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Chapter 2367: Fantasy Came True

Lin Xiaoyings fixed gaze made Huang Xiaolong feel a little awkward.

Huang Xiaolong touched his face with an awkward smile and asked, “What Is there a flower on my face Or have I become more handsome”

Lin Xiaoying reacted and scoffed, “Handsome, based on your looks”

Indeed, Huang Xiaolongs currentface was incomparable to his real looks.

At most, his currentface could only be considered as above passable.

“You have already broken through to Seventh Order Venerable” Lin Xiaoyings tone took a turn as she changed the subject.

She remembered clearly that Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was just as the mid-Sixth Order Venerable when Lin Xiaoying had first encountered Huang Xiaolong in the Profound City.

But now, in less than three years, he had actually advanced to Seventh Order Venerable!


This kind of speed was unprecedented, and she had never heard of something like this before.

“Coincidence, coincidence.” Huang Xiaolong smiled sheepishly, “After coming to the Profound River, I had quite a fortuitous adventure.

After adding that to the unique technique I cultivate, my cultivation speed is a little bit faster than others.”

Coincidence Just a little bit faster than others

For a moment, Lin Xiaoying didnt know what to say.

How was this merely a little bit faster than others Others were riding on a cow cart, on the back of a snail, whereas Huang Xiaolong was shooting forward in a top-grade saint artifact flying ship!

Quite a fortuitous adventure At this time, Lin Xiaoying had to admit that Huang Xiaolongs luck was very good.

How could something like that be considered as quite a fortuitous adventure If it wasnt a super unparalleled fortuitous adventure, how could this kids cultivation enter Seventh Order Venerable from mid-Seventh Order Venerable in less than three years!!

“Are we… leaving this place now” Seeing that Lin Xiaoying was a little dazed while looking at him, Huang Xiaolong spoke to break the awkward atmosphere.

Lin Xiaoying came to her senses and nodded, still looking a little lost in thought.

Huang Xiaolong took out the Golden Pig Treasure and followed by Lin Xiaoyings side.

Upon noticing the golden pig Huang Xiaolong was riding, Lin Xiaoyings dazed expression disappeared completely, and her eyes shone brightly, “So cute! You, where did you buy this flight artifact”

He looked at Lin Xiaoyings covetous expression as her eyes were fixed on the golden pig below him, with her line of sight coincidentally close to his crotch.

This made Huang Xiaolong a bit embarrassed, “I got this by accident.

I didnt buy it.”

In all honesty, until now, Huang Xiaolong still couldnt decide whether the Golden Pig Treasure was a flight artifact or an attack artifact.

After arriving in the Holy World, most of the time he used the golden pig as a flight artifact.

The golden pigs power had been increasing these years that it could already snatch away a high-grade spiritual artifact.

Even though the golden pig still couldnt snatch away a saint artifact, it was only a matter of time.

The golden pigs power was still improving.

“Ah, its so cute!” The more Lin Xiaoying looked at the golden pig, the more she thought it was cute that she shrieked the same sentence several times.

Goosebumps ran down Huang Xiaolongs neck.

Cute Although Huang Xiaolong was aware that Lin Xiaoyings object of praise was the golden pig, his thoughts inevitably went astray because Lin Xiaoyings line of sight was very close to his crotch….

Lin Xiaoying did not notice Huang Xiaolongs awkwardness or embarrassment, and her dainty hands rubbed the golden pigs head.

She rubbed happily as she greeted, “Hello, Little Piggy.”

A human-like smile flashed over the golden pigs face as it put on a cute posture in front of Lin Xiaoying.

The sparkling in Lin Xiaoyings eyes grew brighter, and she repeatedly praised the golden pig and called him cute.

After teasing the golden pig for a while, she couldnt resist saying, “Lets change our mounts, erm, you ride on my snow beast, and Ill ride on the little golden pig”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied.

“Come on, move quickly, you go ride on my snow beast.” Lin Xiaoying urged.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly as it didnt seem like he had an option to refuse.

The question was…!

“Just one day.” Lin Xiaoying stated decisively looking at Huang Xiaolongs reluctant face.

