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Chapter 2663: Thunder Serpent Race

The Rising Clouds Commerces team was attracted by the bonfires light, and they had not expected to see Huang Xiaolong when they got close enough.

All of them were surprised, and there was a hint of joy on Yun Fangers face as she increased her speed.

“Its you, Young Master Long!” From afar, Yun Fanger had already greeted, and the joy in her voice was obvious.

Huang Xiaolong smiled slightly, as he nodded at Yun Fanger in greeting.

It was fate, ah.

It had not been long since Huang Xiaolong had bid farewell to them.

Although it was not really surprising that they met again, and there were many directions and islands one could have gone to in the vast World River.

Hence, meeting again was considered as fateful.

The crimson-haired young man, Chen Junhong, turned gloomy after seeing the joy on Yun Fangers face upon spotting Huang Xiaolong.

One of the motivations that he, a disciple of one of the Alien Lands big families in joining the Rising Clouds Commerce as an honorary elder was because the treatment and benefits were quite attractive, and secondly, it was because of Yun Fanger.

Almost everyone at the Rising Clouds Commerce was aware of his intention towards Yun Fanger.

“Young Master Long, I thought youd be a long way ahead of us.” When she got close, Yun Fanger jested with a sweet smile on her face.

Yun Fanger belonged to the sweet and lovely types of girls.

When she smiled, it was like rays of sunshine that shone warmth into the other persons heart, like a sunny spring day.

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he responded, “It was getting dark and the frigid qi was heavy, so I plan to rest here for the night and continue onwards tomorrow.”

Huang Xiaolong did not introduce himself to the team other than having them call him Young Master Long.

Then again, the darkness and frigid qi were merely Huang Xiaolongs excuses.

Even if the World Rivers frigid qi was a hundred million times stronger than now, it wont make much of a difference to him.

Chen Junhong, who arrived right after Yun Fanger, mocked when he heard Huang Xiaolongs response, “An early Fourth Heaven True Saint is afraid of this level of frigid qi Arent you afraid of being laughed at for saying it out loud!”

The rest of the Rising Clouds Commerce team felt Chen Junhong was being rude, but no one chided him.

After all, Chen Junhongs status was quite high.

On the other hand, Yun Fangers sweet smiling face darkened in an instant.

She chided, “Chen Junhong, thats enough.

Stop showing off your identity.

You really think youre all that amazing!”

Chen Junhongs expression turned ugly.

He hadnt expected Yun Fanger to chide him in front of so many people because of a human boy.

Anger boiled in his heart but he was smart enough not to let his temper fly.

He shot Huang Xiaolong a vicious glare.

Yun Fanger ordered the Rising Clouds Commerce team to prepare camp as they would rest on the island for the night, then apologized to Huang Xiaolong on Chen Junhongs behalf.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand nonchalantly, ending the matter with a smile.

She subsequently took a seat by the bonfire, and chatted with Huang Xiaolong from topics pertaining to things on land to the creatures in the sky.

Huang Xiaolong discovered Yun Fanger was no ordinary chatterbox.

She went off like a nonstop twittering canary the moment she sat down, but luckily, she had a nice voice that wouldnt annoy others.

Chen Junhong watched everything gloomily from a short distance away as he saw Huang Xiaolong and Yun Fanger talk and laugh harmoniously.

The sounds of their laughter sounded so harsh in his ears.

He had joined the Rising Clouds Commerce for some time now, and never had Yun Fanger treated him like that, yet she was so warm and friendly towards a human who they had only seen twice.

He swore that once he returned, he would find out which human force Huang Xiaolong belonged to, and then, hmph!

Huang Xiaolong and Yun Fanger were happily talking as the Rising Clouds Commerces team dismantled for the night, when suddenly a harsh voice sounded, “Second Miss Yun is really aromantic, to be flirting with a human race disciple on this deserted island.”

The Rising Clouds Commerce team stiffened.

After hearing the person say that Yun Fanger wasflirting with a human race disciple, Chen Junhong jumped to his feet in fury and snapped, “Who the f*ck are you, roll out here!”

The sharp sword in his hand slashed down where the voice came from, but the sword slash fell on empty space.

Above the dark sea surface, a group of river races disciples, clad in weird attires, appeared within sight.

