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Chapter 2601: Seven Souls Race

The experts who were walking along the street stopped.

“This human is so dead…”

“Even the Chen Luo Sect wouldnt dare to provoke the Seven Souls Race… I wonder, which hole this brat crawled out from How can he not know the insignia of the Seven Souls Race”

They pointed at Huang Xiaolong and sneered.

The members of the alien race werent the only ones walking along the street.

There were several humans who looked his way.

The humans were those from the Chen Luo sect, and one of them was the young master of the sect, Chen Muguang. 

“Young Master, do we save him” one of the experts beside him asked.

Of course, he was referring to Huang Xiaolong.

Since the Chen Luo Sect was the strongest power of the human race in the Alien Lands, they had the responsibility of helping out the humans when they were in trouble.

However, Chen Muguang hesitated for a moment before stopping those around him, “Forget it.

Theres no need to butt into other peoples business.

The Seven Souls Race isnt someone we can mess with.

Those disciples there arent ordinary disciples of the Seven Souls Race anyway.”

The experts guarding Chen Muguang looked at each other hesitantly, but they decided to listen to the man.

By the time their exchange was done, Huang Xiaolong had already started firing his mouth off.

“Oh, youre just members of the Seven Souls Race.

Here, I was thinking that you were members of a royal family.”

Everyone stared at him as their jaws dropped in shock.

‘Just members of the Seven Souls Race!

Is the human looking down on the Seven Souls Race

Chen Muguang turned to the expert beside him and scoffed, “Look at that retard.

Even if we save him, well be doing it for nothing.

We might even drag down the entire human race in the Alien Lands if we save him today!”

The person, who had suggested saving Huang Xiaolong blanched, and he questioned his suggestion.

When everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong with a weird look, a disciple of the Seven Souls Race roared with laughter, “Brat, youre gutsy! Are you looking down on my Seven Souls Race now! Heh! With the way you spoke, I would have mistaken you for a disciple of one of the royal families!”

Huang Xiaolong didnt reply.

“Senior Brother Hun Shuo, let me do it!” one of the disciples from the Seven Souls Race spoke up all of a sudden.

He was a little skinny when compared to the rest of the disciples, and he continued, “Its been so long since I last killed a human! I wish to test out my Seven Souls Chaser!”

The disciple, who was known as Hun Shuo, nodded while laughing.

“Alright! Since Junior Brother Hui Baicheng wishes to deal with him, you can do it!”

“Many thanks to Senior Brother Hun Shuo!” The disciple laughed in glee before shooting Huang XIaolong a sinister smirk.

“Brat, youre really unlucky today! You shall be the first human I test my new skill out on!”

“All of you should come at me together.

Otherwise, youll just be wasting my time!” 

“This kid really is delusional.” Chen Muguang shook his head and laughed.

“I wonder, which power brought up such an id*ot!”

With his strength, he could see that none of the disciples of the Seven Souls Race were weak.

All of them were in the half-True Saint Realm! As for Hun Shuo and Hun Baicheng, they were both Seventh Tribulation half-True Saints!

Even a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint wouldnt dare to challenge them all at once!

“With your talent in comedy, it would be a pity to kill you!” Hun Baicheng continued to laugh, “In fact, you might just be a comedic genius!”

“Are you done” Huang Xiaolong muttered softly.

“Yeah! Im done! Hahahahahaha!” Hun Baicheng continued to laugh.

Huang Xiaolong reached out with his right hand, and the entire world seemed to come to a stop as he tightened his fist.

It was as though the weight of the world had come crashing down on them.

Hun Baicheng popped like a bubble with a single intention from Huang Xiaolong.


Everyone didnt dare to believe what they just witnessed.

Hun Shuo and the other disciples were stunned too.

Chen Muguang stared at Huang Xiaolong with a look of disbelief.

Upon ignoring the weird stares all around him, Huang Xiaolong turned to Hun Shuo and spoke, “Did you also successfully cultivate the Seven Soul Chaser”

The expression on Hun Shuos face turned unsightly.

Since he was only slightly stronger than Hun Baicheng, he knew that he wouldnt be a match for the other party.

“Which power are you from!” Seeing as regular threats no longer worked, Hun Shuo could only threaten the race behind the human standing before him.

“Hun Baicheng is the direct disciple of a vice hall master in my race!”

“What! Hes Hun Ruis disciple! Thats the vice hall master of the disciplinary hall were talking about! Hes the strongest vice hall master in the Seven Souls Race! The human is royally screwed now… The power standing behind him will be dragged down by his mistake!” The experts standing along the street gasped.

Chen Muguang was shocked by the strength Huang Xiaolong displayed, but he rejoiced in his heart.

“Luckily for us, we didnt help him.”

“No one can disrespect Vice Hall Master Hun Rui!”

“Wouldnt this mean that youre the direct disciple of another vice hall master of the Seven Souls Race You might even be the disciple of a hall master!” Huang Xiaolong looked at Hun Shuo with a blank expression.

“Thats right!” Hun Shuo felt the rage in his heart burn brighter when he faced Huang Xiaolongs questioning.

“My master is Hun Junfei, a vice hall master of the Seven Souls Race!”

As soon as the words left his lips, Huang Xiaolong pointed at the space between his eyebrows.

A hole appeared as it started to swallow his body at a shocking speed.

Hun Shuo stared at Huang Xiaolong blankly, and he didnt dare to believe that a human had the guts to kill him.

Too bad that his lips were sealed forever as he fell to the ground, motionless.

“Senior Brother Hun Shuo!” The disciples of the Seven Souls Race screamed.

“Is there anyone else here who is a disciple of a vice hall master” Huang Xiaolong asked those of the Seven Souls Race.

Not a single one of them dared to hesitate as they shook their heads in fear.

No longer bothering with them, Huang Xiaolong soared through the skies with Hei Luo and everyone could only stare at their departing figures in shock.

“Young Master, should we investigate that humans background” The expert, who wanted to save Huang Xiaolong before, asked.

Chen Muguang snapped back to attention, and he shook his head slowly.

“Theres no need.

Hes already dead the moment he killed Hun Baicheng.

Even if the members of the Seven Souls Race give up looking for him, the enforcement hall of the Otherworldly Mansion will definitely hunt him down.”

There was a rule passed down by the Otherworldly Mansion, and it pardoned every disciple of the Alien Race even if they killed a human.

However, it was a different story if a human killed someone of the Alien Race.

The human would be sentenced to death immediately!

No one else from the Chen Luo Sect dared to refute when they heard what Chen Muguang said.

“What a pity…” The expert from the Chen Luo Sect shook his head.

No one knew what he pitied, and no one cared.

After leaving the street, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Otherworldly Royal City with Hei Luo.

As soon as he arrived, he went straight to register.

By the time he arrived at the plaza, he noticed that there were so many people that even a mosquito would have a hard time flying around.

Releasing his holy soul, Huang Xiaolong headed straight towards the registration counter.

There were two locations to register, and those under the True Saint Realm had to register on the left side of the plaza.

As for those in the True Saint Realm, they had to register on the right.

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