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Chapter 2388: Members of the Teng Family!

No matter where he looked, Huang Xiaolong failed to find the items he wanted.

A level-seven origin herb was the most precious herb the city had to offer, and there wasnt a need to speak about level-nine or ten origin spiritual herbs.

As for pill furnaces, the best they saw was a top-grade supreme spiritual artifact.

Even though it was precious to others, it was nothing more than scrap metal to Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, top-grade supreme-spiritual-artifact-leveled furnaces could be used to refine level-ten origin spiritual pills, but the effects of it would be greatly affected.

Despite that, they failed to find a single saint-level artifact after strolling through the entire city.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face when he thought about how he would have to ask his masters for a better furnace in order to refine pills.

Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Tyrant Chu, and Elder Crow were supreme figures in the Holy Heavens.

They were bound to possess saint-level furnaces and if Huang Xiaolong asked them for it, they would give him one without batting an eyelid.

However, he didnt wish to do that.

He never thought of asking them for anything.

After all, he wasnt one of those young masters who would rely on their masters for everything,

“Young Master, are you looking for a saint-level furnace” Chen Zhi asked.

“Theres one located in the Four Seas Holy Gate.”

“Oh!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in surprise.

“The Four Seas Saint Furnace”

What an unexpected surprise

“Thats right.

Its said that the Four Seas Holy Emperor, Ren Yubao, made use of it in the past! Rumors had it that he had used several million years and countless precious treasures and metal essence from the Holy World to craft it! However, there were also some, who said that he had obtained it after exploring a forbidden region.” Chen Zhi continued, “Whatever the case, the Four Seas Saint Furnace is a low-grade saint artifact.”

A trace of light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Is Lu Ding holding on to the furnace”

“Thats right.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in affirmation.

As long as it was with Lu Ding, there werent any problems.

Despite it being a low-grade saint artifact, it was more than enough for Huang Xiaolong.

With it, Huang Xiaolong would manage to refine his holy herbs with the greatest efficiency.

His level-ten origin spiritual pills would be at the peak of their medicinal quality!

Since he knew that the Four Seas Saint Furnace was with Lu Ding, Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered shopping around.

Just as he was about to return to his courtyard, they passed a shop and Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock when he noticed an item.

Without a second thought, he turned and entered the shop.

Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage stared at each other with a weird look in their eyes and they followed behind him.

As soon as he entered, Huang Xiaolong stood before a metal board.

Looking at the slab of metal before him, one wouldnt be able to notice anything special.

When the two True Saints noticed the board, they nearly jumped in fright.

“Black Gold Metal!”

Black Gold Metal was one of the rarest metals in the Holy World, and it was one of the main resources needed to craft low-grade saint artifacts.

No one had thought that a random shop in the city would put a massive slab of Black Gold Metal up for sale.

Despite their shock, neither of them knew the actual reason behind Huang Xiaolongs attraction to the metal slab.

From the metal plate, Huang Xiaolong could feel a trace of grandmist holy spiritual aura!

Never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that there would be traces of grandmist holy spiritual aura on the metal slab!

Noticing the traces of auras on it, Huang Xiaolong was sure that the Black Gold Metal was extracted from somewhere with grandmist holy spiritual aura!

Without hesitating, Huang Xiaolong called the boss of the shop over and asked, “Boss, where did you obtain this slab of Black Gold Metal”

Touching the stubble on his chin, the owner of the shop ignored Huang XIaolongs question and replied with one of his own.

“Is Young Master interested in buying this slab of Black Gold Metal”

A crafty smile could be seen on his face when the question left his lips.

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong didnt bother going about in circles, and he continued, “I would also like to inquire about the origins of this metal slab!”

“Its ten billion holy bills! If you wish to know where it came from, it will cost you another ten billion! Its twenty billion in total!” The owner of the shop grinned.

“What!” Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage raged when they heard his reply.

