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Chapter 2559: Annihilate Devil Palaces Disciples

After receiving Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian\'s messages through his communication symbols, the Ghost Talisman Founder replied to them and reassured them that he wouldnt let Huang Xiaolong escape!

Although Huang Xiaolong had finished the early stages of integrating with the twelve high-order Saint Fates, and possessed the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, the Ghost Talisman Founder believed that as long as Huang Xiaolong truly integrated with the Saint Fates and entered the True Saint Realm, as a Primal Ancestor, he could easily capture him.

He planned to act when Saint Fate\'s boundary disappeared in half a day.

However, his biggest problem right now was Xue Lingyun!

If Xue Lingyun, this wench stops me, it would be troublesome for me to capture Huang Xiaolong!

Suddenly, his gaze fell on Mo Cangli\'s body, and an idea came to him, and he spoke out, Brother Mo, Huang Xiaolong killed your only personal disciple so brazenly.

Are you going to swallow this humiliation with your head down

Mo Cangli was momentarily stunned at being called out.

Huang Xiaolong does not put you in his eyes at all, earlier, he killed the Beast Tamer Holy Gate\'s chief holy prince, then at the Mirage Pavilion\'s battle stage, he killed numerous Holy Lands Alliance\'s talented geniuses.

He totally did not put you or the Holy Lands Alliance in his eyes.

Once he successfully integrates with twelve high-order Saint Fates and gains the power to seter the entire Holy World, the first one he will obliterate is very likely to be the Holy Lands Alliance!

The Ghost Talisman Founder went on, We can join hands to capture Huang Xiaolong and seal him forever to cut off all future troubles right now!

Only after sealing Huang Xiaolong and destroying his physique, we can think of a way to destroy his holy souls! The Ghost Talisman Founder added, After we destroy Huang Xiaolong\'s physique and holy souls, he would be incapable of causing any waves despite having the Inextinguishable Dao Heart!

Xue Lingyun was instantly angered by the Ghost Talisman Founder\'s words and she snapped, Ghost Talisman Founder, how dare you

The Ghost Talisman Founder ignored Xue Lingyun and continued to lobby Mo Cangli, Brother Mo, what do you think Since your disciple first provoked Huang Xiaolong, he will definitely unleash his dissatisfaction on you in the future..

Rather than waiting for Huang Xiaolong to enter True Saint Realm and come to deal with the Holy Lands Alliance, we should take the initiative!

Xue Lingyun became anxious.

If Mo Cangli really agreed with the Ghost Talisman Founder\'s proposal, Huang Xiaolong would be in big trouble.

She could deal with the Ghost Talisman Founder alone, but if Mo Cangli was added into the equation, she was definitely no match against the two of them.

Even when facing Mo Cangli alone, she had no grasp of gaining the upper hand.

Bai Moyang, Jin Nu, and the other patriarchs and chiefs all looked at Huang Xiaolong.

No one had expected that the Ghost Talisman Founder would try to lobby Mo Cangli to join him.

However, Huang Xiaolong had killed Huai Po with one strike.

Huai Po was Mo Cangli\'s one and only disciple he had accepted in so many years.

Mo Cangli doted on Huai Po, therefore, there was a high chance for the Ghost Talisman Founder to persuade Mo Cangli.

When Huai Po had died by Huang Xiaolong\'s hands, the surging killing intent from Mo Cangli\'s body was felt by everyone.

Seal Huang Xiaolong Destroy his physique, and holy souls Mo Cangli slowly raised his gaze and looked at the Ghost Talisman Founder.

After seeing that Mo Cangli was tempted, the Ghost Talisman Founder smiled and went on, That\'s right, as for the Holy Heavens\' retaliation after sealing Huang Xiaolong, you need not worry about it.

I have formed an alliance with the Devil Palace, so come join us.

Don\'t tell me you\'re afraid of a mere Holy Heavens organisation

Xue Lingyun, Bai Moyang, Jin Nu, and others\' expressions turned extremely solemn in an instant.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground actually joined forces with the Devil Palace

Mo Cangli didn\'t expect this.

Sorry, not interested! Mo Cangli refused directly.

