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Chapter 2685: Yuan Qianxing’s Plot


“The Otherworldly Mansion has a Tree of Grand Dao! Six dao fruits were born from it!”

“What! Tree of Grand Dao! Six fruits!”

The news shook the Alien Lands the moment it spread.

Primal Ancestors of the royal families were alerted when the news of the tree started to spread.

Even the old monsters, who had remained in hiding for the past billions of years, started to move.

Dao fruit!

The entire world could no longer sit still.

Ordinary Primal Ancestors didn’t even need to be mentioned when even the high-level Primal Ancestor started to move.

Countless experts from the royal families and hidden experts in the Alien Lands swarmed towards the Otherworldly Mansion.

“Who! Who leaked the news of the Tree of Grand Dao!” Mo Zhi roared with rage.

It had been several hundreds of millions of years since the rage in his heart was last ignited.

He usually controlled his temper to the best of his abilities, but the matter of the Tree of Grand Dao really enraged him.

At the side, Long Shengtian frowned.

He was equally as confused.

Other than the Mansion Master, the Deputy Mansion Master, and the Fire Ancestor, no one knew of the Tree of Grand Dao.

How could the news leak out

“Zi Dongping!” A name flashed in Long Shengtian’s mind.

Mo Zhi frowned.

“Zi Dongping!”

Long Shengtian nodded slowly.

“Huang Xiaolong knew about the Tree of Grand Dao, and Zi Dongping was the one who had told him.

Now that Huang Xiaolong has ran into trouble, Zi Dongping would be the only one out there who knows of the matter.”

“He has nothing to gain from this…” Mo Zhi sank into his thoughts.

“Could it be the Myriad Origin Race Did Yuan Qianxing leak the news” Long Shengtian muttered.

“Our Otherworldly Mansion will fall into disarray the moment the news leaks.

The Myriad Origin Race would benefit the most from this if everyone else suffers heavily from the battle for the tree! They can probably use the chance to usurp the position as the Mansion Master, taking control of the Otherworldly Mansion in the process!” Mo Zhi’s eyes flashed dangerously.

“The Myriad Origin’s desire for the position isn’t anything new…”

“How did Yuan Qianxing and the others find out about the Tree of Grand Dao!” Long Shengtian questioned.

“Even though I have no idea how he managed to discover the news, but if someone like Zi Dongping managed to obtain information about the tree, then Yuan Qianxing is more than capable of replicating the feat.” Mo Zhi growled, “He has always been snooping about in our forbidden region.

It’s not difficult for him to discover something out of the ordinary.”

Long Shengtian locked his eyebrows together as he felt a headache coming.

“Now that the news is out, what are we going to do about the Primal Ancestors rushing over”

“If Xiaolong was here, he'd know what to do,” Mo Zhi frowned.

If I had stopped Huang Xiaolong from heading over to the Sky Opening Island, Yuan Qianxing and the others wouldn’t have surrounded him.

The situation where he was forced into the Death Cave wouldn’t have happened!

The more he thought about it, the more guilty he felt.

He felt that he was responsible for Huang Xiaolong’s death.

Long Shengtian sighed when he thought about Huang Xiaolong.

When his mind wandered to Yuan Qianxing, who had led a group of experts over to surround Huang Xiaolong, killing intent raged in his heart.

“Yuan Qianxing!”

In one of the luxurious manors in the Otherworldly Royal City, Yuan Qianxing heard Yuan Wangfeng’s report, and he rejoiced in his heart.

Mo Zhi was absolutely right.

Yuan Qianxing was the one who had leaked the news of the Tree of Grand Dao!

He was planning to devour the Otherworldly Mansion after both sides suffered serious losses.

Of course, taking down the weaker royal families was possible as long as he played his cards right.

“Your Highness, even though leaking the news of the Tree of Grand Dao is beneficial to us, there are too many experts coming over! We might not be able to obtain a single dao fruit even if we try our best!” Yuan Wangfeng lamented.

Yuan Qianxing shook his arm casually and laughed.

“Our Myriad Origin Race will make our move when Mo Zhi, Long Shengtian, and the other Primal Ancestors have reached their limits.

The Tree of Grand Dao and the dao fruits will belong to us, and we’ll be able to take over the Otherworldly Mansion effortlessly!”

“It doesn’t matter if we fail to obtain the fruits this time! The moment I become the Mansion Master, a mere Tree of Grand Dao will mean nothing to us!” Yuan Qianxing thought of his colorful future and sneered, “As long as I obtain the treasury of the mansion, I’ll be able to progress much quicker! The moment I enter the Primal Ancestor Realm, the Alien Lands will belong to me!”

“The Holy World, the World River… Everything will be mine!”

“Who cares about the Tree of Grand Dao!”

When he spoke of his ambitions, he no longer seemed to be the Yuan Qianxing in the True Saint Realm.

Instead, he looked like an overlord who had conquered the world! Maniacal laughter escaped his lips and a malevolent look shined in his eyes.

According to his plans, he would take his time to gain control of the Otherworldly Mansion.

However, the number of resources he needed to strengthen himself was no longer at a level he could sustain.

His speed of advancement had started to slow down, therefore he turned his gaze to the mansion’s treasury.

No matter what, he had to gain control of the Otherworldly Mansion!

As long as he managed to become the Mansion Master, he could do whatever he wanted with the treasury!

In the Cangqiong Dao Palace, Long Jiangfei managed to eat his fill, thanks to Huang Xiaolong.

He managed to try out a ton of holy fruits that weren’t even available in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

“The news of the Tree of Grand Dao has leaked.

The Primal Ancestors of the royal families and hidden factions are moving out…” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes shined as he stood at the top of the Cangqiong Holy Mountain.

Even though they were rushing back, they didn’t remain in the dao palace the entire time.

When they stopped somewhere, Huang Xiaolong managed to learn about the current happenings in the Alien Lands.

“I’m afraid the situation isn’t as simple as it looks.” Long Jianfei muttered, “If my guess is right, Yuan Qianxing is definitely behind it.

He’s planning to control the Otherworldly Mansion!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head slowly as he thought that Long Jianfei was right.

“However, Yuan Qianxing never would have guessed that you, Young Lord, are still alive.

Hehe, you’ll appear before him before he knows it.”


Gathering all the Primal Ancestors saves me a ton of trouble anyway,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled coldly.

Chan Yuli, Yao Chengxin, Yuan Wanfei, and the others were definitely going to be present.

Therefore, he wouldn’t need to deal with them one by one!

Waving his arm, rays of light started to surround the Cangqiong Holy Mountain.

As a massive platform rose from the ground, Ancestor Mo Jincheng of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race appeared.

Since Huang Xiaolong couldn’t kill the other party, he could only suppress them with the dao palace.

Of course, Mo Rui and the others weren’t as lucky as Mo Jincheng.

They had long since turned into nourishment for the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’ll kill you!” The moment he appeared, Mo Jincheng’s eyes turned blood red, and he roared at the heavens.


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