strengthening the grand formation.

All of these were to reduce Tang Long and the others vigilance.

Patriarch of Freezing Desert Sacred Land, Han Mo, sneered, “How strong can a grand formation be that was strengthened in just a few days Will it be strong enough to withstand our attacks Does Huang Xiaolong think hes a Dao Venerable expert”

Everyone laughed loudly.

Chu Yifan chuckled, “Wait till Brother Tang Long and Brother Han Mo punch a hole through their strengthened formation.

Huang Xiaolong will then realize that his so-called strengthened formation is no different than egg shells.”

The laughter grew louder.

A short distance behind them were the three sacred lands experts.

All-Heavens Sacred Land Patriarch Zhu Xu, and his disciple Ren Yifei were surprised when they heard that Cangqiong Old Man and Huang Xiaolong were prepared to guard Cangqiong City.

“Cangqiong Old Man is so persistent that he wants to guard the Cangqiong City.” Ren Yifei shook his head.

“If he chooses to run, Tang Long, Han Mo, and the others wouldnt be able to harm him, would they”

Zhu Xu explained, “Perhaps he is a persistent person, and also foolish.

This kind of people die faster.” There was confusion in his eyes as he went on, “However, is Cangqiong Old Man really more willing to die than leave Cangqiong City”

He felt that this kind of sentiment was ludicrous.

Ren Yifei snickered, “But this is reality.

Does master think that Cangqiong Sacred Land still has trump cards”

Zhu Xu solemnly went on, “There should be some trump cards.

Even so, they wont be enough to fend off the three sacred lands armies.”

As Tang Long and the others joked merrily, the experts waiting to spectate outside shook their heads.

Nine out of ten guessed that the Cangqiong City was going to turn into ruins only to become history.

From afar, Tang Longs group saw Huang Xiaolong, Cangqiong Old Man, and the others who were standing straight in the air above Cangqiong City.

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