It was clear that the owner took Huang Xiaolong as a fat sheep waiting to be fleeced!

There was no way the board could be sold for anywhere near ten billion holy bills! In fact, the market price of the board was somewhere around a billion! As for the origins of the treasure, it should have been included for free! Right now, the owner had inflated the price by twenty times!

Huang Xiaolong held up his hand to stop the two from dealing with the shop owner.

“Twenty billion it is.” Huang Xiaolong agreed.

The metal slab might not be worth twenty billion, but it was a bargain for a clue to obtain grandmist holy qi!

The shop owner stared at Huang Xiaolong for a whole second in stunned silence.

He had expected for the kid to negotiate, but Huang Xiaolong shocked him by agreeing to the price instantly!

He couldnt help but stare at the slab of Black Gold Metal again.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt notice anything special with it.

Of course, as a shrewd businessman, he quickly realized that the location was Huang Xiaolongs true goal.

He chuckled to himself when he realized Huang Xiaolongstrue objective.

When he had found the slab of Black Gold Metal, he had searched through millions upon millions of miles around the ore deposit but failed to find a second piece.

It was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to dig out another deposit!

To him, Huang Xiaolong was using ten billion to purchase a piece of worthless intelligence!

No longer bothering with the owner, Huang Xiaolong tossed out a spatial divine artifact.

When the owner of the shop inspected its contents, he saw holy bills stacked up into a mountain.

Seeing that there were exactly twenty billion bills, a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

He passed the slab of Black Gold Metal over and said, “Young Master is really decisive.

Now that the treasure is yours, I can tell you where I got it from! I managed to obtain it in the Purple Cloud Sea.”

“Purple Cloud Sea” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

The Purple Cloud Sea was another forbidden region located in the Holy World and even though it wasnt as dangerous as the Profound River, it was somewhere True Saints wouldnt step into without proper cause!

Huang Xiaolong had heard about the Purple Cloud Sea from the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds in the past, and Emperor Yu was the one who had brought it up!

“Where in the Purple Cloud Sea” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The Purple Cloud Sea was boundless, and even if True Saints explored the place, it would take them several dozen years to comb the area.

It didnt make sense for Huang Xiaolong to search blindly.

“This… Im not too sure…” Another thought flashed in the owners mind, and he quickly evaded the question.

A sneer appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

It was impossible for someone at the owners level to forget the location of a treasure.

After taking twenty billion holy bills from Huang Xiaolong, he was planning to conceal the information the man wanted! How was it possible

As he tapped the profound beast under him, it released its aura and locked onto the shop owner.

A short burst nearly suffocated him.

After retreating several steps and regaining his senses, the owner felt the blood draining from his face.

“High-level Half-True Saint!” No… It was possibly even stronger!


I do not wish to repeat myself.” Huang Xiaolong stared at the owner and said icily.

“Its in the vicinity of the Devil Origin Mountain Range!” The shop owner no longer dared to hide anything, and he revealed everything he knew.

“Its ten billion miles north of the mountain range.” As if he was afraid he wasnt specific enough, he quickly added some details.

Allowing the beast to restrain its aura, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the owner was dripping with cold sweat.

“You better be speaking the truth.

If I ever discover that you lied to me….” A chilly gaze flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he glared at the shop owner.

“No! No, no, no! I didnt speak a single word of falsehood!” The shop owner explained hastily.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, and he left the shop with Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage.

Before he could leave, a lady ran straight into him and the lingering fragrance around her entered his nose.

Not giving him anytime to react, a huge group of men charged towards Huang Xiaolong, and it was clear that they were there for the girl.

“Yang Xin, you have nowhere to run now!” Someone in the group roared with laughter.

Yang Xin Wasnt that the young lady of the Yang Family

A lightbulb lit up in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

“Young Master, those people are from the Teng Family.” The Departing Sword Sage pointed at them and introduced them to Huang Xiaolong.

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