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Chapter 2553: Six High-Order Saint Fates

While these Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples anticipate Huang Xiaolong\'s failure in integrating with the three high-order Saint Fates, Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls shone brighter still.

A powerful force surged out from each of the holy souls, and these forces were still growing stronger.

At the same time, these three forces enveloped Huang Xiaolong\'s physical body, and the holy light enshrouding him intensified, creating rings of light.

Then, amidst the holy light, darkness energy spread from Huang Xiaolong.

The Holy Lands Alliance experts and Ghost Talisman Holy Gate experts hearts sank to the bottom of the sea as they were looking forward to Huang Xiaolongs failure.

Clearly, Huang Xiaolong\'s integration with the three high-order Saint Fates was extremely smooth and successful!

Damn! I didn\'t expect Huang Xiaolong to really integrate with three high-order Saint Fates simultaneously! Gui Buwang\'s face turned extremely gloomy.

If he successfully integrates with these three high-order Saint Fates, once he breaks through to Primal Ancestor Realm, and after adding his terrifying talent there is no doubt…! Moreover, once he steps into Primal Ancestor Realm, the entire Holy World would be under his feet!

Patriarch, do you think Huang Xiaolong would integrate with the fourth, fifth, and sixth high-order Saint Fates after these three high-order Saint Fates one of the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s hall masters hesitated before asking the doubt in his heart.

Gui Buwang sneered upon hearing that, “Huang Xiaolong could integrate three high-order Saint Fates because he has three holy souls.

It is based on the same logic of integrating one Saint Fate because of one soul that applies to us.

Integrating three high-order Saint Fates is already unprecedented, then how can he integrate the fourth one Much less the fifth Saint Fate!

If he integrates with the fourth Saint Fate, I\'ll change my surname! If he integrates with the fifth high-order Saint Fate, I\'ll avoid him for a hundred million miles in the future! Gui Buwang claimed with steadfast confidence.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s experts exchanged a silent look, but at the same time, they felt that Gui Buwangs words were reasonable.

Huang Xiaolong could integrate three high-order Saint Fates because he had three holy souls, and each holy soul could only integrate with one Saint Fate.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to integrate a fourth or fifth Saint Fate, that was simply a dream.

The passage of time trickled by.

The hour went by, and the holy light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong had grown brighter, even more so the rays of light shining from his three holy souls.

Right at this time, someone suddenly shot out and tried to grab one of the high-order Saint Fates.

He was one of the peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples from the Holy Lands Alliance.

He had already planned to snatch one of the high-order Saint Fates while Huang Xiaolong was preoccupied with integrating the three high-order Saint Fates.

In the same instant the Holy Lands Alliance disciple made his move, Huang Xiaolong\'s closed eyes opened, and two rays of light shot out.

The disciple\'s tragic scream followed soon after.

His body froze in midair, and there was a gaping hole between his brows and in his chest.

Clearly, these two bloody holes were caused by the rays of light from Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

Barely a second later, the disciple plummeted to the ground.


Other disciples were drenched in cold sweat after seeing this result, and they nipped their thoughts in the bud.

Another two hours passed.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong was seen grabbing another three high-order Saint Fates.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s and other holy grounds\' experts\' eyes widened in shock.

Did Huang Xiaolong already refine the three high-order Saint Fates in their preliminary stages! Duan Xuan exclaimed, He wouldn\'t really be planning to integrate six high-order Saint Fates, would he!!

Everyone similarly felt that his notion was ludicrous.

Xue Lingyun too was surprised by Huang Xiaolong.

Although astonished, Gui Buwang snorted, He is being greedy.

He\'s literally seeking death! He has already got three high-order Saint Fates, six will definitely overload him, and he will explode to his death! He\'ll be injured after failing this time.

He will have to wait for the next round of Saint Fate\'s appearance!

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong really planned to integrate the fourth, fifth, even a sixth high-order Saint Fates, Gui Buwang was feeling glee despite his surprise.

Deep down, he didn\'t believe, and refused to accept that Huang Xiaolong could integrate with six high-order Saint Fates.

Not only Gui Buwang, all present leaders and patriarchs, including Xue Lingyun, did not believe Huang Xiaolong would succeed.

Junior Brother Huang, please consider carefully! Xue Lingyun cautioned urgently.

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and nodded at Xue Lingyun, then he went on to absorb the three high-order Saint Fates simultaneously, assimilating with them.

Xue Lingyun and others had no idea how strong Huang Xiaolong\'s holy souls were, but Huang Xiaolong himself knew very well.

The first three high-order Saint Fates were merely enough to fill the teeth gaps of his three holy souls.

So, Huang Xiaolong went ahead with the fourth, fifth, and sixth high-order Saint Fates.

All eyes were focused on Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls.

Especially Gui Buwang was watching Huang Xiaolong like a hawk, and his hands clenched subconsciously due to nervousness as he prayed repeatedly in his heart, \'Explode! Explode! Explode!\'

He lost count of how many times he repeated \'explode\' yet Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls progressed smoothly without a hitch.

An hour passed.

Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls\' holy might continued to soar, and the holy light around Huang Xiaolong shone brighter still.

This! Weird expressions appeared on many Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s experts watching Huang Xiaolong\'s situation.

Judging from what they were seeing, it was already a certainty that Huang Xiaolong would succeed.

They still remembered that not long ago, their patriarch had vowed if Huang Xiaolong really integrated with the fourth and fifth high-order Saint Fates, he would take a hundred million miles detour whenever he met Huang Xiaolong in the future.

Now, Huang Xiaolong had already reached his sixth high-order Saint Fate!

Sensing the pricking gazes from his subordinates, Gui Buwang\'s face felt a little hot.

At the same time, great waves of shock slammed against his heart.

Six Saint Fates, ah!

All high-order Saint Fates! All of them!

This is really…!

Saint Fate was not some ordinary Holy World\'s creature, but supreme treasures nurtured by the Holy World\'s heart, and all other things were incomparable.

In the Holy World\'s history, no one had ever integrated with two or more Saint Fates because integrating with a second Saint Fate was ten times harder than the first Saint Fate.

Moreover, a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciple\'s divine soul couldnt accommodate the integration of a second Saint Fate.

But there was also a legend that had long circulated in the Holy World that if someone could integrate with two or more Saint Fates, then that person would be capable of fighting a Primal Ancestor when he entered Ninth Heaven True Saint!

Against a Primal Ancestor, ah! In a Primal Ancestor expert\'s eyes, even a Ninth Heaven True Saint was no different than an ant, yet those that had integrated with two or more Saint Fates had the strength to bottle a Primal Ancestor!

Just thinking about it sent shivers down Gui Buwang\'s back!

Now, Huang Xiaolong had integrated with six high-order Saint Fates!

Gui Buwang suddenly trembled as a deep fear reared his head in his heart.

Not only Gui Buwang, the Devil Palace\'s present experts as well as those experts who had attempted to stop Huang Xiaolong from entering the Saint Fate\'s boundary were in a daze.

Clearly, all of them had similar thoughts.

The surfing killing intent from Mo Cangli\'s body that was overtaken by fury because of his disciple Huai Po\'s death vanished abruptly, and his heart giving birth to fear.

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