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Chapter 2413: You Refined It!

The four Primal Ancestors practically blew up the instant they received news about the bet.

It was especially so for Tyrant Chu, who was known for having the worst temper out of the four.

Lord Long didnt rank too far behind in terms of temperament, and he raged for half a day when he learned of it.

Naturally, he was the second person to berate Huang Xiaolong.

“Are you looking down on everyone because of your talent Do you think you can do as you wish because youre the most talented disciple the Holy World has ever seen Youre just a Venerable! How are you going to obtain a spot in the top three hundred participants in the Trial of Blood!”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but stare at the four masters with a look of helplessness.

He knew that they were extremely concerned for him, and he knew that they were lashing out at him because of the concern they had for him.

If Xie Yao and the others were the ones to make the bet, they wouldnt be bothered.

“WAIT A MINUTE!” The Heavenly Master leaped to his feet and stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous look.


You broke through to the half-True Saint Realm!”

The moment the words left his lips, Tyrant Chu and Lord Long felt their minds going blank.

The angry expression on their faces dissipated, and they turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong intently.

They widened their eyes in shock, and their jaws dropped in disbelief.

Elder Crow, who was seated at the side, was no different.

“Half… Half-True Saint!” Tyrant Chu mumbled incoherently for a moment.

“First Tribulation half-True Saint!”

Previously, they were betting on whether or not Huang Xiaolong had entered the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm.

The Heavenly Master was the only one who had believed that Huang Xiaolong had broken past the early-Ninth Order Venerable Realm, and he had placed a huge bet down on Huang Xiaolong.

None of them had even thought it was possible for Huang Xiaolong to enter the Tenth Order Venerable Realm!

The thought was crushed the moment it entered their minds.

One day ago, they wouldnt have believed that Huang Xiaolong had broken into the Tenth Order Venerable Realm even if a supreme existence had descended to beat some sense into them.


Huang Xiaolong had proven them all wrong!

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Master roared with laughter.

He reached out and pointed at Tyrant Chu and the others.

“Pay up! Ten Star Transferring Holy Pills each! No going back on your word!”

Tyrant Chu and the other two froze as colorful expressions lit up their faces.

With a pained expression, they took out ten Star Transferring Pills each and passed them to the Heavenly Master.

“Incredible! Brat, how did you enter the half-True Saint Realm” Lord Long wore an unresigned expression as he asked Huang Xiaolong.

The three others quickly turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

With no other choice, Huang Xiaolong could only explain himself, “I found a holy lake in the Profound River with properties similar to the Lake of Fire and Ice….”

The four Primal Ancestors stared at each other in stunned silence.

He actually found it!

“I also managed to locate several holy herbs in the Profound River….”

“What! Holy herbs!” The four Primal Ancestors yelled in shock.

“How many did you find!” The Heavenly Master quickly followed up when he heard that Huang Xiaolong hadnt told them of the exact number.

“Over a hundred….”

Huang Xiaolong had managed to find more than five hundred stalks, but he was afraid the four Primal Ancestors would suffer a heart attack if he told them the true number.

As such, he decided to come up with a more believable number.

“You… A hundred!” The Heavenly Master and the three other Primal Ancestors felt a wave of dizziness when they heard the number Huang Xiaolong reported.

“Thats right.

I also refined half of it on my way back.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

“What!” The four Primal Ancestors felt their visions going black when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“You… How… What! You refined them immediately!” Tyrant Chu reached out to grab Huang Xiaolongs arm, and he shook the kid violently.

It was as though he wanted to tear Huang Xiaolong limb from limb for wasting precious treasures.

Those were holy herbs they were talking about!

Huang Xiaolong had refined the herbs without proper preparation.

He was basically wasting heaven-sent resources….

Tyrant Chus eyes turned bloodshot as he mourned the loss of the herbs.

It felt as though his heart was bleeding when he thought about what had happened.

In fact, the three others werent doing much better.

If not for the fact that Tyrant Chu had grabbed Huang Xiaolong, they would have done the job for him.

“I refined eighty stalks, and there are forty left….” Huang Xiaolong revealed aninnocent expression.

He knew that they would reprimand him for wasting resources, but he hadnt expected for their reactions to be so huge.

It was lucky he didnt report the fact that he had refined more than four hundred stalks.

If he did, he would probably be beaten to death already.

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong didnt understand the reactions of the four Primal Ancestors.

He was the one who had lost the most….

“Actually… Actually…,” Huang Xiaolong continued.

“What What are you going to tell us now” The Heavenly Master sucked in a long breath to calm himself before asking.

“Please dont be angry if I tell you what Im about to tell you….” Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a moment and said.

Tyrant Chu sucked in a long breath as he suppressed the blood that had rushed to his brain.


Were ready for whatever youre about to throw at us.”

“I also managed to obtain a White Boned Dark Lotus.”

“What! Thats a high-grade holy herb!” The four of them stared fervently at Huang Xiaolong the moment he said it.

“But… I refined it….” Huang Xiaolong squeaked when he noticed the stares of the four Primal Ancestors.

“WHAT!!” The rage that Tyrant Chu had forcefully suppressed returned in an instant.

He erupted like a volcano.

The four of them felt their visions going dark in an instant.

Seeing that the four of them stayed silent, so Huang Xiaolong decided to continue, “I also managed to obtain the Four Seas Holy Symbol from the Four Seas Holy Emperor, who has been missing.

I received his inheritance.”

When the four of them heard what he said, their hearts shook.

They stared at him like they were looking at the goddess of fortune herself, and they felt as though they had gained a new understanding of this disciple of theirs.

The Heavenly Master sighed after a long period of silence.

“Its no wonder you managed to enter the half-True Saint Realm in such a short amount of time.”

“Smelly brat, why am I so unlucky compared to you!” Tyrant Chu snorted.

The four of them were extremely talented as proven by their current cultivation level.

They had met with fortuitous encounters throughout their cultivation journey, but when they compared themselves to Huang Xiaolong, they were merely commoners when it came to treasure hunting.

“Even though you have broken into the half-True Saint Realm, youre just a First Tribulation half-True Saint.” Tyrant Chu finally accepted his fate, and he decided to analyze the situation.

“Its almost impossible for you to succeed in obtaining a top three hundred ranking.”

“To tell you the truth, the Trial of Blood consists of you killing ghost devils in the Ghost Devil City.

Anyone under the age of a hundred thousand years old will be able to take part in the trial.

With the current pool of disciples in the Holy World, we know of more than a hundred True Saints with terrifying talent.

As for those unknown True Saints under a hundred thousand years old, there are bound to be several dozens of them.”

“As for those at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, there are no less than a thousand of them! Even peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints wont be able to pass the Trial of Blood.”

Tyrant Chu explained the situation to Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, you can get ready to kneel at the gates of the city.” Tyrant Chus anger flared up once again, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

However, the anger in him was much more muted as compared to before.

More than half his anger had left him when he learned that Huang Xiaolong had entered the half-True Saint Realm.

With a sneaky grin on his face, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Will the rankings be based on the number of ghost devils killed”

Lord Long snorted when he saw that Huang Xiaolong wasnt taking it seriously.

“Thats right.

Brat, do you think that you can kill ghost devils as fast as peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints”

A chuckle left Huang Xiaolongs lips.

Even though he was a First Tribulation half-True Saint, he had three holy souls! It was true that his killing speed wouldnt be the same as a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints.

When he summoned all three holy souls in the trial, his speed wouldnt lose to a late-First Heaven True Saint!

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