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Chapter 2327: Devil Palace Palace Master

Trillions of miles away from the Holy Heavens lay a region in space surrounded by poisonous mist.

Not many people dared to approach the star region, and even True Saints wouldn’t dare to venture in too deeply.

In the Holy World, this particular region in space was one of the most famous forbidden regions known as the Black Devil Star Prison.

Poisonous mist surrounded the Black Devil Star Prison all year long, and it was home to numerous poisonous beasts and bugs.

Unfortunately, some of these poisons were so lethal that even a True Saint Realm expert wouldn’t be able to get rid of it without wasting a huge amount of energy.

Moreover, there were countless restrictions set around the Black Devil Star Prison.

Even a True Saint Realm expert would be trapped in them if they were careless.

In the depths of the Black Devil Star Prison, there was an enormous city that emitted endless devil light and frigid qi.

It was like a terrifying dark devil king that exuded a monstrous sinister aura.

The large city was made up of countless smaller cities, and the entire area spanned over billions of miles.

They were like endless mountain ranges lying in the depths of the Black Devil Star Prison.

You guessed it right, the Black Devil Star Prison was the headquarters of the Devil Palace!

In the heart of the Devil City stood an incomparably huge palace that was built and refined from grandmist stones.

Countless ancient devil arrays were scattered all around it.

It was a haven for the evil cultivators and the place where they gathered!

Three old experts sat in the main hall, and they were the three Palace Masters of the Devil Palace.

“Jia Ning, go ahead.

Why did you alert the three of us” One of the Palace Masters of the Devil Palace,  the Yinyang Old Devil, Qiao Jinyang, asked, “Don’t you know that the three of us are currently in seclusion to cultivate the Ten Thousand Devil Body Art”  

The Grand Hall Master, Jia Ning, who was seated below them, replied hastily, “Reporting to the three Palace Masters, I received a piece of important report.

As the contents were too shocking, I had no choice but to disturb you.”

“Oh” Another Palace Master, Cao Nan, said in surprise, “What can be so important and shocking for you to interrupt us” 

“I just received news that someone managed to comprehend all twelve sacred steles on the Holy Bridge!”

“What!” Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian all felt a chill running through their spines.

They felt as though a lightning bolt had slammed into their minds.

“You… are you sure!” Qiao Jinyang leaped to his feet as devil light pulsed out from his eyes and penetrated the void.

“I’m sure!” Jia Ning added in a hurry, “However, the disciple only has a Chaos Essence Divine Dragon Saint Godhead!”

“Chaos Essence Divine Dragon Saint Godhead! Isn’t it ranked in the nine hundreds” A stunned expression surfaced on Gu Tian’s face as he questioned.

Even Qiao Jinyang and Cao Nan didn’t believe their ears.

“Yes!” Jia Ning nodded his head, “It’s ranked nine hundred and sixty-eighth, and it was verified in the first-stage of the Holy Heavens’ examination! His saint bloodline and saint physique aren’t too far off!”

Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian looked at each other with extreme shock in their eyes.

“Did he really manage to enter the Holy Heavens” Qiao Jingyang asked in a deep voice. 

Knowing the meaning behind the palace master’s words, Jia Ning answered, “It’s true.

Grand Hall Master Wu Ge personally appeared at the scene and led him away!”

A solemn expression instantly appeared on their faces.

The same possibility flashed through their minds at the same time.

“Comprehension of the twelfth sacred stele...!” Gu Tian said seriously, “It looks like the Holy Heavens has managed to recruit a genius! It probably wouldn’t take long for another Primal Ancestor to appear in the Holy Heavens.”

Qiao Jinyang and Cao Nan both nodded in agreement. 

“He only used six minutes to comprehend all twelve sacred steles!” Jia Ning added again. 

“Six...six minutes!” Qiao Jinyang and the other two felt the world spinning around them.

The three Palace Masters of the Devil Palace who never lost their cool felt fear in their hearts for the first time in a very long time.

“How… How is this even possible No, no, it’s absolutely impossible!” Cao Nan shook his head in denial.

Jia Ning smiled bitterly, “Back when I just found out about this, I too refused to believe it.

However, after some further investigation, I found out that everything in the report was true!” 

Qiao Jinyang’s eyes heated up, and his expression became unprecedentedly solemn, “Quick, give me the exact details of how this person comprehended all twelve sacred steles!” 

Jia Ning then began to recount the entire story.

When the three of them heard Huang Xiaolong’s terrifying achievements of how he took mere seconds to comprehend the first six steles, their bodies shook.

Jia Ning then finished it off by telling them how long Huang Xiaolong took for the last three steles. 

The hall fell into complete silence by the time he was done.

“Oh yes, his saint attributes are fully attributed….” Jia Ning added. 

“Indeed!” The devil light in the Palace mMasters’ eyes trembled.

“Palace Master, is that the reason behind his comprehension of the sacred steles” Jia Ning asked in confusion.

Qiao Jinyang looked at Jia Ning and muttered, “Let me give you a little hint.

Both the Heavenly Master and Tyrant Chu have fully attributed saint attributes.”

“What!” Jia Ning was astonished, “Don’t tell me….” 

“That’s right! The only thing we are sure of right now is that the kid should be able to evolve his saint attributes.

Moreover, his talent should surpass both the Heavenly Master and Tyrant Chu!”

“I’m afraid it’s more than that.” Gu Tian added abruptly, “I’m afraid that he has received a Holy Mandate Imprint....” 

“Holy Mandate Imprint!” Jia Ning’s entire body trembled, “Wouldn’t that make his talent too heaven-defying”


Qiao Jinyang asked, “What’s his name!” 

“He’s called Huang Xiaolong, and I heard that he’s from the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.” Jia Ning quickly reported. 

“Huang Xiaolong We can’t allow him to continue growing.

The moment he enters the True Saint Realm, almost no one will be able to kill him!”


The very next day, the Holy Heavens made an announcement that shook the Holy World.

All four Primal Ancestors had decided to accept Huang Xiaolong as their disciple!

As the news started to spread, the Holy World trembled.

According to the sources from the Holy Heavens, the apprenticeship ceremony would take place in exactly one year!

Inside one of the luxurious palaces in the Holy Heavens, Xie Yao’s face was extremely unsightly, “Did all four Primal Ancestors decide to accept Huang Xiaolong as their disciple”

Chen Kaiping growled, “That’s right.

Even Senior Brother Li Chen was unable to gain recognition from all of them….

I refuse to believe that the brat is more talented than Senior Brother Li Chen!”

This was especially true as Li Chen was someone who possessed saint attributes ranking in the top ten!

“Junior Brother Kaiping, you can’t talk about these things so casually.” Li Chen shook his head and explained, “Since the four Primal Ancestors have decided to accept Huang Xiaolong as their disciple, there has to be a reason behind it.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong comprehended all twelve sacred steles, and according to the rules, he should be accepted as their disciple.”

Xie Yao sneered, “During the ceremony, the members of the Clear Snow Palace and Holy Lands Alliance will definitely come forward to mess it up! When someone challenges the brat, we’ll watch as he embarrasses himself!”


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