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Chapter 2461: Prosperity of the Dragons

Huang Xiaolongs Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead hovered in high air, next to each other, glistening like the scales of a dragon and emitting rings of Buddha luminance.

Originally, when Huang Xiaolongs Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead had appeared, its momentum was still suppressed by Jin Taijis Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead.

But, when the All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead entered the lineup, the two complete dao saint godheads aura merged harmoniously, and it soared, seemingly gaining a momentum that was going to turn the tides on Jin Taijis Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead!

Despite the presence of two saint godheads aura, it still seemed slightly weaker in comparison, but it was a negligible difference.

Although both the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead ranked below twenty, their synergy was not so simple as merely doubling their powers.

When the two complete dao saint godheads combined, their powers rose exponentially.

After looking at the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead side by side in the air above Huang Xiaolongs head, Li Chens, Xie Yaos, and the others faces looked very ugly for the first time.

This was true, especially for Li Chen, as his hands clenched, and his fingers digging into his palms.

His eyes were bloodshot.

Huang Xiaolong that b*stard, how did his complete dao saint godheads evolve so quickly! How!!!

Logically speaking, when Huang Xiaolong had defeated Sui Yunfeng, his complete dao saint godheads were estimated to be in the top thirty, and it was absolutely impossible for Huang Xiaolongs two complete dao saint godheads to be the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and the All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead.

Could it be…! Li Chen thought of a possibility and his ashened.

At the same time, the crowd erupted, as everyone was flabbergasted.

Similar to Li Chen, they were shocked not only by Huang Xiaolongs Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead, but more importantly because his two complete dao saint godheads had risen so close to the top twenty ranks!

“This, this is really too scary….” Ji Xinyis voice trembled.

Too terrifying! This was the feeling that dominated her heart.

How long has it been since Huang Xiaolong entered the Holy Heavens

In a few short years, Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godheads had actually evolved almost into the top twenty!

And one of them was the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead that was ranked twenty-first.

Give Huang Xiaolong several hundred years time, and wouldn\'t his complete dao saint godhead be able to rise into the top ten ranks for certain At that time, Huang Xiaolong would have two complete dao saint godheads in the top ten ranks…!

At that time, who in the same cultivation realm would be a match against Huang Xiaolong

Similar thoughts as Ji Xinyu were running through Lin Xiaoyings mind.

Her eyes were wide with astonishment.

As for Tan Juan, she could hardly suppress the tidal waves of shock in her heart.

No wonder Huang Xiaolong dared to challenge the entire Holy World, based on Huang Xiaolongs potential, in a sense, he is already invincible!

Invincible amongst Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint and below!

In the entire Holy World, no one at the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint could defeat Huang Xiaolong.

Although Huang Xiaolongs two complete dao saint godheads were the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead, and their powers had merged harmoniously, Jin Taijis Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead was still stronger.

However, dont forget that Huang Xiaolong also had the Holy Mandate Imprint!

The fourth Holy Mandate Imprint in the Holy World so far!

Right at this time, the Holy Mandate Imprint between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows shone in blinding crepuscular rays, and the Holy Worlds origin energy poured from the void, endlessly and vigorously like a galaxial river.

With the support from the Holy Mandate Imprints origin energy, the phantoms of Huang Xiaolongs Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godheads momentum reached a new high, and it was enough to suppress Jin Taijis Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead.

Upon watching this scene, Dou Rui who was happily mocking Huang Xiaolong, could not utter another word.

The Devil Palaces disciples behind him had long fallen quiet, and the noisy clamoring from the Vajra Race group stopped altogether.

Like the others present, Jin Taiji was taken aback by Huang Xiaolongs Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead.

But Jin Taiji was quick to recover, and his eyes lit up with raging war intent as his aura intensified.

“Huang Xiaolong, even if you have the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead, and the Holy Mandate Imprint, Ill defeat you just the same today!”

Upon seeing that Jin Taijis desire for battle had raged higher with his head raised up, Huang Xiaolong inwardly complimented him, and said, “Very good, please make your move!”