The Ghost Talisman was stunned by Mo Cangli\'s answer, and he sounded a bit anxious as he said, Brother Mo, aren\'t you afraid Huang Xiaolong would deal with the Holy Lands Alliance Huang Xiaolong is a person who advocates an eye for an eye! He…!

I already said that I am not interested! Mo Cangli cut off his words, Whether Huang Xiaolong will deal with the Holy Lands Alliance or not shouldnt concern you.

If Huang Xiaolong did not have the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, perhaps Mo Cangli would have really been tempted to join hands with the Ghost Talisman Founder.

This way, not only could he have avenged his personal disciple Huai Po, but he could have also killed Huang Xiaolong, this freak of a monster.

In truth, no one was willing to see a freak like Huang Xiaolong continue to grow stronger, but the frustrating point was that Huang Xiaolong had already formed his Inextinguishable Dao Heart!

And Huang Xiaolong had also received Cangqiong Old Man\'s inheritance and the Cangqiong Blade!

If the two of them joined hands, and yet failed to capture Huang Xiaolong, then…

By chance if Huang Xiaolong were to escape, then the Holy Lands Alliance would truly fall into a bottomless abyss.

Thus he was not willing to take this risk.

Seeing Mo Cangli reject his proposal, the Ghost Talisman Founder was unwilling to give up.

He went on to persuade Mo Cangli for half an hour.

In the end, the Ghost Talisman Founder could only shift his target, and attempted to lobby Patriarch Bai Moyang to join him.

However, the Ghost Talisman Founder was disappointed.

Like Mo Cangli, Bai Moyang also rejected his proposal.

Time flowed by.

More than ten hours passed.

The light enveloping Huang Xiaolong was blinding to the extreme, lighting up every corner of the Cambrian Pool Star, and his three holy souls\' aura suffocated everyone like millions of great mountains, forcing the experts to retreat further.

All of a sudden, intense blazing rays of light exploded from Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls, perforating the Cambrian Pool Star\'s sky like it was a thin sheet of paper!

Under the perforated sky, everyone could see the layers of space of the Holy World.

The sight gave everyone a big impact.

No one doubted that this blazing light could easily pierce through a high-level True Saint\'s physique!

Mo Cangli and the Ghost Talisman Founder\'s eyelids twitched watching this.

Moments later, the blazing light vanished, and Huang Xiaolong retrieved his three holy souls back into his body.

The light around him converged, and from afar, there didn\'t seem to be any difference after Huang Xiaolong integrated with twelve high-order Saint Fates.

Only high-level True Saint experts could sense it.

Huang Xiaolong exuded a terrifying aura from head to toe.

Merely standing there, Huang Xiaolong was the manifestation of Heavens\' will itself, the highest existence in the Holy World.

Xue Lingyun, Lin Xiaoying, Tan Juan, and Ji Xinyi were clearly overjoyed after seeing that Huang Xiaolong had successfully stabilized his early-stage refinement of the twelve high-order Saint Fates.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong casually made a grabbing gesture with his hand and caught the few remaining Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s disciples across space and squeezed till their bodies exploded.

This meant that the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s disciples who had come to compete for Saint Fate\'s were totally annihilated!

Gui Buwang and Ghost Talisman Founder\'s expressions were extremely ugly.

At this time, the Saint Fate\'s boundary still existed, and both of them were powerless to stop Huang Xiaolong from outside the boundary.

Then Huang Xiaolong\'s gaze fell on the remaining Devil Palace\'s disciples, and these disciples\' faces ashened.

Huang Xiaolong, how dare you Outside the Saint Fate\'s boundary, the Devil Palace\'s hall masters shouted in anger, Since you dare to kill our Devil Palace\'s disciples, our Devil Palace will…!

But before he could finish his words, he saw Huang Xiaolong flicking his fingers and a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Devil Palace\'s disciple exploded to his death, and he was reduced to a mist of blood.

In front of Huang Xiaolong, these Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s disciples and Devil Palace\'s Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples were nothing but a few bugs.

After killing all Devil Palace\'s Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples, Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s and Devil Palace\'s experts outside the Saint Fate\'s boundary.

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