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Chapter 2599: Otherworldly Mansion


Zi Dongping’s gaze turned cold when he heard what Jin Fei said.

“All of you had better leave the hall now! No! Roll out of the hall! If any of you dare to walk, I’ll shatter all the limbs in your body before throwing you out!”

Jin Fei’s expression turned unsightly.

No matter what, he was a Domain Lord.

His appointment came from the Otherworldly Mansion, and Zi Dongping dared to order him to roll out of the hall.

How could he do that in front of so many experts of the alien race

“Lord Zi Dongping, you!” Before he could complete his sentence, Zi Dongping waved his arm to send over a terrifying wave of energy.

As he felt a sharp pain in his legs, he was sent flying out of the entrance, and he slammed into the ground outside.

“Before I change my mind, all of you should start rolling out of the hall!” Zi Dongping’s cold voice rang through the air.

Jin Fei and the other experts of the Golden Buddha Race were enraged.

However, they couldn’t do a thing to a Primal Ancestor!

“Lord Zi Dongping, I will report this to the Old Ancestor!” Jin Fei roared with fury.

“Since that’s the case, you don’t need to leave anymore!” Zi Dongping growled.

Before Jin Fei could react, a palm came crashing down on him as purple light filled the area where he once stood.

Everyone from the Golden Buddha Race lost their senses after feeling something land on them.

As they stared at the place where the members of the Golden Buddha Race once stood, everyone in the hall realized that not even their remains were spared.

Jin Fei, an existence at the Eighth Heaven True Saint Realm, was killed just like that!

He wasn’t the only one.

Those who had accompanied him were also True Saints. 

Everyone present sucked in a cold breath.

That was the prestige of a Primal Ancestor! It wasn’t something they could go against!

No one could have expected for a Domain Lord to meet his end with a single slap from the other party!

Several moments later, the ceremony still continued.

The only difference was that no one dared to interfere with the proceedings.

After the ceremony ended, the members of the alien race stared at Huang Xiaolong strangely.

There were also some who were rejoicing in their hearts.

Now that Jin Fei was killed, Zi Dongping would have to deal with the retaliation from the Golden Buddha Race.

They would definitely place all the blame onto the human, and Huang Xiaolong would become the target of the entire Golden Buddha Race!

It didn’t take long for the news to spread like wildfire.

In less than half a day, the events that happened during the ceremony reached the ears of those in the nearby regions.

“Is this the start of the battle between the two races Did Zi Dongping’s injury heal He has to be insane to act so recklessly the moment he left seclusion!”

“Without the Dao Fruit, it’s impossible for him to recover.

At this rate, it’s a matter of time before Zi Dongping is slain by someone else.”

“Let’s keep observing the situation.

The Golden Buddha Race is definitely going to take revenge on the Purple Spider Race.

The disciples of the Purple Spider Race are in danger now… From what I see, they should be hiding in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds.

Death awaits those who dare to leave the borders!”

Everyone started to discuss among themselves.

Of course, the opinions were one sided.

Everyone felt that Zi Dongping had dug a grave for himself, and the only thing they discussed was how badly he was going to die.

Everyone basically came to a conclusion that the Purple Spider Race was doomed.

After all, the Purple Spider Race was no longer at its peak.

Their pillar, Zi Dongping, was no longer the Zi Dongping of the past!

Ever since his Dao Heart had suffered from serious injuries, there were rumors going on about him.

There were some who said that he had already turned into a cripple, and he was comparable to a Ninth Heaven True Saint.

There were even some who said that two peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saints would be able to trash Zi Dongping up so badly that he wouldn’t know who his mother was.

In the Golden Buddha Domain, Chan Yuli received the news of Jin Fei’s death, and he roared in anger.

“Zi Dongping, you’re just a f*cking cripple! How dare you kill so many True Saints of my race!”

There were a total of twenty-six True Saints who had accompanied Jin Fei.

If they excluded Jin Yue, twenty-five of them had died at Zi Dongping’s hands!

It was no wonder Chan Yuli would rage.

Chan Yongxu growled angrily in response, “Since they killed twenty-six True Saints from my Golden Buddha Race, we’ll kill fifty-two True Saints from that d*mned spider race.”

Calling over the experts of the race, Chan Yongxu laid down his order.

They were to kill those from the Purple Spider Race on sight!

“Pass down my message.

I wish to challenge Zi Dongping to a deathmatch!” Chan Yuli spat.

In the past, he had failed to defeat Zi Dongping.

He had lost by a tiny bit, and now that Zi Dongping was no longer at his peak, Chan Yuli was confident that he could regain his honor.

“Old Ancestor, what if that f*cking spider refuses the challenge” One of the Eminent Elders of the Golden Buddha Race asked cautiously.

“If he doesn’t respond, we’ll spread the news and embarrass him! We’ll change the way we address them, and they shall be called the Coward Race! They shall never hold their head up high in the Alien Lands ever again!”


In an instant, the challenge spread through the lands, and it shook the Alien Lands.

The battle between two Primal Ancestors was something the entire Alien Lands had to pay attention to.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong and Zi Dongping received the news.

“Chan Yuli is truly shameless!” The deputy patriarch grumbled as rage smouldered in his heart.

“If patriarch refuses the challenge, your prestige will take a serious hit!” The deputy patriarch continued.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, “Just agree to take him on.

Set the time of the battle to a hundred years from now.”

“A hundred years” Zi Dongping sucked in a cold breath as something clicked in his head.

He knew the reason behind Huang Xiaolong’s actions.

Before the battle, Huang Xiaolong planned to obtain the Dao Fruit to allow him to fully recover.

However, was it really possible for Huang Xiaolong to obtain the Dao Fruit in a hundred years

“Alright! I shall do as you say!” Zi Dongping clenched his teeth and agreed.

Even though he had no idea if Huang Xiaolong could obtain the Dao Fruit before the battle, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to drag out the battle.

A hundred years was the perfect buffer time before people started to doubt his abilities.

The news of Zi Dongping accepting the challenge quickly started to spread.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

As the regions around them trembled in excitement to witness the battle between the two Primal Ancestors, Huang Xiaolong left the Hong Zhen Holy Gate and headed straight for the Otherworldly Mansion.

This time, Huang Xiaolong only brought Hei Luo with him.

Of course, there were ten Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirits and four spectres.

The Otherworldly Mansion took up a domain by itself, and it was extremely large.

It was even bigger than the Dissociation Domain, and Huang Xiaolong rushed towards the heart of the Mansion.

Even if he charged over in the Cangqiong Dao Palace, it would take him three to four months.

Even though nothing happened along the way, Huang Xiaolong took his time, and he stopped in various cities along the way.

Two years later…

Huang Xiaolong finally arrived in the Ice Lightning Holy Grounds, and he arrived near the heart of the Otherworldly Mansion.

“The Otherworldly Mansion should start accepting disciples soon.

For a hundred thousand years, they have eased the criteria of the disciple selection.

I’ve heard that the young master headed over early in the morning to register! I wonder if he will be able to enter the mansion…”

“No matter how easy it becomes, one wouldn’t need to think of entering if their saint godhead isn’t ranked in the top hundred! It’s extremely difficult for our young master to enter.” Several disciples of the Ice Lightning Holy Gate discussed among each other.


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