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Chapter 2610: Whos Fighting

It was too bad that Long Zhenyang was as weak as a baby when compared to Huang Xiaolong.

Even though he had the Grand Purity Saint Godhead, and he had used his full strength against Huang Xiaolong, he was sent flying the moment their attacks connected.

Long Zhenyangs right arm was shattered instantly as a terrifying wave of energy swept through him.

He felt like a little wooden dinghy in the middle of the stormy seas as he was slammed around.

When he crashed into the platform, he rolled to the edge in one smooth motion.

Those who had thought that Long Zhenyang was getting ready to toy with Huang Xiaolong fell silent in an instant.

It was especially so for Yuan Yue, who had said that Long Zhenyang was invincible under the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm.

Those from the Golden Buddha Race couldnt believe their eyes.

After Long Zhenyang stained the entire platform red, not a single person dared to help him up.

He only managed to struggle to his feet after a long time, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong with killing intent pouring out from his eyes.

The feeling of humiliation and disbelief washed over his mind as only one thought remained.

He wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong at all costs.

“Were you restraining yourself previously” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Yuan Yue and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong with a strange expression as they knew that Long Zhenyang had used everything he had.


Raising his head to release a heaven-shaking roar, Long Zhenyang seemed to transform into a dragon who was about to pierce through the skies.

It was like a dragon had taken over his body as dragon qi filled the space around the arena.

Every single disciple living on the mountain could feel the change happening at the peak.

Long Zhenyang used something every disciple of the Twin Dragon Race possessed.

The hidden energy that was concealed in his body completely awakened.

As soon as he activated his trump card, his body started to transform.

His legs and arms became covered in dragon scales, and two horns grew out from his forehead.

The scales alternated between red and gold as his horns were of two different colors.

One of them was crimson red and the other was a dazzling gold.

Twin Dragon Bloodline!

That was the bloodline residing in the veins of those from the Twin Dragon Race.

It was a top-tier energy belonging to members of the Twin Dragon Race.

The runes between Long Zhenyangs eyebrows emitted two dazzling rays of light.

As golden and crimson-colored dragons revolved around Long Zhenyang, one would think that he was the king of dragons if they looked from afar.

His eyes were no longer what they once were.

One of them was gold and the other was blood-red.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, he growled, “Thats right! I was holding back earlier! You shall experience my full might now!” As soon as he spoke, two punches flew towards Huang Xiaolong, “Twin Dragon Descends! Die!”

As soon as his fists appeared, two massive divine dragons shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

One of them was gold and the other was red, and they had the power to seriously injure a Fourth Heaven True Saint.

If any Fourth Heaven True Saint were to be hit by either dragon, their physical bodies would shatter!

The Twin Dragon Descends was the Primal Ancestor dao art practiced by those of the Twin Dragon Race.

As soon as the Primal Ancestor dao art was unleashed, the heavens trembled and everyone turned to stare at the peak of the Chaos Essence Holy Peak.

“Its the Chaos Essence Holy Peak! How can a Primal Ancestor dao art appear The only way for them to affect such a large area is to use a Primal Ancestor dao art…”

“Only core disciples of the royal families can use Primal Ancestor dao arts! I wonder, whos fighting”

“Dragon qi! Could Long Zhenyang of the Twin Dragon Race be fighting with someone Who can his opponent be”

Gusses flew around the Otherworldly Mansion as everyone tried to think of those who would battle on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at the two dragons flying towards him, he didnt bother using his saint godheads.

Neither did he activate the Holy Mandate Imprint or the Inextinguishable Dao Heart.

He merely used the energy contained in his muscles to take on the attack.

As veins swelled in his forearm, Huang Xiaolong met the two dragons with two punches of his own.

As though a million divine dragons had materialized, two terrifying forces clashed into one another.


The heavens shook as the earth trembled under the impact.

The Chaos Essence Holy Peak started to quiver as everyone stared intently at the two warriors who slammed into each other.

Under the shocked gazes of Yuan Yue and the others, Long Zhenyang shot out like a meteor.

He didnt just crash into the ground of the Chaos Essence Holy Peak, but he was sent flying towards one of the nearby mountain ranges.

Unable to stop the man, the mountain peak crumbled into dust, and he only managed to stop after shattering several mountains along the way.

As rocks crumbled and clouds of dust rose into the sky, Long Zhenyang disappeared from everyones sights.

Yuan Yue and the others widened their eyes in shock.

“Brother Long Zhenyang!”

“Senior Brother Long!”

Before they could rush over to save Long Zhenyang, Huang Xiaolongs body shook, and he appeared before them.

“Huang Xiaolong, whats the meaning of this!” Yuan Yue glared at Huang Xiaolong and growled.

“Oh, you can leave.

However, everyone who wishes to leave now has to take a punch from me.” Huang Xiaolong stared at them with calm eyes.

“You!” Jin Bujis pupils wavered.

“How dare…” But before he could complete his sentence, Huang Xiaolong had already appeared before him.

A fist slammed into Jin Bujis face.

Like Long Zhenyang, he was sent smashing through god knew how many mountain peaks.

Huang Xiaolong didnt stop there.

His figure continued to flash and every time he appeared, someone was sent flying.

In the blink of an eye, Yuan Yue was the only one left among those who had come to look for trouble.

Staring at the empty space around him, Yuan Yues voice started to shake.

“You… Huang Xiaolong! I am Yuan Qianxings martial nephew! If you dare to lay your hands on me, Yuan Qianxing will…!” Huang Xiaolong didnt give half a sh*t about his threat and sent him flying away like everyone else.

Yuan Qianxing Huang Xiaolongs expression didnt even change when he heard the name.

When Huang Xiaolong had made his move earlier, he had already imbued a thread of grandmist qi into the bodies of everyone who was struck.

Their actions couldnt be concealed from Huang Xiaolong from that point on, but he didnt bother to control them.

After all, there was no need.

After he dealt with them, Huang Xiaolong returned to his cultivation cave and continued to cultivate.

In one of the cities located in the Otherworldly Mansion sat a grand manor that stood out from the masses.

A lady whose beauty couldnt be described in words stood in the air in the middle of her courtyard as she stared in the direction of the Chaos Essence Holy Peak.

“Junior Sister Feng Jiu…” A muscular man who wore robes embroidered with phoenixes appeared behind her.

“Senior Brother Feng Tianwei, did you find out what happened” Feng Jiu didnt turn around and asked.

Her voice tinkled like bells in the wind, but there was a trace of coldness hidden in her words.


Long Zhenyang and Huang Xiaolong fought on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak.

Long Zhenyang unleashed the Primal Ancestor dao art of the Twin Dragon Race, the Twin Dragon Descends!” Feng Tianwei continued, “However, the battle ended in an instant.

Junior Sister probably wouldnt be able to guess the result of the battle…”

“Did Huang Xiaolong win” Feng Jius eyebrows trembled a little.

Nodding his head slowly, Feng Tianwei explained the situation, “Are you surprised Hahaha, I didnt expect it either.

He used a single move to defeat Long Zhenyang! Moreover, it was after Long Zhenyang unleashed his Twin Dragon Descends! Huang Xiaolong sent him flying with a single attack! From the looks of it, he will probably be carried away by the disciples of the medicine hall…”

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