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Chapter 235: Young Noble Huang!

“Big bro, do we need to inform Father about this matter” At this moment Guo Shiyuan brought up a question.

Hearing this, Guo Shiwen chuckled instead, “I say, Second Bro, how big could this matter be Is there a need to bother Father with such sesame-seed size matter The Old Man is accompanying House Master Huang, Miss Huang Min, and the rest.”

“That’s right.” Guo Xiaoqing a parroted her Big brother’s decision, “Second Brother, in my opinion, you’re becoming more of a scaredy cat.

With the status our Guo Family has now, who do we need to be afraid of Even if that person is Duan Wuhen, he must still give our Guo Family an explanation!”

Guo Shiyuan no longer opened his mouth at his sister’s words.

Hence, the three of them exited the Guo Mansion in a grand manner, leading more than a hundred experts with them, heading towards Dawn River Street.

The entire Duanren Imperial City was on lockdown, the commoner felt a heavy foreboding atmosphere like the gloomy monsoon rain.

The entire time, Huang Xiaolong stood in the same spot, in the same street, chatting merrily with the young man.

Anxiety was biting all over Gao Yong like a million ants when he suddenly paled, staring at Huang Xiaolong’s back.

At the end of the street, Guo Shiwen, Guo Shiyuan, and Guo Xiaoqing were rushing in their direction.

Gao Yong’s heart sank faster than falling off a cliff.

Noticing Gao Yong’s expression, Huang Xiaolong knew that behind him the Guo Family had arrived, but he acted indifferent to the situation.

Tie Xiao and the Tie Family guards, on the other hand, lit up when they saw Guo Shiwen’s group walking towards them on the street, with a trail of experts.

However, when Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan saw Huang Xiaolong’s back, both of them stiffened.

“This is…!” Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan exchanged a look, the expressions on their faces mirrored each other, unease, fear, and terror.

Although they had yet to see the person’s face, still, how could they not recognize Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette

Guo Xiaoqing’s anger had already erupted from afar, seeing her son’s injured appearance, “Who wounded my Xiao’er! I will dig out all the bones in his body one by one!”

When these words entered Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan’s ears, their faces turned from pale to ghastly white.

“Mother!” Under the Tie Family guards’ assistance, Tie Xiao managed to greet his mother, Guo Xiaoqing, and came to her side.

“It was him, it was this little punk! Mother, after you’ve captured this punk, I want to dig out every bone in his body with my own hands!”

Guo Xiaoqing looked at Huang Xiaolong with a contemptuous cold sneer, “Don’t worry, he has no way to run!” Her eyes signaled one of the guards that followed along.

Just as that guard was about to take action, Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan finally awoke from their trance.

“Stop!!” Both bellowed at the same time.

Their order was so sudden that everyone was stunned for a moment, turning towards them.

Before the stunned Tie Xiao, Guo Xiaoqing, Gao Yong, and the crowd, Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan approached Huang Xiaolong looking like frightened kids, faces full of guilt and apprehension: “Young Noble Huang!”

Young Noble Huang! Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan’s stance was filled with fear, trepidation and utmost respect.

Utterly shocking everyone around!

Even more so was Tie Xiao, his eyes were rounded wide, as were his Mother’s eyes next to him, and Gao Yong standing in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Gao Yong’s gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong.

To be called respectfully as Young Noble Huang by Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan, there was only….

There was only…!

Huang Xiaolong!

He is Huang Xiaolong! The thought flashed in Gao Yang’s mind and his breathing quickened, a little light-headed that the Huang Xiaolong was standing in front of him! Heavens! He actually spoke with Huang Xiaolong! Wait, wait, wait, what did Huang Xiaolong call him just now, brother! Yes, it was ‘brother.’ Huang Xiaolong even invited him to drink a few cups of wine! Gao Yong could hardly determine the directions of north, south, east, or west at the moment.

Gao Yong guessed Huang Xiaolong’s identity from Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan’s greetings, and so did Tie Xiao, Guo Xiaoqing, and the rest of the guards that followed over.

Suddenly, Tie Xiao’s four limbs started to shake uncontrollably.

The Tie Family guards’ legs were swaying violently as if there was a class thirteen super earthquake.

Guo Xiaoqing’s beautiful face lost all color.

What did she say to Huang Xiaolong just now Dig out every bone from his body one by one

Finally, Huang Xiaolong turned around, looking at the frightened Guo Shiwen and Guo Shiyuan before glancing at the trembling Tie Xiao and the ashen Guo Xiaoqing.

“Patriarch Guo.” Huang Xiaolong ‘greeted’ nonchalantly.

Hearing that, Guo Shiwen stood in attention: “Here, Young Noble Huang!”

Here, Young Noble Huang!

Guo Shiwen’s response before Huang Xiaolong raised weird expressions from the crowd, he was akin to a well-trained house slave.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes scanned the hundred over experts standing behind Guo Shiwen, his indifferent voice sounded: “Patriarch Guo brought so many people over so that you can dig out my bones one by one”

Beads of sweat poured out on Guo Shiwen’s forehead and face as he listened to the question.

He hurried to deny, “Young Noble Huang, it’s a misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding.

We really didn’t know it was you, truly!” If he knew early on, give him a thousand hearts and he still wouldn’t dare to do such a thing, ah! At this moment, Guo Shiwen even wished he could just drop dead!

“Tie Xiao, why aren’t you kneeling down and begging forgiveness from Young Noble Huang!” Guo Shiyuan suddenly turned around and snapped furiously at Tie Xiao.

Tie Xiao somehow managed to walk to Huang Xiaolong with his shivering knees.

Falling to a kneel, Tie Xiao exclaimed fearfully, “Young Noble Huang, I, I didn’t know it was you, Your Elderly! Have mercy, ah!” 1

Your Elderly!

Watching the incoherent and clumsy Tie Xiao due to overly frightened, Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Noticing the tiny frown on Huang Xiaolong’s brows, Guo Shiyuan’s heart plummeted, and it was at this time that several figures came with the wind whistling.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in the midst of the scene.


“Senior Zhao, Senior Zhang!”

The several people were Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Chen, as well Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Guo Shiwen, Guo Shiyuan, and the other Guo Family members’ hanging hearts loosened slightly by seeing Guo Chen’s arrival.

“Young Lord!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu walked up to Huang Xiaolong, greeting respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in return.

“Father!” Guo Shiwen, Guo Shiyuan, and Guo Xiaoqing hurried to Guo Chen’s side, but before they could utter the second word, Guo Chen barked: “All three of you kneel down!” The three adults shivered at Guo Chen’s order.

Yet, all three knelt down obediently.

Ignoring his children, Guo Chen came beside Huang Xiaolong, smiling: “Young Noble Huang, I already heard what happened here, please be assured that I will punish them and give you a satisfactory explanation.” He placed himself at a lower stance, full of courtesy and respect.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Three days later is my sister’s wedding, I will forgive this matter here.

However, I do not wish to see similar things in the future!”

Since Guo Chen had spoken, Huang Xiaolong would still give him some face.

He didn’t want the matter to become bigger just when his sister was marrying into the Guo Family.

“Yes, Young Noble Huang! Rest assured, it will never happen again, such a thing.” Guo Chen sighed in relief inwardly as he guaranteed Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, he turned back towards Gao Yang beside him, “Let us go for a drink”



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