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Chapter 2547: Saint Fate Appears!

The Heavenly Masters, Tyrant Chus, Lord Longs, and Elder Crows faces were gloomy to the extreme upon hearing Qiao Jinyangs real intention.

With the three Devil Palace Masters strengths, and the power of the Devil Prison Forest Grand Formation, it was indeed possible for them to trap the Holy Heavens group at this place for a month, and the possibility was very high!

“Qiao Jinyang, well settle this score with you later,” Tyrant Chu snorted.

Qiao Jinyang was indifferent to the threat in his words.

“Right now, Im getting payback for Bufan first!”

Had it been any other mediocre disciple, Qiao Jinyang wouldnt have been so pissed, but Huang Xiaolong had killed Xie Bufan!

Xie Bufan being the Devil Palaces leader of the holy princes, Qia Jiyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian treated him as the Devil Palaces future pillar!

On top of that, Qiao Jinyang also suspected that Xiao Lengxues, Dou Ruis, and Su Biqings deaths were also related to Huang Xiaolong.


Qiao Jinyangs cold voice was brimming with killing intent as he swung the Fiend Moon Blade in his hand.

In an instant, heaven and earth turned into the devils world, as if the entire world was stained with all things nefarious, and the world itself had become the devil.

The fiend moon took over the sky above and the land below!

The Fiend Moon Blades blade lights condensed into a devilish moon.

Infused with Qiao Jinyangs dao power, the dao artifact Fiend Moon Blade finally bared its true fangs.

The numerous great fiends within the Fiend Moon Blade were roused from their slumber!

The aura of Primal Ancestors enveloped heaven and earth.

The several hundred million miles of Lightning Prison Rivers water churned into a chaotic tsunami, looking agitated and fearful.

Both Cao Nan and Gu Tian also took out their own dao artifacts and attacked without hesitation.

Three top Primal Ancestors powers made every expert in the region feel as if there was a mountain pressing down on them.

“Are those Primal Ancestors fighting!” Fear and panic flickered across the eyes of a True Saint Realm expert who was a patriarch of some holy ground.

“Primal Ancestor Realm!”

Fear spread through holy grounds one after another.

Primal Ancestor Realm experts fighting represented mass destruction! Some low-level and mid-level holy grounds were nothing more than a few grains of sand glued together before the force of a Primal Ancestor, shattered at the slightest touch.

Seeing that the Devil Palaces three Palace Masters had attacked, the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crow knew that a battle was inevitable.

The four of them also took out their dao artifacts and seized the time to send Holy Heavens Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples far away from the battlefield.

They ordered the hall masters to fully activate the Golden Roc Holy Ships defenses to protect the disciples.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Terrifying explosions thundered through the Lightning Prison River region.

Feeling the quaking land under their feet, numerous experts were extremely flustered as it seemed like the world was going to crumble right under their feet.

Various holy grounds patriarchs quickly ordered the defensive formations laid out by the ancestors to be activated.

Many ancestors who had not appeared for a long time were stirred from their meditation, and they came out to coordinate the defensive formations.

But all these efforts were useless as cracks began to appear on these powerful defensive formations in front of their eyes, even though they had been repeatedly strengthened through the years.

And these cracks were growing bigger as they spread.

All holy grounds patriarchs were stupefied.

Since the mere shockwaves were this terrifying, then if a Primal Ancestor aimed his attack at their holy ground, wouldnt that utterly raze that holy ground to dust

The thunderous rumbles in the sky continued.

In less than half an hour, these holy grounds patriarchs grabbed treasures from the treasuries and escaped with all their disciples.

At a moments notice, they couldnt empty out the entire treasuries, but they took away as much as they could.

Half a day later…

The holy grounds in the Lightning Prison River region turned into broken lands, magma shot out from underground, and devastating disaster raged across holy lands.

Stretches of primeval virgin forests that had existed for countless years were swallowed by the earth.

These holy grounds that were nurtured by abundant holy spiritual qi were swallowed up by the broken lands, as devastation and despair took over the land.

In less than a day, these holy grounds were reduced into pieces of rocks in the vast space.

These holy grounds were several hundred million miles away from the Lightning Prison River.

