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Chapter 267: Undying Devil Physique

A booming blast thundered above the grand hall.

In the spot where Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger pointed, space tore and opened a large hole.

Diabolical lights shone around its edges.

In the grand hall below, Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and the others had ashen faces.

For many years there was an ever present rumor which claimed Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger could pierce through heaven and earth, but it had always remained a rumor.

No one had ever witnessed Jiang Tianhua display the Devil Tribulation Finger before this, and now, right in front of them, it actually released such an overpowering force!

The Sky Magi Sect’s grand hall was built using the hardest steel that could be found on Martial Spirit World.

Even if Chen Xiaotian punched the walls a dozen times with all his might, these hard stone walls would hardly crack or shake.

But now, Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger easily pierced a large hole right through them.

All of a sudden, before the astounded group below, a space hole materialized right above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

Before anyone could react, a giant finger came crashing down through the space hole.

The gigantic finger was shrouded in a demonic aura, covered with diabolical symbols, and exuded a chilling air; the attack had yet to arrive, but its momentum had shattered the granite floor.

“Young Lord, careful!” Chen Xiaotian shouted, while the others turned ghostly pale.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the giant finger pressing down, his countenance indifferent.

Without a word, Huang Xiaolong pointed high up with his finger in a frontal confrontation.

From Chen Xiaotian and those below’s point of view, rolling dark gray fog spread upward with rapid speed.

Sharp shrieks of unknown black creatures sounded, and from within the thick gray fog, a finger imprint flew out, piercing through the air.

The Absolute Soul Finger!

Absolute Soul Finger colliding with Devil Tribulation Finger!

A roaring explosion shook the grand hall.

Other than Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken, most of the Elders nearly stumbled and fell to the floor.

All they could sense was the endless buzzing in their ears, the swaying hall, and the strong wind that seemed to cut their skin.

After steadying themselves, the only thing they found was that a large area of the stone granite floor had exploded into ruins, large and small pieces having flown everywhere.

While Jiang Tianhua and Huang Xiaolong both shook from the impact force, both staggered back one step.

However, Jiang Tianhua’s face paled considerably, whereas Huang Xiaolong stayed the same.

Though the Devil Tribulation Finger was a powerful attack, Jiang Tianhua wasn’t able to fully display its power with his current level of battle qi strength, furthermore, Jiang Tianhua had yet to reach major completion.

Jiang Tianhua was dumbstruck as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Never did he imagine that his Devil Tribulation Finger would be countered by Huang Xiaolong.

Keeping an eye on Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Tianhua smoothed the chaotic battle qi running havoc inside his body, and as he did so, Jiang Tianhua’s eyes gradually turned a bright blood red.

“Lambent of the Yellow Springs!” Jiang Tianhua bellowed with a tinge of cold bloodlust in his voice.

The multiple blood-red eyeballs on Jiang Tianhua’s body shone with a glaring brightness that formed multiple red blade lights, piercing towards Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, the Eye of Yellow Springs sent out bursts of peculiar glowing symbols.

Chen Xiaotian, Geng Keng, and the group of Elders felt dizzy when their eyes met with the glowing symbols, making them apprehensive.

Lambent of the Yellow Springs, this was Jiang Tianhua’s martial spirit’s innate ability.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the wave of countless red blade lights flying in his direction, his face grew cold.

Bright sparks flashed and the Blades of Asura appeared, gripped in his palms as he swung sharply out.

Numerous cold blade lights spun out, rotating in front of Huang Xiaolong.

In the center of the tornado of blades, a blood-red eyeball appeared.

The Asura Sword Skill’s Sixth Move: Eye of Reincarnation!

The Eye of Reincarnation released a wave of blade lights, clashing with the red blade lights created by Jiang Tianhua’s Lambent of Yellow Springs.

Zheenggg~! Blade lights, as numerous as rain drops during a thunderstorm, collided.

Not waiting for a result, the Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands were swung out again.

“Wrath of the Nether King!”

Two streaks of blade light turned into a pair of powerful energy cannonballs, shooting forward like an erupting volcano, like ten thousand sprinting stallions, across the length of the grand hall, arriving in front of Jiang Tianhua before one could blink.