River races disciples were different from the sea races and human races disciples.

River races disciples attires were made from materials gathered from the World River, and they were unusually bright.

After seeing the faces of this group of river races disciples, Yun Fanger, Chen Junhong, and the rest of the Rising Clouds Commerces team ashened.

“Thunder Serpent Race!”

Although the Thunder Serpent Race was not one of the river races royal families, it was the strongest race among the river races non-royal families.

The difference between the two was merely the presence of a Primal Ancestor Realm expert in their respective races.

After seeing that it was the Thunder Serpent Race, all members of the Rising Clouds Commerce closed in, forming a protective circle around Yun Fanger.

They were tensed and full of vigilance as if they were facing a great enemy.

Watching these peoples reaction, the group of Thunder Serpent Races experts chuckled as the leader led the several thousand of them, descending on the island and approaching the Rising Clouds Commerce group.

A dozen feet from Yun Fanger, Lei Long smiled at Yun Fanger, “Second Miss Yun Fanger is exactly like the rumors—innocent and lovely.

I, Lei Long of the Thunder Serpent Race, pay my respects to Miss Yun Fanger.”

His lips spoke of respect, yet his eyes were unscrupulously roving all over Yun Fanger.

The old man by Yun Fangers side was alarmed and immediately said to Yun Fanger, “Second Miss, he is the Thunder Serpent Races Patriarchs third son!”

The Thunder Serpent Races patriarchs third son!

Everyone on the Rising Clouds Commerce team was horrified.

Yun Fanger was still able to maintain her composure.

She stepped out from the protective circle, looking at Lei Long, “May I ask the purpose of Young Master Lei Long in approaching us”

Judging from the Thunder Serpent Races lineup, it was clear to anyone that they hadnt come without purpose, and there was even less of a chance they were merely passing by coincidentally.

Lei Long chuckled, “Miss Yun Fanger, your Rising Clouds Commerce is passing through my Thunder Serpent Races territory, and it seems like you have forgotten one thing that you havent paid the toll.”

Yun Fangers willow brows wrinkled as she responded, “The Rising Clouds Commerce has always paid the toll in full, and the Witch Horn Race patriarch has already taken our toll fees.”

The Witch Horn Race was a river races royal family force.

Although this area was under the Thunder Serpent Race, it was also under the Witch Horn Races governance.

Therefore, the Rising Clouds Commerce had always paid the toll fees to the Witch Horn Race.

Only after paying sufficient toll fees could these caravans travel onwards smoothly.

But Lei Long laughed hearing that, “You paid your toll fees to the Witch Horn Race, but you didnt pay any toll fees to our Thunder Serpent Race.

From now on, how much toll fees you pay to the Witch Horn Race, the Rising Clouds Commerce will pay the same to our Thunder Serpent Race!”

“How come!”

The Rising Clouds Commerces team ashened.

“What a joke!” Chen Junhongs temper blew up, “What right do you have to demand the Rising Clouds Commerce to pay your Thunder Serpent Race any toll fees!”

But just as his sentence ended, a flash of lightning streaked across the air, and in the next second, Chen Junhong let out a miserable scream.

He made a long arch in high air and smashed into the ground in the far distance.

His entire body was burnt black, laden with injuries.

The attacker was the expert beside Lei Long.

“Elder Junhong!”

The Rising Clouds Commerces experts exclaimed in fright.

Chen Junhong struggled to get back up on his feet, and there was fear in his eyes as he stared at the expert standing beside Lei Long.

A Sixth Heaven, maybe even Seventh Heaven True Saint expert

“Brat, if you dare to let out another fart of a sound, Ill have your physical body turn to dust, and then refine your holy soul into a yin thunder bead!” Lei Long sneered.

Chen Junhongs face stiffened, as expected, and he dared not open his mouth again.

Lei Longs attention returned to Yun Fanger, “Second Miss Yun Fanger, my advice is that you better pay up the toll, or dont blame the Thunder Serpent Race for not showing the hospitality of a host.”

It was literally a naked threat.

Yun Fangers face dimmed as she struggled internally when Lei Longs voice sounded again.

“Remember, not a jade stone less,” Lei Long emphasized, “If there is one jade stone less, then Ill kill one person from your group.”

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