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Chapter 2621: Ancestors Rushing Over

Panic erupted from Long Cheng and the disciples of the Twin Dragon Race as they fell to their knees in fear.

Since Huang Xiaolong wasnt planning to sour his relationship with Long Shengtian, he had held back when he had dealt with Long Cheng and the rest.

Otherwise, he would have long since devoured them all.

“Kill a disciple from the Otherworldly Mansion” Under Long Shengtians questioning, Yuan Qianxing explained calmly, “I think Deputy Mansion Master is mistaken.

We were passing through the area, and Huang Xiaolong refused to kneel down to pay his respects to us.

Yuan Wangfeng criticized him a little, and he flew into a fit of rage.”

Yuan Qianxing continued slowly, “Huang Xiaolong disrespected someone of a higher authority and destroyed Yuan Zhongyuans saint physique.

He imprisoned sixty-two holy souls, including Jin Kang and the others! He should be killed a million times over for his crimes!”

“Are you planning to side with Huang Xiaolong”

Yuan Qianxing glared at Long Shengtian, “I know that youre closely related to Zi Dongping.

If that is the reason youre protecting Huang Xiaolong, you are not fit to be the deputy mansion master of the Otherworldly Mansion!”

Not fit to be the deputy mansion master!

In the Otherworldly Mansion, Yuan Qianxing was the only person who would dare to question Long Shengtian in front of all the disciples!

While facing Long Shengtian, even Grand Hall Master Yuan Wangfeng would tremble in fear.

The only person who had the guts to overlook Long Shengtians authority was Yuan Qianxing and Yuan Qianxing alone.

Long Shengtian narrowed his eyes, “Yuan Qianxing, do you really think that its a coincidence for you to pass through this area”

“If that really was the case, why did you activate a Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact barrier to hide your actions”

Yuan Qianxing said indifferently, “Huang Xiaolong attacked us first.

As I was afraid that the impact of the battle would disturb those around us, I activated the barrier.

The Otherworldly Mansion would have suffered from catastrophic damage otherwise, and god knows how many disciples would have died as a result of the battle”

“Should I be thanking you for your care and concern for the mansion” Long Shengtian mocked sarcastically.

“Indeed,” Yuan Qianxing nodded his head shamelessly.

Long Shengtian broke the silence after a long time.

“Yuan Qianxing, I will figure out what happened here.

If you were the one who brought them over, I will report it to the Mansion Master and remove you as a mansion master candidate!”

Turning to stare at Yuan Wangfeng and those who had come along, Long Shengtian frowned, “As for the rest of you, you will also be handled according to the laws of the Otherworldly Mansion!”

“There will be no leniency!” Long Shengtian unleashed his might as a Primal Ancestor.

Yuan Wangfeng, Zi Yutong, and the others trembled in fear.

Yuan Qianxing hastily spoke up to defend them, “Huang Xiaolong destroyed the bodies of Yuan Zhongyuan, Jin Kang, and the others.

He even imprisoned their souls! Theres no need for you to investigate any further.

According to the rules of the Otherworldly Mansion, he should be severely punished! His saint physique should be shattered, and he should be imprisoned in the purgatory for the rest of eternity!”

Yuan Qianxing continued, “Deputy Mansion Master, as a newly accepted disciple of the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong dared to commit such heinous crimes.

If the Otherworldly Mansion doesn\'t punish him for this, what are the laws of the Otherworldly Mansion for How do we convince the rest of the disciples in the Otherworldly Mansion”

Yuan Wangfeng, Chan Wuwo, and the others nodded quickly.

“Deputy Mansion Master, please punish Huang Xiaolong!”

“We beg Deputy Mansion Master to destroy his saint physique and imprison his soul in purgatory!”

Everyone got to their knees, with the exception of those from the Twin Dragon Race.

Those of the Twin Dragon Race remained silent.

