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Chapter 2569: Alien Race

A month later, when Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo began encountering undead spirits and nethersouls between Third Heaven to Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm, all of them were left to Hei Luo to deal with.

Hei Luo had died by a single powerful blow that had severely damaged his dao physique, but Huang Xiaolong noticed that Hei Luos dao physique was mending at rapid speed after absorbing these True Saint Realm undead spirits and nethersouls..

At this rate, as long as there were sufficient True Saint Realm undead spirits and nethersouls for Hei Luo to devour, Hei Luos dao physique had a chance of returning to the peak condition.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong noticed that after continuously swallowing True Saint Realm undead spirits and nethersouls, Hei Luos fragmented consciousness was gradually piecing itself.

Though the consciousness wouldnt regain everything it knew, just one-millionth of his knowledge was gratifying.

After Hei Luo shared his memories with Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong learned many secrets of the world Hei Luo used to live in.

On top of that, Hei Luo was a genuine Primal Ancestor expert when he was alive.

Even a small part of his memories, such as his dao art, his comprehension towards the grand dao, heaven and earth, array formations, and refining, as well as his knowledge about various other areas, were valuable.

A Primal Ancestor experts fragmented memories couldnt be bought by any amount of holy spiritual jade stones.

Although the nethersouls were True Saint experts holy souls when they were alive, they had suffered serious damages to a certain extent, and Huang Xiaolong needed complete holy souls.

These damaged holy souls were of little use to Huang Xiaolong, so he let Hei Luo have them.

A few months later, when the undead spirits and nethersouls strength had risen to high-level True Saint Realm, there was more to gain in letting Hei Luo absorb them.

First of all, Huang Xiaolong wanted Hei Luos dao physique to return to his lifetime peak condition as soon as possible as he aided him to improve his consciousness and memories.

Secondly, these high-level True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls had little effect for him.

At Huang Xiaolongs current strength, it was not an exaggeration to say that Seventh Heaven and Eighth Heaven True Saint undead spirits were simply tasteless to him.

As expected, after devouring a large number of high-level True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls sped up the recovery of Hei Luos dao physique and consciousness.

But when Huang Xiaolong came across Ninth Heaven True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls, he was reluctant to let Hei Luo devour them.

Thus whenever there were Ninth Heaven True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls, Huang Xiaolong would deal with them personally, then control them with the grandmist qi.

Though Ninth Heaven True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls made up a small number in comparison to others, under Huang Xiaolongs three powerful holy souls, he was able to locate six of them in the immediate vicinity.

Four undead spirits and two nethersouls.

All six were Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong stopped on a small hill somewhere in the ancient battlefield.

Huang Xiaolong looked into the distance and inwardly estimated that he could reach the Corpse River in a few days!

The ancient battlefield was divided into two halves—one side belonged to the Holy World, and the other half belongs to the Alien Lands.

The Corpse River was the line dividing these two areas.

During these few months in the ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong came across quite a few True Saint Realm experts, but none of them were cultivators from the Alien Lands, mainly because they usually stayed on their side of the ancient battlefield upon entering.

Very rarely would cultivators from Alien Lands cross over the Corpse River to the other side.

‘The Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance should be in the vicinity of the Corpse River, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Under normal circumstances, it was unlikely that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor would leave his inheritance on the other side of the ancient battlefield.

Hence, in the following days, Huang Xiaolong would be able to locate the Black Emperor Holy Emperors inheritance.

As he looked at the dense night sky, Huang Xiaolong directly sat cross-legged on the small hill to rest.

Hei Luo and the several undead spirits and nethersouls stood in a protective circle around Huang Xiaolong.

While Huang Xiaolong was resting on the small hill, on the other side of the Corpse River, there was a group of Alien Lands cultivators approaching the Corpse River.

This group of Alien Lands cultivators have two horns on their heads, their eyes faintly glowed green, and their ten fingers were scarily pale.

There was a peculiar-looking rune imprint between each of their eyebrows.

These runes in between their eyebrows was a rune unique to the Alien Lands royal family.

Only royal familys direct-descendent disciples had this rune on them, representing their nobility, bloodline, identity, and status.

Similar to Huang Xiaolongs Holy Mandate Imprint, this rune also could increase ones battle power, however, this runes power was far from comparable to the Holy Mandate Imprint.

Amongst this group of Alien Lands royal family disciples, the one in front leading them was a tall young man with dashing good looks.

His deep green eyes glimmered with a unique charm.

Following closest behind this young man was an old man with a head of vibrant black hair, and this old man was a Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm expert! More accurately, the old-man was an existence at peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint.

Someone that was protected by a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint spoke volumes of the young mans high status.

“Young Patriarch, further up is the Corpse River!” the old-man, Jiang Long, said.

There was a slight hesitation in his voice as he went on, “The Corpse Rivers vicinity is dangerous.

I think its better we do not go over there.”

The young man referred to as Young Patriarch was called Jiang Shaohuang.

He smiled nonchalantly as he responded, “Its just the Corpse River, and the Holy World.

If we really encounter the Holy Worlds experts, then its all the better.

I am just thinking of killing a few of people from Holy World and bring their bodies back and hang them above our Suoluo Races Central Headquarters Square.

That way the other races disciples can take a good look at them.”

Jiang Long persuaded seriously, “The Holy World has many experts, especially the Holy Heavens, Devil Palace, Clear Snow Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance are a few of the several top superpowers.”

Jiang Shaohuang chuckled, “Isnt it just the Holy Heavens As long as its not those four old men, then who can be your opponent The Heavenly Master and the three other old men, which of them are so idle as to come to the ancient battlefield.

So, your worries are superfluous.”

“Were already here after all.

We might as well hop over to the other side and have a quick look.”

Jiang Long finally yielded, “Alright, well only be staying for a couple of days after crossing over, well come back as soon as possible.

After all, Young Patriarchs identity is noble, and there cannot be any accident, or I wont be able to explain it to the Patriarch.”

“Great!” Jiang Shaohuang laughed happily.

The group of people flew towards the Corpse River.

The sky seemed brighter the next day, and Huang Xiaolong, who had spent the night resting on the small hill, stood up and continued onwards with Hei Luo.

After considering that the four undead spirits and two nethersouls following him would attract attention, Huang Xiaolong put them away into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Two days later…

They were getting closer to the Corpse River.

Huang Xiaolong could even smell the overwhelming nauseating stench coming from the Corpse River.

At the very beginning, there was no such thing as Corpse River in the ancient battlefield.

However, the air above the current Corpse River was where the war between the two sides was the most intense, and the number of casualties was the highest.

Therefore, this place was with the most corpses laid strewn over the land, piled high like mountains.

Blood had flowed into a river and as the war had continued, a river of corpses was formed.

Wind carried the Corpse Rivers corpse stench further than the eye could see.

Just as Huang Xiaolong continued onwards, suddenly, the Black Corpse Holy Symbol, hovering above his head, emitted shining rays of black light, buzzing incessantly.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up.

The Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance!

Following the Black Corpse Holy Symbols induction, Huang Xiaolong flew forward and Hei Luo followed closely after him.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo were standing in the air above a dense forest.

But before Huang Xiaolong appeared in air the above the forest, there was already a group of people there.

When Huang Xiaolong noticed their attires and appearances, he was stunned for a second.

Alien race

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