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Chapter 2316: Are You Dreaming!

Those with actual talent would cause the stele to light up.

The holy light would fill the entire venue and display ones true talent.

It wasnt that Xiao Fuwen hadnt seen people with poor talent before, but this was indeed the first time he saw specks of light barely flickering on the stele!

This was the first time that had happened in the history of the examination!

Those who had low talent at least managed to light up a certain area around the stele.

What the f*ck was the point of showing up if he has such trashy talent

Is he there to waste everyones time!

With Xiao Fuwens eyesight, it was clear with a single glance that the disciple called Huang Xiaolong was someone with saint attributes ranking in the thousands!

Where did he get the confidence to attempt to take the examination to enter the Holy Heavens He is obviously messing about!

Xiao Fuwens expression sank.

What is this Is the Holy Heavens a place for him to mess around!

Fu Yunjie, who was standing at the side, couldnt help but reveal an exaggerated expression when he noticed the dim glow around the stele.

The venue fell silent in an instant as everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of disbelief.

The only ones, who didnt seem surprised were Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai.

“Chaos Essence Divine Dragon Saint Godhead.

Ranked 968.

Full attributed!”

“Pffffft!” Fu Yunjie could no longer hold back his laughter when Huang Xiaolongs saint godhead rank appeared.

He roared with laughter.

Too f*cking hilarious!

The brat had spoken the truth when he told them that his godhead ranked in the nine hundreds!

“Huang Xiaolong, youre a f*cking clown!” Fu Yunjie screamed at the side.

Fan Xia couldnt help but turn to Di Huai, “Di Huai, your disciples talent is really too trashy.

Whatever the case, I have to praise you two for being shameless enough to register.”

“What a shameless pair of cultivators! Even Im feeling sorry for you!”

Fan Xias laughter rang through the air.

The experts around them couldnt control their laughter as they all chimed in to poke fun at Huang Xiaolong.

“Ive truly opened my eyes to the world today.

Trash like this has the audacity to take a test to enter the Holy Heavens.

I have a rank 168 saint godhead, and was still a little embarrassed to head here to register! I never thought that I\'d see someone more shameless than me!”

“There hasnt been anyone in the past billion years who tried to enter the Holy Heavens with saint attributes ranking in the top thousands….

The person with the weakest talent who had tried was someone called Liu Ze! His godhead ranked 283rd, but it seems like someone has broken his record!”

One of the experts brought up another piece of embarrassing history and mocking laughter rang through the air once again.

Seeing as Fu Yunjie and Huang Xiaolong had some sort of grudge, he decided to side with Fu Yunjie after noticing his promising future.

Di Huai didnt bother with anyones mockery.

It was as though storms were raised in his heart.

Huang Xiaolong had actually managed to evolve his godhead by more than three thousand ranks in twenty years!


When Huang Xiaolong had applied to join the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate twenty years ago, Eminent Elder Li Wen had personally verified that Huang Xiaolongs godhead ranked 4382.

His saint godhead was called the Mysterious Dragon Saint Godhead then.

During the second test, Huang Xiaolongs godhead had evolved to the Infinite Brilliance Divine Dragon Saint Godhead! It was ranked 3280, and he had already raised its rank by more than a thousand!

This was the third test, and Huang Xiaolongs godhead ranked under a thousand!

In twenty short years, Huang Xiaolongs saint attributes had evolved to the point where Di Huai questioned whether it was possible!

With his current speed, how terrifying would Huang Xiaolong become in a thousand years!

What if they gave him ten thousand years!

Di Huai felt his heart shaking in fear and anticipation when he thought of where Huang Xiaolong would be in ten thousand years.

Seeing Di Huais trembling body, Fan Xia couldnt help but question his eyes.

Did Di Huais brain suffer from some serious injury after I exterminated Di Huais entire race in the past

Why is he so excited when his disciples saint attribute is ranked in the nine hundreds

Xiao Fuwen, as an experienced examiner, noticed something all of them ignored when Huang Xiaolongs results were shown.

Despite his low rank, Huang Xiaolongs saint godhead contained every single attribute!

In his many years of service, this was the first time he had noticed someone with a full attributed godhead!

Normally, all the disciples who came to register had single attributed saint attributes.

Taking Fu Yunjie as an example, his saint attributes were all single attributed despite his shocking talent.

In the course of several hundred thousand years, Xiao Fuwen had met several geniuses with dual attributed godheads, but that was it!

There was basically no one with triple attributed godheads! He had only seen one or two of them in the past billions of years!

Not a single quadruple attributed godhead had appeared in his time, much less someone with a fully attributed godhead!

“Fully attributed….” Xiao Fuwen muttered to himself.

However, he shook his head in disappointment the next instant.

There were next to none full attributed godheads in the world, but it was a pity it had to appear on someone with a rank of nine hundred godhead!

The ranking of his godhead determined a very simple fact.

It was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to enter the Holy Heavens.

Even if the upper echelons wanted to break the rules and make it an exception, they wouldnt be allowed to admit someone whose saint attributes ranked in the nine hundreds!

Activating his saint bloodline, Huang Xiaolong poured his energy into the stele.

“Azure Dragon Saint Bloodline.

Ranked 936.

Full attributed!”

“Hahaha!” Fu Yunjies laughter became even louder.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he continued to test his saint physique.

“Coiling Dragon Saint Physique! Ranked 972.

Full attributed!”

Fu Yunjie grabbed his stomach, and he nearly rolled on the ground.

“I cant take it anymore! My stomach is about to explode! Ive seen too many shameless people in this world, but youre the only one who dared to register to enter the Holy Heavens with your sh*tty talent!”

Laughter rang through the air.

Despite the mockery all around, Xiao Fuwen started at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

He would have never expect that all of Huang Xiaolongs saint attributes held the same terrifying property.

What a shame…

Even though they were all fully attributed, his talent was a little too lacking.

His talent wouldnt even be considered top notch in several holy grounds, much less the Holy Heavens! There wasnt even a need to compare him to the inner disciples of the Holy Heavens!

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had left the platform, Xiao Fuwen sighed, “Young man, work hard.

You might be able to enter the True Saint Realm in the future even if you cant enter the Holy Heavens!”

Huang Xiaolong merely chuckled.

“I definitely will.” Turning to leave, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have thought of something, and he turned to speak to Xiao Fuwen again.

“I recall that as long as anyone who passes the second test will be admitted to the Holy Heavens!”

He left with Di Huai without turning back after he spoke.

Xiao Fuwen stared at his leaving figure with question marks floating in his mind.

Of course, Fu Yunjie couldnt miss the chance to laugh at Huang Xiaolong.

“Look at that! The brat has no shame! He plans on taking the second test even with his trashy talent!”

Xiao Fuwen couldnt help but shake his head.

Even disciples with saint attributes ranked in the top hundred might not be able to pass the second test.

Not a single person with saint attributes ranked in the two hundreds had managed to pass the test since several billion years ago!

With Huang Xiaolongs talent, there wasnt a need to speculate his results!

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