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Chapter 2425: Fiery Sun Ginseng


Millions of sword qi cut through the air and arrived before the two of them in the blink of an eye.

Terror gripped their hearts, and they desperately tried to resist Huang Xiaolongs attack.

However, they couldnt beat Song Cheng even if they joined hands, and they were naturally incapable to defend against the person who had overpowered Song Cheng with the sword formation.

The seed of hope didnt even form in their heart as they realized that it was hopeless.

The moment he directed the power of the Dark Sacred Sword Formation at them, the sword qi shredded their defences and they were cut up mercilessly.

Since they were injured earlier when Huang Xiaolong had revealed his holy souls, the dark sacred sword qi entered their bodies, worsening their injuries.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was stepping in to assist them, Chen Zhi and the others quickly assisted from the side, and they attacked frenziedly.

“Both of you have already seen the fate of Song Chen.” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently, “I will only give you one chance to choose whether you would like to serve me, or to end up like Song Cheng.

Remember, you only get one chance to choose….

Youll be treated no differently from them if you choose to submit.”

Evidently, he was referring to Chen Zhi and the others.

The Departing Sword Sage spoke up all of a sudden, “To tell you the truth, ourYoung Master is Huang Xiaolong, and he is the direct disciple of the four Primal Ancestors of the Holy Heavens!”

“What Huang… Huang Xiaolong! Hes the legendary Huang Xiaolong!” The two True Saints were greatly shocked.

Huang Xiaolong had comprehended twelve sacred steles when he had taken the entrance exam of the Holy Heavens, and he had managed to take all four Primal Ancestors as his masters.

He was named the number one genius in the Holy World, and his talent was said to eclipse Mo Cangli.

Right now, his name was resounding loud and clear in the various holy grounds.

“Thats right, youre looking at the one and only, Huang Xiaolong!” Yu Ming continued, “Who else will be able to possess two great holy souls! Who will be able to form their holy soul before entering the True Saint Realm Its only a matter of time before our Young Master becomes the number one person in the Holy World! Youll be able to receive endless glory if you agree to follow him!”

The two True Saints were speechless as they turned to look at each other.

Huang Xiaolong didnt continue to bombard them with sword qi.

However, the sword qi didnt disappear as it hovered above the two True Saints.

As soon as they refused, he would no longer hesitate to cut their heads off.

Miserable screams rang through the skies while they were considering their fates.

The experts of the Black Inferno Race were done in by the profound beasts and their screams slowly subsided.

“Alright, we can serve you, but you have to release my disciples!” One of the True Saints finally gave in and pointed to his disciples among those captured.

After hesitating for a moment, the other True Saint agreed to submit after begging him to release his disciples.

“Alright!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and smiled, “As long as you are willing to surrender, I will release them.”

“In fact, I will also spare the other disciples of the Black Inferno Race.”

Seeing as the two True Saints had surrendered, most of the half-True Saint Realm disciples were also willing to do so.

However, there were still some who wished to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Those who were adamant about taking revenge were either Song Chengs disciples or those who were loyal to Zhan Bo.

Huang Xiaolong showed no mercy towards them as he devoured their saint attributes instantly.

After seeing how a ton of disciples from the Black Inferno Race were killed by Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye, the two True Saints felt their hearts trembling.

After he was done, Huang Xiaolong made them swear an oath on the grand dao before planting grandmist holy spiritual qi into the bodies of the two True Saints.

From that moment on, there were another two True Saints following behind Huang Xiaolong!

Including Chen Zhi and the other two, he had five True Saint Realm followers!

In the majority of the various holy lands, there would be only one or two True Saint Realm experts.

The Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was a good example as Di Huai was the only other True Saint Realm expert holding the fort.

If Huang Xiaolong were to add him into the fray, he would have six True Saints following him wherever he went!

Naturally, he was satisfied.

Now, with his own strength rising continuously and the number of True Saints around him growing, he would no longer need to rely on the Holy Heavens to gain a foothold in the Holy World!

If he refined the Four Seas Holy Grounds in the future, he would be able to borrow the strength of the various True Saints to refine it, increasing its strength by many folds!

If he had a hundred True Saints tempering the Four Seas Holy Grounds, he would be sure that its strength would reach a terrifying level

“One hundred experts…,” Huang Xiaolong mumbled.

Even though he only had a few True Saints as his subordinates now, he believed that it was only a matter of time before he would achieve his goal of having a hundred of them.

Soon after, he ordered for everyone present to clean up the mess.

“Young Master, shall we head to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range now” Sun Xiang, one of the True Saints from the Black Inferno Race, asked.

“Thats right, Young Master.

The reason Ao Zhao from the Yang Dragon Race left seclusion is because of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range!” Li Huajun, the other True Saint, added.

“Theres no rush.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said, “Even if they discover the Devil Fetus, they wont be able to obtain it easily.”

From Zhan Bos memories, Huang Xiaolong had learned that the reason so many people were mobilized was because of the birth of the Devil Fetus in the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

The only thing he didnt know was how the patriarch of the Black Inferno Race had learned about its birth.

The moment he had received the news, he had sent his son, Zhan Bo, over to retrieve it!

This Devil Fetus was born from absorbing the holy spiritual qi in the Holy World, and even though it had gained its demonic nature from the Devil Fetus Mountain Range, it could be considered a great tonic as long as one managed to refine its demonic nature.

The only down side of the treasure was that it was only useful to half True Saint Realm experts.

It had little to no effect on True Saints.

The reason why Huang Xiaolong was not in a rush was because he had already noticed a chance in the space at the bottom of the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain when fighting Song Cheng earlier.

Fiery Sun Ginseng

It could also be the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid.

“You guys head there first and wait for me, Ill catch up with you soon,” Huang Xialong said to Chen Zhi and the rest.

After nodding in acknowledgement, they slowly made their way to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

Huang Xiaolong drilled into the ground and disappeared from everyones sight.

He flew straight down and only stopped when he was tens of thousands of feet underground.

He circulated his three saint godheads, and his body was covered in flames as he merged into the space before him.

As soon as he entered the space, he encountered flames in his surroundings that were extremely bright that managed to blind him for a second.

He quickly locked his gaze onto a three to four metre high human-shaped giant ginseng that was suspended in the air and sucked in a cold breath.

The human-shaped giant ginseng was surrounded by flames, and holy spiritual qi around it surged through the surroundings in waves.

A strong medicinal fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

“Fiery Sun Ginseng!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong entered the space, the Fiery Sun Ginseng immediately sensed it, and its whole body shuddered.

Even though it tried to escape, Huang Xiaolong would never let it! He activated the Darkness Holy Ring to form a defensive barrier around the space and he released his dragon attributed holy soul to capture the ginseng.

It took less than a second for him to shove the Fiery Sun Ginseng into the Darkness Holy Ring!

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