Jin Taiji wasted no time with nonsense, and his Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead shone brightly, attracting the energy from all around to gather towards it as endless chaos essence energy poured down.

A complete dao saint godhead was able to absorb heaven and earths energy when out of the body, hence, many experts would summon their complete dao saint godheads out during battles.

Then again, it was also a risky action as this made the complete dao saint godhead an easy target.

“Great Crossing Palms!”

Jin Taiji lunged forward with one foot, resembling a giant moving forward as the entire battle stage shook from his movements.

His palms struck out towards Huang Xiaolong with great force.

It was still the Great Crossing Palms, but this time around, the palm force was more dynamic by several folds!


The space between them was akin to a fragile piece of paper that was torn into pieces upon contact, and there were clear golden palm prints in the void.

These palm prints seemed eternal, never dissipating, and one look at them, the viewer would give birth to an impulse to worship them piously.

This was the terrifying effect of the Great Crossing Palms, and it could influence a persons soul and will without prejudice.

Those with weak soul force and weak willpower, couldnt even muster up the thought of resisting, and they would be reduced to be fools, who would stand dazed on the spot until the attack struck them.

This was one of the reliance that gave Jin Taiji the confidence that he would defeat Huang Xiaolong since he had cultivated the Great Crossing Palms!

The Great Crossing Palms was one of the top ten most powerful holy martial arts!

However, how strong was Huang Xiaolongs soul The effects of the Great Crossing Palms did not influence him at all as he promptly raised his palms and met the attack head-on.

In the same instant Huang Xiaolong struck out with his palms, the crowd saw a sight that they would never forget in a lifetime.

Various divine dragons appeared in rolling waves from Huang Xiaolongs body, from azure, golden, yellow dragons, blood dragons, giant dragons, to Buddha dragons.

Countless divine dragons formed great kingdoms of dragons.

More and more dragon kingdoms appeared, expanding, and growing stronger, and each kingdom reached the peak of an era.

The prosperity of these dragon kingdoms was so real, and it was right in Huang Xiaolongs palms, as if they were not phantoms at all.

“Prosperity of the Dragons!”

Some experts in the crowd blurted.

The words reverberated strongly in everyones mind!

The Prosperity of the Dragons!

The Holy Heavens Lord Longs grand dao art!

Wu Ge, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Zhan Zhiyuan, and others forces higher echelons were flabbergasted, and their hearts gave birth to a strong trepidation and awe as they looked at Huang Xiaolongs palms, as if Huang Xiaolong was holding a supreme treasure trove in his hands.

This was a grand dao art!

Li Chens shocked face gradually paled, like the blood had been drained from his body.

His feet staggered, and his throat went dry, “The, the Prosperity of the Dragons!”

He had worshipped Lord Long as his master for so many years, yet Lord Long had never passed down the Prosperity of the Dragons to him!

Whereas, Huang Xiaolong had spent a mere fraction of the time compared to Li Chen since entering the Holy Heavens.

His master, Lord Long, had actually passed down the Prosperity of the Dragons to Huang Xiaolong instead of him!

Why! The question repeated in Li Chens mind.

He was the chief Holy Prince!

“Huang Xiaolong even learned Lord Longs Prosperity of the Dragons!” Ji Xinyi, Lin Xiaoying, and Tan Juan felt their minds go blank with shock.

Not only were they shocked to see the Prosperity of Dragons, but they were even more bewildered that Huang Xiaolong had mastered the Prosperity of Dragons in the short decades since he had entered the Holy Heavens!

Even for someone as outstanding as Jin Taiji, it would take more than a few decades to master the Great Crossing Palms holy martial art, then whats more to the Prosperity of the Dragons, a grand dao art.

After seeing Huang Xiaolongs counterattack, Jin Taiji circulated the power of his Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead with a mad frenzy, and chaos essence energy poured down twice as fast, greatly increasing the Great Crossing Palms attack power.

The Chaos Hollow Saint Godhead had the power to reverse yin yang, and fixed the cosmos, and its power was greater than the Life Reversing Saint Godhead.

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