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Huang Xiaolongs reputation in the Holy World soared once again.

Praises for him filled the streets as talks of his achievements broke out—from the time when he had comprehended all twelve heavenly steles, to his insane cultivation speed.

Of course, his battle record in the Mirage Pavilion and his act of climbing to the twenty-thousandth step on the Divine Tuo Mountain were the most talked about.

Huang Xiaolong became a legend in the Holy World, and he became the idol of many cultivators.

It was especially so for those who waited for him at the foot of the Divine Tuo Mountain.

They rushed up and invited him to their factions for a nice cup of tea.

After rejecting them all, Huang Xiaolong laughed and arranged for a banquet in the Divine Tuo City.

He didnt forget to invite the various experts present.

When Huang Xiaolong rejected their request, disappointment filled their hearts.

However, their mood changed when they heard that he was extending an invitation to a banquet held by him the very next day.

Not a single one refused to attend.

When Huang Xiaolong held his celebratory feast the next day, more than five thousand True Saints turned up!

This time, Huang Xiaolong was really shocked.

During the banquet, there were even several True Saints, who tried kissing up to Huang Xiaolong, and they were willing to do anything to enter his faction.

With a nod of his head, Huang Xiaolong could have immediately gained forty True Saint Realm followers!

To everyones surprise, Huang Xiaolong rejected them all.

“No one knows what will happen during the Trial of Blood.

Lets talk about this after the trial ends….” Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly.

Even though there were forty True Saints, who were willing to work for him, most of them had various objectives in mind.

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate to reject them all.

Moreover, he wasnt lacking in True Saint Realm followers.

With his Inextinguishable Dao Heart and three holy souls, he could easily subdue several True Saints when he went out on an adventure.

After controlling them, they would turn into obedient warriors who wouldnt betray him. 

Like the four undead spirits he had obtained in the All Extinguishing Holy Gate, they were loyal to him and him alone.

After staying in the Divine Tuo City for two more days, Huang Xiaolong left.

With Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and the others, they left for the other continents.

During the night, Huang Xiaolong would continue to cultivate.

During the day, he would follow the others to mess about in the various cities.

His days passed quickly, and he felt extremely carefree.

Despite his leisurely pace of life, he couldnt help but think of Shi Xiaofei and the others he had left behind in the Lower Worlds.

Eventually, they toured around several dozen continents and Huang Xiaolong returned to the Holy Heavens City.

By the time he returned, there were only four months left until the Trial of Blood.

On the second day of his return, Huang Xiaolong was summoned by his teachers.

As soon as he arrived before them, they started to speak about the trial.

Ensuring that he was ready, they told him to make preparations to leave for the Ghost Devil City with the other disciples of the organization.

After all, the distance between the Holy Heavens City and the Ghost Devil City wasnt something the disciples could ignore.

They needed to leave three months in advance.

Returning to the Blue Dragon Manor, Huang Xiaolong revealed his plans to Di Huai and the others.

Ensuring that they would be cultivating in the Blue Dragon Manor, Huang Xiaolong told them to wait for his return.

For the next few days, Huang Xiaolong remained in the Blue Dragon Manor to accompany Di Huai and the others.

Reassuring them that he would deal with Fu Yunjie the moment the trial ended, he also promised to head over to the True Reason Holy Gate to flush out Fan Xia to take revenge for Di Huai.

When Di Huai heard that he would be able to take revenge on the man who had killed his entire race, excitement filled his heart.

“Xiaolong, you have to take care of yourself in the trial,” Di Huai reminded Huang Xiaolong.

“When you enter the Ghost Devil City, you will definitely meet Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, and the other members of the Devil Palace.

You have to be prepared to escape if you meet any of them.”

Since Di Huai had no idea that Huang Xiaolong had three holy souls, he was extremely afraid that he would run into trouble.


I will definitely be able to return safely…,” Huang Xiaolong reassured him.

As the days passed, the disciples who were ready to head over to the Trial of Blood gathered in the main hall of the Holy Heavens.

There were more than sixty disciples who had registered, and Tyrant Chu chose to send them over personally.

With Tyrant Chus presence, one could already realize the importance the Holy Heavens placed on the Trial of Blood.

As for the disciples, they became extremely fired up when they realized that one of the Primal Ancestors was leading them over.

Other than the disciples, the Holy Heavens also sent two palace masters, four deputy palace masters, and twelve grand elders.

A total of eighteen experts of the Holy Heavens would set off to ensure the safety of their disciples.

After they gathered, they boarded the Golden Roc Holy Ship.

The Golden Roc Holy Ship was another high-grade holy artifact the Holy Heavens possessed, and it was a little faster than Huang Xiaolongs Winged Dragon Flying Ship.

As the members of the Holy Heavens made their way to the Ghost Devil City, a figure shrouded in death qi shot into the skies of the Black Devil Star Prison.

The aura he emitted was terrifyingly strong, and it caused everyone who looked at him to feel a sense of despair.

As the dark death qi around him slowly started to dissipate, his features were revealed to the world.

Without a doubt, the person who emerged was Xie Bufan, who had requested to enter the Death Cave to cultivate.

A dark light flashed through his eyes, and he raised his head to roar at the heavens.

Like a thousand souls screaming at once, his piercing voice rang through the skies.

“Its time to head over!” As soon as the words left his lips, he tore through the devil qi in the air as he shot towards the Evil Devil City.

In the Clear Snow Palace, three figures emerged from the forbidden grounds deep in the territory.

Tan Juan, Li Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying showed themselves.

Their bodies were like the purest of ice as they were completely unblemished by the outside world.

The air around them was different when compared to their previous selves.

It was especially so for Tan Juan.

There was a mark between her eyebrows, and it felt extremely similar to the Holy Mandate Imprint. 

“Lets head over to the main palace,” Tan Juan spoke, “Master has been waiting for us.”

Soaring into the skies, the three ladies shot through the skies.

“I wonder if the person youre thinking of is going to the Ghost Devil City…,” Ji Xinyi stared at Lin Xiaoying and teased.

Lin Xiaoying faltered slightly, and her face flushed red.

She widened her eyes, and she pouted slightly.

“Senior Sister Xinyi, youre so mean! You cant speak of this again!”

“Are you afraid that Huang Xiaolong will overhear our conversation” Ji Xinyi chuckled softly.

In an instant, clear laughter rang through the skies.

“Senior Sister Tan Juan, if you manage to obtain the first position in the Trial of Blood, Martial Ancestor will reward you with a mysterious gift.” Ji Xinyi changed the topic suddenly and turned to Tan Juan.

“I heard rumors that the mystery gift will consist of a Cangqiong Holy Pill….”

Tan Juan explained by shaking her head, “Even if it isnt, it will definitely be something comparable to a Cangqiong Holy Pill.”

“With Senior Sister Tan Juans current abilities, taking first place wouldnt be a challenge!” Lin Xiaoying giggled at the side.

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