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Chapter 2701: Dont Tell Me Theyre All Primal Ancestors!


Everyone watching the farce was shocked at the outcome.

That included the other disciples of the Ghost Tuo Race, and the woman who had screamed for Huang Xiaolong to release her.

Since the Yin Borer King was holding a celebration, guests from all over the lands had arrived at the Yin Borer Domain to attend the ceremony.

Countless number of experts and high-level True Saints were present at the scene.

When the young man from the Ghost Tuo Race made his move, everyone noticed that he was an existence at the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm.

They were expecting him to crush the human who was holding onto the girl, but they didnt expect for him to be sent flying by the humans subordinate!

After they finally returned to their senses, they turned to look at Teng Xiao who was standing behind Huang Xiaolong as though nothing had happened.

Since he was the weakest out of all the Primal Ancestors present, he was standing at the corner from the group.

Only people like Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, and Long Shengtian had the ability to walk beside Huang Xiaolong.

“Is he at the peak of the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

“What! Peak of the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm!” The crowd started to clamor.

The unassuming subordinate of the young man on the street was an expert no weaker than Primal Ancestors!

“No wonder he dares to make his move in broad daylight,” someone whispered.

The human standing before them seemed to be some guy with a strong backing!

However, the other members of the Ghost Tuo Race stared at Teng Xiao with a terrified expression on their faces.

“You… Are you a Primal Ancestor!” someone stuttered.

Those high-level True Saints in the crowd knew that the young man who had tried to attack Huang Xiaolong previously was also a high-level True Saint, but they had no idea he was at the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm.

His combat prowess was known by those of the Ghost Tuo Race, and he was an invincible existence under the Primal Ancestor Realm!

If Teng Xiao was really at the peak of the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm, he would never be able to heavily injure You Wubi no matter how strong he was!

You Wubi, their senior brother, was extremely talented.

He was the direct disciple of the guardian of the Ghost Tuo Race, and he could take on anyone under the Primal Ancestor Realm with no problems! The only way the other party could send him flying away with a single slap was if…

Even though the person who spoke tried to keep his volume as low as possible, his voice was like a sledgehammer that slammed into the hearts of those present.

The rowdy atmosphere died in an instant as silence descended upon the lands.

A group of raspy crows flew above them in the skies.

“Caw… Caw…”

They widened their eyes as they started to take a step back.

It was no wonder the human dared to make a move on the lady in the streets.

Those who had screamed and shouted at Huang Xiaolong initially, didnt know which corner to hide in.

Primal Ancestor.

The unassuming guard standing at the outermost circle of the group is a Primal Ancestor!

They stared at Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, Long Shengtian, Zi Dongping, and the others.

It cant be…

“Dont tell me… Dont tell me they are all Primal Ancestors!” someone stuttered incoherently.

However, he was met with death stares from everyone around him.

His joke wasnt funny at all, much less in the situation they were in.

His friend beside him couldnt help but punch him in the head when he heard what he said.

There are a total of eighteen people on the other side, with seventeen guards around the human.

How is it possible for all of them to be Primal Ancestors!

Of course, no one believed that it was possible.

However, if there was one thing they believed in, they believed that Huang Xiaolong was certainly someone of extraordinary status.

A nobody wouldnt be able to bring a Primal Ancestor Realm bodyguard around.

The young man from the Ghost Tuo Race, who was sent flying previously, finally crawled to his feet as he glared at Huang Xiaolong and Teng Xiao.

“Who the f*ck are you!”

Even though he was surprised that the person who had moved against him was a Primal Ancestor, he was the disciple of the guardian of the race! Confident in his own abilities and his masters status in the race, he wouldnt be intimidated because the other party had a weak Primal Ancestor among them.

“Youre not qualified to know about me.

Alright, you can get lost now.” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

Even though the other party was a disciple of the Ghost Tuo Race and was a pretty prominent figure in the race, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt hesitate to order Teng Xiao to finish him off.

After all, he was the one who had told Teng Xiao to let the man from the Ghost Tuo Race off with a light push.

“You!” You Wubi glared at Huang Xiaolong as he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Senior Brother Wubi!”

“Do you…” someone from the Ghost Tuo Race whispered.

It was clear that he was asking them to leave the freak who had dared to injure their senior brother alone.

“Fine! Well take our leave!” You Wubi suppressed the rage boiling in his heart and glared at Huang Xiaolong before he left.

“Well see each other again at the feast… I hope youre here to attend the Yin Borer Kings celebrations…”

“Oh, well meet again,” Huang Xiaolong spoke casually.

If the Ghost Tuo Race, or the youngster called You Wubi didnt know what was good for them, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt mind exterminating their entire race.

After seeing how the members of the Ghost Tuo Race were retreating, the experts standing in the crowd looked at each other and no longer dared to scream at Huang Xiaolong.

The boldest ones retreated a fair distance away while the others completely disappeared from Huang Xiaolongs sights.

Huang Xiaolong finally turned to stare at the woman he was holding and those who came with her.

“Dont even think of running away.

You can start talking right now.

Who sent you If you refuse to cooperate with us, I wouldnt mind making your lives a little more difficult.

When you experience a living hell, Im sure youll be willing to talk.”

The expressions on those who had come to poison Huang Xiaolong changed drastically.

If Teng Xiao hadnt moved against You Wubi previously, none of them would have cared about what Huang Xiaolong said.

However, everything was different now that his identity as a Primal Ancestor was revealed.

“We… We have no idea who passed down the orders.

A masked man came to look for us today, and he passed me a bottle of poison.

He requested for us to poison you, but we had no idea what the bottle contained,” the woman tried to explain herself.

“We didnt know what type of poison he gave us!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

There was no way he would believe lies like that.

With a thought, he searched through the womans thoughts, and he saw whatever he needed to know.

It was true that a masked man had looked for her and passed her the bottle of poison.

However, she was lying when she said that she didnt know what poison he had given her.

Every single person there knew that the White Fog Nightmare was the strongest poison under the heavens, and they knew that Huang Xiaolong was a must-kill target.

Waving his arm, he smashed her into bits, and the expression on her companions face changed.

Before they could fly away, rays of light emerged from Long Jianfeis body.

As the light pierced through the bodies of those trying to escape, all of them froze for a second before their bodies disintegrated.

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