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Chapter 2339: Holy Heavens Going Too Far!

“No, I would still like to enter the Lake of Fire and Ice.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and made a firm declaration.

The most important thing was to allow his soul to complete its transformation.

The evolution of his saint attributes were nothing compared to gaining a holy soul.

“Alright.” After seeing that he had made his decision, the four of them didnt continue to persuade him.

It didnt take long before Huang Xiaolong left with Du Zhenjun.

Under Du Zhenjuns lead, Huang Xiaolong returned to his palace.

Lord Long shook his head while looking at Huang Xiaolongs disappearing figure.

“This little guy is too d*mn stubborn!”

Tyrant Chu laughed, “Hes just like me in the past! Even if I felt that something was impossible, I had to try it!”

The Heavenly Master laughed along with Tyrant Chu, “Keep in mind that the kid is still hiding a ton of things from us.”

Elder Crow shook his head, “Even if he hid some of his talent, he is no match for Zhao Ya.

Since the Holy Lands Alliance will definitely send someone stronger than her, there is no way for the little brat to win.

After all, the disparity in strength is too large!”

Tyrant Chu continued, “Its good for him to endure some setbacks.

He might be able to turn defeat into his motivation and strive to increase his cultivation base after the ceremony! Its a great way to temper his character!”

The other three nodded in approval.

“Anyway, what level do you think the little brat has reached after his stunt in the Devil Cave” Elder Crow muttered.

“His saint godheads should rank in the five hundreds now, right” Lord Long muttered softly, “But… but is that even possible”

He couldnt hide the shock in his heart when he thought about the continuous battles Huang Xiaolong had taken part in.

They estimated that his saint attributes had undergone quite a large evolution.

Otherwise, it was impossible for his battle prowess to increase so quickly.

It was incredible if Huang Xiaolong was able to bring his saint attributes from the nine hundred ranks to the five hundreds in such a short amount of time!

No matter how hard they tried to wrap their brains around his progress, they couldnt!

“Even if he hasnt, he should already be entering the higher five hundreds….” The Heavenly Master smiled bitterly, “I really wonder where this brat popped out from.”

“He managed to evolve his saint godhead after fighting the disciples in the Devil Cave….

Could it be! Can he devour their saint attributes to strengthen his own!” Tyrant Chu widened his eyes in shock.

Elder Crow was stunned too, “That might actually be possible.

But if this is true, wont it be too heaven defying”

The Heavenly Master shook his head, “Not necessarily.

Dont forget that after each of his battles, he would enter his cultivation room for a day or two.

He might be consuming spiritual pills or holy herbs to further his cultivation.”

“Holy herbs!” Lord Long smacked his lips together, “Isnt this kids luck too d*mn good! How can he obtain holy herbs”

One had to know that holy herbs were extremely rare, even in the Holy World.

Not to mention those that could assist in his godheads evolution.

The Heavenly Master laughed when he looked at Lord Long.

“What Are you planning to snatch your disciples treasures”

A sheepish smile appeared on Lord Longs face when the Heavenly Master exposed his thoughts.

“Nonsense! Im not a shameless b*stard! Do I look like someone who would snatch my disciples treasures Not to mention the fact that we might be wrong!”

Laughter rang through the hall.

By the time Huang Xiaolong arrived at his residence, Di Huai, Feng Yutian, Zhang Wenyue, and the others were locked in heated discussion.


“Young Master!”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had returned.

“What are you guys talking about” A smile appeared on his face as he asked.

Di Huai retrieved a large number of spatial rings and spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “While you were in the Devil Cave, tons of disciples came over to look for you.

There were outer and inner disciples, and several core disciples even showed up to leave you some gifts! We have no idea what to do with them!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned as he examined the contents of a random spatial ring before him.

Countless spiritual pills, herbs, and rare treasures filled his sight.

The spatial ring in Huang Xiaolongs hand was from an inner disciple called Hou Wei, and the man had left his spiritual imprint in the ring.

Staring at the bottles of high-grade, level-six origin spiritual pills and several bottles of low-grade, level-seven origin spiritual pills, Huang Xiaolong had no idea what to say.

How could a core disciple of the Holy Heavens bring out so many resources! One had to know that even senior figures like Xu Jun from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate wouldnt be able to gather so many precious resources!

When Xu Jun and the others had given him the low-grade, level-seven origin spiritual pill to apologize, they were practically bleeding from the insides! However, an inner disciple of the Holy Heavens had given him gifts worth several dozen times that! There were eight low-grade, level-seven origin spiritual pills in total, and the number of level-six pills couldnt be counted!

Huang Xiaolong casually opened another spiritual ring, and it belonged to a core disciple called Feng Kungu.

An array of treasurers appeared before him once again, and there was even a piece of holy spiritual jadestone among them!

There were a ton of pills, and there were several high-grade, level-seven origin spiritual pills among his gifts!

Compared to the low-grade, level-seven origin spiritual pill, the high-grade ones were ten times more effective!

Opening several other rings in succession, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the contents were more or less the same.

After looking through whatever he managed to get his hands on, he realized that there were no holy bills in their gifts! It seems like holy bills are too insignificant as gifts….

After looking at the mountain of origin spiritual pills and holy spiritual jadestones, he suddenly felt that stuff that he had taken from the Jiangs family treasury didnt amount to much.

There are still three more days until the apprenticeship ceremony.

How much will I actually receive on the day itself! Even level-eight or nine origin spiritual pills might appear!

A trace of excitement appeared in his heart when he thought about the possibility of that happening.

“Young master… should we return them” Zhang Wenyue asked.

Huang Xiaolong laughed indifferently, “Why should we give them back Well accept everything they throw at us!”

“Haha, Xiaolong is right!” Di Huai laughed happily.

“All of you will be given a share too.” Huang Xiaolong smiled before handing over several origin spiritual pills to Di Huai and Feng Yutian.

Since Zhang Wenyue and Xue Qi were relatively weak, he decided to give them the holy spiritual jadestones instead.

Xue Qi was crippled by the members of the Jiang Family, but Huang Xiaolongs party had Di Huai on their side! With a True Saint expert to treat her, she had managed to make a full recovery.

Everyone couldnt help but thank Huang Xiaolong profusely.

While Huang Xiaolongs manor was bustling with excitement, the scene in the manor allocated to the Beast Tamer Holy Gate was the exact opposite.

A depressing atmosphere filled the main hall.

Shen Jiewen, the Patriarch of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate stood before a jade bed where Yu Fujiang was wrapped up like a mummy.

Shen Jiewen was finally back after a visit to Grand Hall Master Wu Ge, and he had only managed to free Yu Fujiang after coughing up a ton of compensation.

Even though he had managed to get Yu Fujiang out, he couldnt bail the other members of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate from the prison of the Holy Heavens.

From what Wu Ge said, they would only be released once the four Primal Ancestors gave their approval.

In other words, he was indirectly telling Shen Jiewen to beg for mercy from the four ancestors.

Rage filled Shen Jiewens heart when he thought about it.

“The Holy Heavens is going too far!” One of the Eminent Elders behind Shen Jiewen exclaimed in a fury.

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