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Chapter 2719: This is Huang Xiaolongs Head

A single strike from Huang Xiaolong forced the three of them back.

However, he didnt plan to stop as his figure blurred and appeared before Liu Wuji.

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he glared at the man who had destroyed his Blue Dragon Mansion.

Raising the Cangqiong Blade in his hands, it slashed down towards Liu Wujis neck without the slightest hesitation.

The blade light that emerged shocked everyone present.

“Junior Brother!” Chi Dao and He Yi screamed in unison as the expressions on their faces changed.

However, it was too late.

They couldnt make it in time to save Liu Wuji.

“Huang…” A terrified expression filled Liu Wujis face.

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, Huang Xiaolongs Cangqiong Blade had already slashed through his neck.

The sound of flesh tearing entered the ears of Qiao Jinyang and the others.

As a fountain of blood sprayed into the skies, Liu Wujis head was separated from his body and his body turned stiff in an instant.

Everyone couldnt believe their eyes when they saw what happened to that once almighty expert who could kill them with a wave of his finger.

They stared at the blood-red mist that was lingering in the air in disbelief.

That head…

Qiao Jinyang and the others were dumbfounded and they felt that they were in a dream.

The head of Liu Wuji was drifting away from them, but they felt as though they could see every single pore on his face as the image sharpened itself in their minds.

Tyrant Chu and the others were equally as shocked.

It had been an extremely long time since the Holy World was formed.

Even though there were Primal Ancestors who came to blows occasionally, it would end with heavy injuries without any casualties.

No one had heard of any Primal Ancestors who had their head cut off by their opponent.

It was even more unheard of for a high-level Primal Ancestor to be decapitated…

Of course, that was because there was only the Cangqiong Old Man as the only high-level Primal Ancestor in the Holy World in the past.

In the distance, Cao Nan was rushing over with the three ladies in tow, and he saw a head flying in his direction.

He couldnt help but come to a halt.

However, he burst into laughter the next moment.

“Hahaha! Is this Huang Xiaolongs head It seems like I came a little too late.

Who would have thought that Lord Liu Wuji would have already chopped Huang Xiaolongs head off What a shame I missed such an amazing scene…”

A trace of pity flashed in his heart.

“Lord Cao Nan, this… This doesnt look like Huang Xiaolong,” one of the experts from the Devil Palace exclaimed all of a sudden.

Frowning in confusion, Cao Nan turned to stare at the head.

“Bullsh*t! Thats definitely someones head flying at us! Who else can it be” However, his expression froze and his eyes widened in shock.

The facial features of the head seemed to resemble…

He didnt dare to believe what he was looking at.

“This… This… Lord Liu Wuji!” one of the experts behind him stuttered.

Cao Nan felt as though a bomb had gone off in his head as his mind blanked.

As for the ladies who were feeling extremely heartbroken when they had heard everything Cao Nan had said previously, they felt as though the flames of hope in their hearts were reignited.

It was especially so for Lin Xiaoying as she stared at the head flying towards them.

Even though they had never seen the man Cao Nan addressed asLiu Wuji, they instinctively knew that the head belonged to thelegendary character.

From what the members of the Devil Palace said, the head belonged to Liu Wuji!

When the group of experts from the Devil Palace were still stuck in a daze, a figure tore through the skies towards them.

Grand dao law fluctuated wildly and surged in their direction.

When Cao Nan saw the approaching figure, his body started to tremble in fear.

As for Lin Xiaoying and the other two, a joyous light flashed in their eyes when they saw the figure approaching them.

Tears burst out from Lin Xiaoyings eyes, and she yelled in excitement, “Xiaolong!”

The man she thought of day and night was still alive! Huang Xiaolong was still alive!

Since everything happened in an instant, Huang Xiaolong continued his assault after decapitating Liu Wuji.

Everyone watched on as the Flying Heaven Spear in his hand shot out and pierced through Liu Wujis head through his left eye.

With a disgusting squelch, it emerged from the back of his skull.

The sound resounded through the minds of Cao Nan and the others.

When Cao Nan thought about how no one who had returned was Liu Wujis opponent, Huang Xiaolong solved all the doubts in his mind.

With Liu Wujis head stuck on the tip of the spear, Huang Xiaolong sped towards Cao Nan.

Upon seeing the bloodthirst in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, the experts of the Devil Palace were terrified.

There were even some who wet their pants on the spot.

The scene where Huang Xiaolong had impaled Liu Wujis head with the Flying Heaven Spear was seen by everyone, and the sound of water trickling could be heard behind Qiao Jinyang and the others.

“Huang Xiaolong, release my junior brother this instant!” Chi Daos enraged cry rang through the skies as he charged towards Huang Xiaolong with a blade in hand.

A spear appeared in He Yis palm as he sent it piercing towards Huang Xiaolongs head with an anguished roar.

The attacks of the two high-level Primal Ancestors seemed to possess the ability to tear through the heavens as they unleashed everything they had.

Having anticipated their actions, Huang Xiaolong casually drew an arc through the skies with the Cangqiong Blade as he twisted his body around.

Blade light filled the skies as grand dao energy surged.

His grand dao laws seemed to fuse with the space around him as he stopped their advance.

At the same time, the Flying Heaven Spear shot towards Cao Nan with Liu Wujis head pinned on it.

Without any time to react, the Flying Heaven Spear stabbed through the space between Cao Nans eyebrows.

Staring at the head of Liu Wuji in front of him, Cao Nan revealed an expression of disbelief.


Drawing another arc through the skies with the Cangqiong Blade, Cao Nans head was separated from his body like the Lord Liu Wuji he was so reverent to.

The experts of the Devil Palace felt the blood draining from their faces when they witnessed Cao Nans sorry end.

“Huang Xiaolong, die!” Chi Dao, who had retreated slightly after Huang Xiaolongs previous strike, rushed towards him once again.

By twisting his body slightly, Huang Xiaolong sent the three ladies towards Xue Lingyun, who was located quite a distance from the battlefield, before using the Flying Heaven Spear to greet Chi Daos strike.


He Yi was a little slower as his spear only arrived several moments later.

An hour passed and everyone saw the sheer amount of destruction the battle caused.

After staring at the shattered continents around them, they stared at the stars in the skies that were blown to bits as their throats ran dry.

That was the outcome after Huang Xiaolong battled with the other two high-level Primal Ancestors.

As they raised their heads slowly, Huang Xiaolongs figure started to get bigger as he flew towards them with the Flying Heaven Spear in his hand.

There were four heads skewered on it, and they belonged the three high-level Primal Ancestors and Cao Nan.

When Qiao Jinyang and Gu Tian saw that Huang Xiaolong was the one who returned after the vicious battle, their expressions turned ashen.

Before he could come any closer, Qiao Jinyang fell to his knees.

Gu Tian and the others saw the kneeling palace master and their minds went blank.

Was he still the palace master who stood high above the others in the Devil Palace

“Lord Huang, I was wrong!” A miserable scream left his trembling lips.

He was wrong!

His words rang through the skies and slammed into the ears of those who submitted to Chi Dao.

“You were wrong” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Do you really think that you can save yourself and dismiss the evils committed by the members of your Devil Palace with a single sentence”

Even if Chi Dao and the others hadnt appeared, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have forgiven the Devil Palace.

Qiao Jinyang had to die either way, and the matter with Chi Dao and the others only increased their sins in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

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