Jiang Tianhua’s eyes widened with shock.

“Undying Devil Physique!” Jiang Tianhua bellowed, a beam of light burst out from his body, black fog billowing as pieces of fish-like scale armor emerged on the surface of Jiang Tianhua’s skin.

A diabolical glow flickered, emanating a mysterious power that surged violently around Jiang Tianhua.

By this time, Huang Xiaolong’s Wrath of the Nether King attack arrived.

Wrath of the Nether King’s blade attack clashed with the mysterious power swirling around Jiang Tianhua, grinding away each other’s power.

One breath’s time was all it took for Wrath of the Nether King to pierce through the mysterious power barrier, stabbing into Jiang Tianhua’s flesh.

Zheng~! A metal clashing sounds rang out as the fish scale armor on Jiang Tianhua’s body glimmered from the impact.

His body staggered back a dozen steps.

Frowning, Jiang Tianhua touched the spot on his chest where Huang Xiaolong’s attack hit, there was a clear slash mark.

Huang Xiaolong too was surprised seeing this result; Jiang Tianhua’s fish-scale armor actually held on after being struck with his Wrath of the Nether King attack.

This Jiang Tianhua’s Undying Devil Physique’s defense was indeed formidable!

Moreover, neither Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger nor his Undying Devil Physique had reached major completion yet.

If they did, wouldn’t Jiang Tianhua be even more powerful

Although surprised, this result gave Huang Xiaolong a certain understanding of Jiang Tianhua’s Undying Devil Physique.

Yes, it was formidable, but unfortunately Jiang Tianhua had yet to reach major completion.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to break through that fish-scale armor’s defense, it wasn’t that difficult to do.

In the next instant, Huang Xiaolong used the Phantom Shadow ability.

In a flicker, he had arrived in front of Jiang Tianhua, striking a palm at him.

Before Jiang Tianhua’s startled face, rings of golden lights flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s palm strike.

God Binding Palm!

Just as Jiang Tianhua wanted to counter, he was alarmed to discover that his arms actually could not move.

Not only his arms, his entire body could not move an inch.

“This is!” Jiang Tianhua was frightened, confused, and at a loss as he watched with shocked eyes as Huang Xiaolong’s second palm was about to fall.

However, a sudden burst of dark violet qi came gushing out from Jiang Tianhua’s body.

“Undying demonic qi!” From the distance, Chen Xiaotian’s voice rang out.

The cultivators of the Undying Devil Physique contained undying demonic qi inside their bodies and this undying demonic qi was mysterious and unpredictable.

The undying demonic qi gushed out, shaking the God Binding Palm’s restriction.

Jiang Tianhua swiftly lifted his hand, striking his palm out.

Two palms collided.

Jiang Tianhua was pushed back in the blast, staggering back weakly, his face turned a shade paler.

The undying demonic qi in his body might have shaken off the invisible restrictions, but he was unable to initiate any battle qi at the moment.

That was the reason he had failed to take Huang Xiaolong’s palm earlier, and now, his blood and energy flowed chaotically, wreaking havoc internally.

Huang Xiaolong swayed after the collision, but in the next second his silhouette disappeared.

Disappeared Jiang Tianhia was stunned, immediately tried to sense the surroundings with spiritual sense, but within the scope of the grand hall, Huang Xiaolong’s aura had indeed vanished.

Huang Xiaolong reappeared in front of him out of nowhere, the Blades of Asura slashing out.

Countless blade lights transformed into a strange flower, blooming as it spun in mid-air.

Flower of the Other Shore!

The blooming flower vanished into thin air, and when it reappeared, it was imprinted on Jiang Tianhua’s chest, sending him flying back, crashing onto the messy floor.

Jiang Tianhua spat a mouthful of blood, the undying demonic qi around him dissipated quickly.

Huang Xiaolong floated down to the grand hall, walking slowly towards Jiang Tianhua.

“Do you want to continue the fight” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Jiang Tianhua’s face was pale and gloomy.

Huang Xiaolong stood patiently, waiting for his answer.


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