It took at least two days of flight if an average First Heaven True Saint wanted to reach the closest holy ground from the Lightning Prison River.

Yet aftershock destructive powers from Qiao Jinyang and the Heavenly Masters side reduced these holy grounds to rubbles.

Even the farthest part of Black Devil Star Prison was affected by the destructive waves, as devil qi in the sky roiled in anger.

However, the Black Devil Prison Star had the defensive formations laid out by Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian.

Hence, only the outer edges of the Black Devil Prison Star shook due to the aftershock waves.

The war went on.

Soon, the rest of the Holy World got wind of the battle.

“The Devil Palaces three Palace Masters are fighting with the Holy Heavens four Primal Ancestors!”

“The Devil Palace laid out a Devil Prison Forest Grand Formation at the Lightning Prison River in order to block Huang Xiaolong from competing for the Saint Fates! It is said that it would take the Holy Heavens four Primal Ancestors at least one month to break the Devil Prison Forest Grand Formation.

All the Saint Fates would be taken by the time they rush to the Cambrian Pool Star.

Im afraid Huang Xiaolong wont be able to get a share of the Saint Fates during this round!”

“The Devil Palaces three Palace Masters method is brilliant! As long as Huang Xiaolong is unable to enter True Saint Realm, it would be easier for them to kill him in the future.

Moreover, if Huang Xiaolong is unable to enter True Saint Realm this time, who knows when the Saint Fate will appear next.

It could be several hundreds of thousands of years or even tens of millions of years.

During this time, there will be countless opportunities to kill Huang Xiaolong!”

Experts of various factions talked about Huang Xiaolongs predicament with excitement.

Hearing that the Devil Palace was obstructing Huang Xiaolong from dipping his finger into the Saint Fates, there were a lot of holy grounds and ancient races that gloated with glee.

Especially Huai Po, he laughed out loud when he heard the news.

He was gesticulating in elation.

He thought that without Huang Xiaolong, the high-grade Saint Fate would definitely be his!

Who will dare to compete with me now

Lin Xiaoying that little lassie was merely a paper tiger in his eyes.

“Since the Devil Palace dares to do this, arent they afraid that Cangqiong Old Man would retaliate” The Ancient Holy Emperor Duan Xuan voiced his doubt despite his joy.

After all, there were distinctions between strong and weak even among Primal Ancestor Realm experts.

At the mention of Cangqiong Old Man, any Primal Ancestor expert would feel a great pressure if they had to go against him.

Mo Canglis thoughts went further than others, “Most likely Cangqiong Old Man has left the Holy World, and this matter was known by the Devil Palaces Qiao Jinyang, which is why they dare to do so.”

The Ancient Holy Emperor Duan Xuan, Beast Tamer Holy Emperor Shen Jiewen, and the others were shocked by the news.

“What Cangqiong Old Man has left the Holy World!”

“Lord Mo Cangli, is it true that other than our Holy World, there is another Holy Worlds space” Duan Xuan could not help asking.

There had always been a whisper amongst the Holy Worlds top experts about the existance of another Holy Worlds space.

But no one had ever gone there, thus this myth had never been proven.

Mo Cangli nodded his head in affirmation.

“I wasnt certain in the past, but the matter is proved by Cangqiong Old Mans departure.

Cangqiong Old Man must have fully comprehended the Divine Tuo Mountains secrets, and when he climbed to the peak, the Divine Tuo Mountains grand dao energy sent him to another Holy Worlds space!”

Divine Tuo Mountian! It finally dawned on everyone.

Over twenty days passed.

The battle over the Lightning Prison River was still going on, and it had intensified by several degrees.

At this time, speckles of holy light appeared in the dark space, resembling golden fairies dancing in the sky, mesmerizing the beholders.

These golden speckles of light that resembled fairies started to converge, gestating, as if something was going to be born.

Below the Cambrian Pool Stars sky, numerous holy grounds and ancient races experts were looking at the sky with bright burning gazes where these dots of light were converging.

Judging from the sight before them, two more hours, and the Saint Fates would be fully formed and born!

Over an hour later.

Finally, blinding rays erupted from the center of the converging lights.

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