“Just one day” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, just for one day!” Lin Xiaoying guaranteed.

Apparently, Huang Xiaolong could only agree to exchange rides with Lin Xiaoying.

Huang Xiaolong leaped onto Lin Xiaoyings snow beast while Lin Xiaoying rode on the golden piggy.

He was not afraid Lin Xiaoying wouldkidnap the golden pig away, because there was his grandmist holy mark on the golden pig.

“Well make an agreement beforehand, if we find a holy herb, it belongs to whoever finds it first.”

Huang Xiaolong said to Lin Xiaoying from the snow beasts back.

If they really came across a holy herb, as generous as Huang Xiaolong usually was, it wasnt to the point of yielding a holy herb right in front of his eyes to others.

Lin Xiaoying pursed her lips and smiled, an undeniably beautiful smile, as she responded, “Fine, fine, fine! If we really come across any holy herb, it goes to the person who finds it.

I guarantee I wont compete with you!”

This dummy is still fantasizing he could find holy herbs Lin Xiaoying smiled and shook her head inwardly.

In her opinion, Huang Xiaolong was literally daydreaming.

How could it be so easy to find a holy herb

How many experts had entered the Profound River in these hundreds of millions of years, but how many of them had really found holy herb, and how many did they find

But while these thoughts were still passing through Lin Xiaoyings mind, she suddenly noticed the elation on Huang Xiaolongs face.

In the next second, he nudged the snow beast forward, speeding towards a location in the distance ahead.

Lin Xiaoying stiffened, and then with a baffled face, she nudged the golden pig to quickly follow Huang Xiaolong.

Before long, she saw Huang Xiaolong fly out from a small valley with a fruit that appeared to be jade or stone.

Around the fruit was a holy spiritual halo that resembled the rising sun.

“No, no, this cant be happening, right” Lin Xiaoying rubbed her eyes in disbelief, staring at Huang Xiaolong.

More accurately, she was staring at the fruit in his hands, “Nephrite Fruit!”

Nephrite Fruit!

Holy, holy herb!

This dummy really turned fantasy into reality!

Huang Xiaolong flashed a big grin at Lin Xiaoying, “Hehe! Didnt I tell you, my luck is very good.

Look at this!” Huang Xiaolong showed off the Nephrite Fruit in his hand to Lin Xiaoying triumphantly.

That smug face triggered a violent impulse in Lin Xiaoyings nerves.

Suddenly, there was a loud voice exclaiming from far away, “What a rich holy spiritual qi, it must be a holy herb! Theres a holy herb nearby!”

Then, more than a dozen people arrived with the sounds of whistling winds, and they were flying straight towards Huang Xiaolong and Lin Xiaoying.

Before long, this party was already right in front of Huang Xiaolong and Lin Xiaoying.

All of them had their eyes fixed on the Nephrite Fruit in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised to see a familiar face in the group, and the corners of his lips roused in an interested smile.

This group consisted of the Blue Whale Races Lan Meihui, Lan Kaibo, and others.

However, the leader this time was neither Lan Meihui nor Lan Kaibo, but a muscular and stalwart middle-aged man, with exceptionally prominent bulging eyes.

“Lin Xiaoying!” Several Blue Whale Race experts exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

Only then did most of their gazes move away from the Nephrite Fruit in Huang Xiaolongs hand onto Lin Xiaoying.

“Clear Snow Palaces Miss Lin Xiaoying!” The groups leaders expression turned serious as he greeted.

Lin Xiaoying nodded slightly then said, “Lan Jinfu, this Nephrite Fruit was first discovered by my Clear Snow Palace, so you can take your leave.”

The middle-aged man called Lan Jinfu hesitated but nodded in the end, “I understand.”

If someone else would have said this to him, Lan Jinfu wouldnt have yielded a holy herb so easily, but the other side was Lin Xiaoying, and behind Lin Xiaoying was the Clear Snow Palace.

Right at this time, Lan Meihui suddenly spoke, “Senior Brother Jinfu, hes not from the Clear Snow Palace.

Moreover, Junior Brother Lan Meng and the rest were killed by this punk!” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

Lan Jinfu, who was about to leave suddenly stopped.

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