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Chapter 2365: Its You!

Stopping beside Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and other corpses, Huang Xiaolongs gaze was on the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff that had fallen to the ground earlier.

With a slight finger twirl, he collected both saint artifacts into his Darkness Holy Ring.

Then, the suction force from Huang Xiaolongs palm lifted Long Zhengyus corpse into the air, and his eleventh stage Grandmist Parasitic Medium circulated.

Grandmist holy dragon flew out from his body and drilled into Long Zhengyus body.

A shocking sight took place after the grandmist holy dragon drilled into Long Zhengyus corpse.

Long Zhengyus corpse, starting from his legs, dissolved into streams of grandmist holy spiritual aura, followed by other parts of the corpse.

Lastly, Long Zhengyus head, complete dao saint godhead, and saint bloodline also turned into grandmist holy spiritual aura!

This was the power of Grandmist Parasitic Mediums eleventh stage!


It could assimilate everything!

It could condense other things into grandmist holy spiritual aura!

The grandmist holy spiritual aura from Long Zhengyus corpse was then devoured by Huang Xiaolong, and absorbed by his three complete dao saint godheads.

In other words, Long Zhengyus complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique were all assimilated into grandmist holy spiritual aura, and devoured by Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong no longer needed to set aside time to absorb energy slowly like he used to do.

After absorbing the grandmist holy spiritual aura converted from Long Zhengyu\'s corpse, Huang Xiaolong went on to assimilate and devour Li Luo and the others complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique.

After devouring Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique, Huang Xiaolong could feel his own complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques actually improved greatly in a short time.

Core disciples of Devil Palace like Long Zhengyu and Li Luo, who were accepted by Xie Bufan and Dou Rui as personal disciples, held undoubtedly higher ranks and potential of their complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique..

Therefore, the benefits of devouring their saint attributes were even more prominent.

Huang Xiaolong then collected their spatial artifacts and sped away without delay.

Even though he had successfully formed three holy souls, and possessed the soul force equivalent to a True Saint Realm expert, his three complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques remained at the early Seventh Order Venerable.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong still needed to rely on the Darkness Holy Ring and Barbarian Spaces lightning bead to minimize the effects of the rivers buoyant power.

After leaving the cliff, Huang Xiaolong decided to find another safe place so he could think of a way to erase the soul mark placed on the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff.

Otherwise, Xie Bufan and Dou Rui would soon find him based on sensing the soul marks\' location.

Generally, early Seventh Order Venerable experts were definitely incapable of erasing the soul marks placed by Xie Bufan and Dou Rui on the two saint artifacts.

But Huang Xiaolong could probably do it.

It was because he had a holy soul, in fact, he had three holy souls!

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the cliff, on a certain coral mainland in the Profound River, Xie Bufan and Dou Rui\'s faces sank, and killing intent filled their eyes.

A moment ago, their disciples had lost their lives at the same time!

“Is it Lin Xiaoying that bitch!” Dou Rui snarled.

Xie Bufan shook his head.

It doesn\'t seem like it.

Lin Xiaoying was injured by Sun Yu\'s palm strike.

Even though she has got a saint artifact armor\'s protection and did not die, she suffered heavy injuries.

In her condition, she\'s no match against Zhengyu and Li Luo.

It is likelier some expert saved Lin Xiaoying!

A malicious gleam flitted across Dou Rui\'s eyes as he spat, I don\'t give a damn who it is, but whoever dared to kill my disciple, you\'re dead once I find you!

“I can feel that my soul mark on the Bloodmark Magic Net still exists.

If we rush over now, that person shouldnt have run far!” Xie Bufan stated.

The mainland they were currently at was not far from the mainland Huang Xiaolong was at.

It was only a matter of two days journey at most.

“What about the two women, Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi” Dou Rui was hesitant.

Earlier, they had set up an ambush on the Clear Snow Palaces group and succeeded in injuring Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and the rest, and they had been pursuing them until here.

“Both Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi have long entered True Saint Realm, its not so easy to capture them.” Xie Bufan pointed out.

A while later, Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, and the rest of the group rushed to the coral mainland where Huang Xiaolong was located.


Under an underground cave.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the ground and examined the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff, then summoned his dragon-natured holy soul, archdevil holy soul, and golden Buddha holy soul.

His three holy souls shone brilliantly, enveloping the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff.

However, when Huang Xiaolong attempted to erase the souls marks on them, violent devil qi billowed from the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff.

Malevolent spirits screech sharply as they tried to fend off Huang Xiaolongs three holy souls holy lights.

Upon seeing this, a cold smile rose at the corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth.

He knew this was Xie Bufans and Dou Ruis soul marks causing trouble.

Though Xie Bufan and Dou Rui were peak Second Heavens and peak First Heavens True Saint respectively, the soul mark branded on the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff were merely soul marks, while Huang Xiaolongs were three complete holy souls.

Huang Xiaolong estimated it wouldnt take more than a day to erase the soul marks.

Or he wouldnt have risked taking the two saint artifacts.

A day later...

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his three holy souls.

“Finally, its erased.” Huang Xiaolong heaved in relief.

The Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff floating in front of him no longer exuded any malice.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not brand his soul mark onto the two saint artifacts, instead, he placed a grandmist holy spiritual aura mark on each of them.

It would be easier for him to control these two saint artifacts with the grandmist holy spiritual aura marks.

And more importantly, it was unlikely others would be able to erase off his marking, unless that person also comprehended grandmist aura related esoterics.

“Next, its time to collect holy herbs.” Huang Xiaolong put away the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff, and got up to his feet.

Although he now had three holy souls, and his soul force was strong enough to kill peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints like Long Zhengyu in an instant, still, his cultivation realm remained at early Seventh Order Venerable.

His strength was still too weak.

According to his four Masters, not only disciples from the Holy Heavens, Clear Snow Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance would enter the Cangqiong Holy Manor, but Devil Palaces disciples would also be allowed inside.

Therefore, before the Cangqiong Homy Manor opened, he needed to raise his cultivation realm as much as he could.

Huang Xiaolong exited the cave, and his three holy souls senses spread out, covering a hundred million miles radius.

Everything within a hundred million radius in every direction was clearly within Huang Xiaolongs grasp.

Huang Xiaolong was confident that within a hundred million miles radius, a holy herb could not escape his detection as long as there was a stalk of it.

“En” Huang Xiaolong suddenly muttered in surprise.

His three holy souls detected a familiar aura.

Its Lin Xiaoying!

Lin Xiaoying has not leave this mainland Huang Xiaolong frowned.

His senses told him that Lin Xiaoyings aura was extremely chaotic at the moment, and clearly her injuries were severe and yet to recover.

After some consideration, Huang Xiaolong decided to head to Lin Xiaoyings location.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong reached the cave Lin Xiaoying was hiding in.

“Who” Lin Xiaoying questioned coldly when she heard footsteps.

“Its me.” Huang Xiaolong responded.

Lin Xiaoying walked out, and her eyes widened in shock and surprise when she saw it was Huang Xiaolong, “Its you!”

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