Huang Xiaolong, who was watching the epic drama series playing out before him sneered, “According to the rules of Otherworldly Mansion, if an ordinary disciple of the mansion faced an attack, they are allowed to defend themselves.

Yuan Qianxing, were you dropped as a baby”

“If you dont even know this simple rule, youre probably not fit to be a candidate for the position of the mansion master.

Its better for you to crawl out of the Otherworldly Mansion while your brain still functions.”

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Not a single person dared to question Yuan Qianxing in the Otherworldly Mansion, much less insulting the man.

A trace of coldness flashed past Yuan Qianxings eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Zhongyuan, Jin Kang, and the others wouldnt attack you for no reason.

You left them with no choice but to fight back.”

“Thats your side of the story.

I believe the Deputy Mansion Master will investigate the matter thoroughly,” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently.

Yuan Qianxing stared at Huang Xiaolong begrudgingly, “Huang Xiaolong, even if you manage to escape death today, the Deputy Mansion Master wouldnt be there to save you every time!” After speaking, he tore through the skies and left.

Even though Yuan Qianxing left without Long Shengtians permission, no one else dared to leave with him.

One day later.

“Yuan Qianxing led the members of the Myriad Origin Race, Twin Dragon Race, Golden Buddha Race, and the Ghost Devil Race to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Not only did they fail, sixty-two of them fell in the battle!”

“I heard that Yao Ji vomited blood after taking one punch from Huang Xiaolong.

His women failed to survive the battle and were captured by Huang Xiaolong!”

“Whats going on! Who is Huang Xiaolong Is he an incarnation of a peak-level expert How can a Second Heaven True Saint injure a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm expert with a single punch Doesnt that mean that his talent is more terrifying than Yuan Qianxing Is that even possible”

“Of course its true! The news came from those of the Twin Dragon Race!”

In the Otherworldly Mansion, countless disciples, royal families, large and influential clans, were discussing fervently about the incident.

Some were surprised, some couldnt believe the rumors, and there were even some fearful souls.

Of course, there was a small portion who were excited.

Soon, night fell.

Huang Xiaolong stood on a platform on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak as he stared at the rolling mist beneath his feet.

After this incident, his enmity with the various races had reached its peak.

They wouldnt stop till one party was exterminated.

Those from the Myriad Origin Race would think of ways to kill him, and it was possible that the ancestors of the races were personally rushing over to pressure Long Shengtian into punishing him.

Even though Long Shengtian was on his side, without the Otherworldly Mansion Master around, his situation was still worrying.

It was a pity that his three complete dao saint godheads were still lacking as he had yet to push them into the top ten ranks.

Even though he felt that it was a pity, he didnt think too much about it.

His speed was terrifying enough anyway, and he would definitely be able to break through to the next level soon!

Now, he could only wait for the opening of the Dao Gate in two days.

For two whole days, the Otherworldly Mansion experienced peace like no other.

Greeting the rising sun by slowly opening his eyes, Huang Xiaolong exhaled a long breath before heading towards the Dao Gate.

By the time he arrived, there was already a sea of disciples.

There were disciples from the Purple Spider Race, Human Race, Fiery Phoenix Race, Flying Heaven Race, Myriad Origin Race and so on.

Long Shengtian, Yuan Qianxing, Yuan Wangfeng, Yin Zhangguo, Feng Jiu, and the others were also present.

“Huang Xiaolong, I will tell you the truth right now.

The ancestors of our races are rushing over as we speak.

You better pray that you can comprehend the ten thousand grand dao laws in the Dao Gate,” Yuan Qianxing threatened the moment Huang Xiaolong appeared.

“Otherwise, the day you emerge will be the day you die!”

If Huang Xiaolong was able to comprehend all ten thousand grand dao laws in the Dao Gate, he would be promoted to a mansion master candidate.

Only then would the ancestors of the various races feel a sense of restraint.

However, if he was unable to do so, he would remain as an ordinary disciple.

There was no way the ancestors of the super races would hold back against an ordinary disciple who had offended them!

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